“As a society, we are becoming more diverse, and with this, our attitudes and actions towards differences must also change” – Leo Varadkar’s foreword to the National Action Plan Against Racism 2023

Ambitious in its scale and extensive in its scope, the National Action Plan Against Racism (NAPAR), represents arguably the biggest attempt by any Government in the history of the State to forcefully mould society to its will.

Published three weeks ago, the plan is a culmination of almost three years’ work by the Independent Anti-Racism Committee, formed by the previous Government in 2020. 

Long-winded And Sinister

Chaired by Irishwoman Professor Caroline Fennell of UCC and consisting of a 2-1 White majority, it might be said that even according to their own standards, they didn’t get off to a great start. Other notable figures include Shane O’ Curry, Director of the Irish Network Against Racism, and multimedia influencer Úna-Minh Kavanagh.

The 60-page document, which can be viewed here, seeks to affect change in every aspect of Irish life; from policing, housing, health, education, employment, the arts, culture and sports, to the internet, media and electoral politics. 

Focused on five main objectives; “Being Safe and Being Heard”, “Being Equal”, “Being Seen and Taking Part”, “Being Counted” and “Being Together”, the plan sets out no less than 37 Actions and 53 Recommendations to be carried out over various timeframes between now and 2027.

Previously we discussed the sections of the NAPAR that deal with law and justice, infusing our legal system with toxic anti-Irish subversion. In this piece we focus on some of the measures in the NAPAR being taken to undermine the Irish nation culturally and in the arts.

Fund Your Local Crusty Race Grifter

The long, meandering report makes frequent reference to making race-hustling more lucrative in the culture industry. For example, it demands that cultural producers “consider ethnic and racial equality and diversity in all media programming, and make this a criterion for funding.”

Notwithstanding the patently absurd idea that ethnic minorities are not mollycoddled by the Irish state as it is (black artists in particular being recipients of disproportionate largesse from funding bodies), this is a highly concerning part of the report that potentially foreshadows a situation where the state punishes any artist deemed not “diverse enough.”

This mirrors nefarious measures taken abroad, such as the New York Stock Exchange mandating racial and sexual diversity in all companies.

Similarly, the report insists that politicians “develop pathways for media training for members of communities experiencing racism, and encourage and support minority ethnic media professionals.” Since the state claims that only non-Irish communities experience racism, they are suggesting that a blank cheque will be given to foreigners for media training.

State-enforced Cultural Decay

The ruling regime already spends billions per year on race propaganda against the Irish people. The NAPAR will codify and escalate this further. Except to see more cultural drivel on par with Denise Chaila’s embarrassing escapades at the National Concert Hall. All funded by the taxes you pay.

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  1. We Irish people have two choices, we leave this country or we stand and fight. We need to fight this anti-Irish government and other state bodies that want to make Irish people third class citizens in their own country. It will be our sons and daughters that will be the slaves of these black and brown migrants, and they will not be merciful slave owners.


  2. Daniel BUCKLEY 12/04/2023 at 12:30 am

    The Blueshirts have always been anti-Irish since the Free State days.
    They are a throwback to the British Empire colonists and their policies of subversion, destruction and dismantling of Ireland as an Independent sovereign are the same.
    They will soon be cast upon the garbage heap of History. if the vote is not rigged.


  3. Too Much ''Diversity''. 17/04/2023 at 6:45 pm

    Denise Chalia, I seen her on the tommy tiernan show, I’d say she was on coke, a bang of it off her, and also she is a complete and utter fake, phoney, and a narscisscist. She is an actress, plenty of them out there, the love island culture breeds them. She is also very racist against Irish people, seeing racism where there is none, reading too much into situations and things when ONLY interacting with indigeneous Irish people – of course she will say there is no such thing, but she wouldn’t say that about her own Zimbabwe people or the native indians – of course they are indigineous. What we don’t understand is homogeneity gives us power, monoculture gives us power. Look at China, it is powerful because of those elements, even the Chinese who are in exile , do have some sort of loyalty to their own people and country, no matter their idealogical differences Xi Xiping, the leader of the Communist party China, understands communism as it should be operated, and couple that with monoculture and homogoneity, they will and are the next superpower to emerge and flex.


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