Political Islam in Ireland has so far been something of a dead duck. While Islamic penetration of the political system is frighteningly common in the UK, Sweden, and France, the Islamic community in Ireland is yet too meagre and, more importantly, too ethnoreligiously divided to amount to much at the ballot box.

Apart from concentrations of Pakistanis in Roscommon and around Dublin’s South Circular Road, there is nothing near an Irish equivalent to the banlieue, even if the numbers of Muslims in Ireland are ballooning. France has her Algerians and Britain its Pakistanis, but the Ummah in Ireland is a confusing tapestry of ad hoc ethnicities cumbersome to coalesce around.

Our migration patterns, while dire, are different from Europe’s or the UK’s, and any nativist response must reconcile itself to that reality.

This has not stopped the beginnings of an Islamic civic space gleefully endorsed by the Irish state as an integration partner, often bankrolled from abroad. This attempt to forge an “Irish Islam” culminates in the annual humiliation ritual at Croke Park for Eid.

The Muslim Sisters of Éire and the various appendages of the Clondalkin Mosque represent the strongest outreach of this soft Islamism entering into civic society, with the Halawa arrest indicative of the latitude extended to Islam by the media.

A pillar in the state’s integration plans is Dr. Umar Al-Qadri, a Dutch-born scholar proactive in the media and in various NGOs.

Advocating for the Repeal of the 8th Amendment and claiming to take a zero-tolerance approach to extremism within his own ranks, Al-Qadri has curried favour with the powers that be as an idealised representative of Islam.

The curious case of Al-Qadri tweets 

More recently, however, he has been vocal in opposing the ongoing asylum meltdown and calling for restrictions on uncontrolled migration. In a since-deleted tweet in recent days, he said:

“Labelling everyone who expresses concerns about an open border policy as far-right is not only ignorant but also dangerous. Such labels only serve to push people towards the far-right, who use this opportunity to exploit people’s fears and insecurities.”

Showing more sense than the entire Irish Cabinet put together, one wonders if there is a wider game afoot. With an eye on European populism, is Al-Qadri cultivating an artificial outlet for anti-immigration sentiment lest it be directed against the Islamic community? 

Will we see the media move to designate inert voices like Al-Qadri and non-Muslim equivalents to be the safety valve on asylum concerns? 

Does the word Taqiyya translate well as Gaeilge?

Controlling the opposition

Without a viable alternative, the likes of Al-Qadri and NIMBYist cuckservative options will capitalise on the asylum chaos we are witnessing today. 

The Irish public and the Irish establishment prefer non-committal choices that avoid the root issue of demographic replacement and the forces which enable it. The path to power in liberal democracy is not just at the point of electoral or demographic power, but through mastery of the civic space through NGO fronts. A lesson that Al-Qadri seems to be acquainted with. The Zionist-controlled Right of Europe and America made a mistake of focusing on Islam, and not diversity proper, as their main bugbear in the 2000s. That however doesn’t mean to ignore Muslim intrusion altogether.

As much as Al-Qadri and his co-religionists may try to ingratiate themselves into our body politic, Ireland can, must and will reverse Islamic migration to the country lest our home join the spiritual and civilisational desert that Islam creates when it conquers Western lands, from Hellenic Egypt to the modern French ghettos.

There is shared solidarity between Catholics and Muslims when it comes to the sterility of secular life, but sustained, large-scale intrusion of Islam into Ireland can only end in disaster. Not merely a heretical sect intrinsically at war with the European family and inimical to the Gospel, Islamic migration represents a body blow to societies already eroded by social liberalism.

Be mindful of the creeping ghoul of political Islam in Ireland, even if it comes wrapped up as a polite well-spoken scholar and is willing to bite its tongue on certain matters. The Irish must remember Aughrim but never forget Lepanto.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. Salmon of Knowledge 07/04/2023 at 4:24 pm

    A pillar in the state’s integration plans is Dr. Umar Al-Qadri, a Dutch-born ??

    This man is not of ethnic dutch ancestry, the dutch are europeans, his ancestry is middle-eastern. HE IS OF PAKISTANI ancestry and was educated at a pakistani private university. Could you imagine if an irish catholic was telling pakistanis to embrace catholicism and integrate it into their society? Al-Quadri is only given a platform in Ireland by the mainstream media because the irish are giving away their country to the world. Al-Quadri would never be given any type of platform by the media in a country like Poland.

    He calls for islamic integration in Ireland, but mentions nothing about how islamic immigration has created islamised no=go zones in many northern european countries. I do not believe he has ever spoken about the criminal activities of the convicted pakistani child abuse gangs in britain, this is an example of the failures of britain when they tried to integrate islam into their communities. The majority of muslims in europe want sharia according to many peer reviewed studies, this is incompatible with western societies, it is a culture-clash in the making.

    lest our home join the spiritual and civilisational desert ??

    Your home Irelands main religon is a desert religon. Christianity just like islam are middle-eastern desert religons, religons of the book, both worship the same god as a father deity. The Koran is a book also derived from the bible, many of the same stories ABRAHAM etc, this is why IBRAHIM is a popular islamic name.


  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 07/04/2023 at 8:04 pm

    The Core,not racist,bigots,far left or far right,liberal or globalist,any so called color, religious identity or MAN/WOMAN in Human Nature,throughout the globe has always survived
    The Core,Will never go away, or be defeated, 1000yrs…or a 1000yrs more
    The Pace of life accelerates, and when the real Irish Global Unite..Sons and Daughters of the GAEL,the world will reflect, as in history before, how such a small Island of men,created history and it’s future.
    Roll out red carpets Ireland, the puppet masters are too scared to meet.Let’s have a Pint,my bollox.
    Before I leave ,what should be a glorious Earth…I invite them all,Bidens n Thumbergs,and all their fear propaganda merchants, to a life of reality… because these pampered parasites, paid by the public purses, would KILL GRANNY.


  3. Ivaus@thetricolour 07/04/2023 at 8:34 pm

    Thank you ,Ciaran Brennan.
    In 2020,I narrated the very same points on The tricolour…a bleeding lame duck.
    You all have my comments, my history, my heart on my sleeve,and when the likes of me,and my future generation get back IRELAND FOR THE IRISH, ALL,I Will sing from my grave,like my ancestors and my generation to follow…no backing off here boy


  4. >any nativist response must reconcile itself to that reality.

    I find the rhetoric here unhelpful — the only and most important reality is that if this continues, the Irish will be a minority in Ireland, and it won’t take long, perhaps a couple of more generations (i.e. 40 years or so) — this will be a tragedy — all the details about the mix of non-white migrants, whether or not there are or will be ‘banlieues’ in Ireland (ethnic ghettos will form as the Irish flee ‘diversity’), is just noise — this is an issue of racial replacement, nothing else.

    And ‘nativist’ is generally a slur used by the media, and therefore probably best avoided (would you call yourselves ‘far-right’?) — you could just as honestly write ‘any response by the Irish’ (to being racially replaced in their own country).


  5. Too Much ''Diversity''. 23/04/2023 at 8:08 pm

    Soft islamism, eventually turns into raging islam, like we see in many countries in Europe. It is literally lethal. It has had many European casualities.


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