On Tuesday, the Irish government released its “National Action Plan Against Racism”, a far-reaching broad suite of policies designed to stifle criticism of mass immigration and empower corrupt NGOs and hostile foreign nationals to entrench their privileged status in Irish society.

The lengthy anti-Irish Action Plan covers almost all aspects of Irish public and private life, from media to policing to mortgages.

In this, the first Burkean article detailing the lowlights of the document, we focus on its implications for law enforcement and the legal sector. We’ll be analysing the details of the other failings of the Action Plan throughout the week.

Weaponising the legal system to serve hostile immigrants

The Gardaí are under-resourced to a critical degree like most of our public sector. However this wasn’t taken into account when the Action Plan was being written, aiming to “establish a specialist unit within each Garda Division to develop and disseminate expertise and best practice in dealing with hate crime and racist incidents.” The last thing the Gardaí need is money spent on immigration propagandists in every division, doubtlessly leading to a waste of police time and increase in corruption.

The report also mandates measures to “identify and eliminate any policing practices that target specific groups experiencing racism.” This bizarre idea implies that any policing that has to be carried out disproportionately on “groups experiencing racism” (read: anyone except native Irish people) is somehow “targeting” them, and therefore must be stopped. Given the reality that many types of law-breaking are disproportionately committed by minorities, the implication is that many policing practices must cease. This nonsense mirrors the situation in other Western countries, where effective policing policies such as “stop and search” have been done away with (in that case because minority youths are much more likely to carry weapons).

Free money, paid for by you

Worryingly the Plan also discusses “extending the remit of the Legal Aid Board to provide legal representation;” reading between the lines, this means more money for free lawyers for non-Irish people including the asylum scammers that have bled the taxpayer for decades.

Furthermore, “giving advocacy organisations standing to initiate proceedings on behalf of those affected by racism,” is a shibboleth for establishing the same dynamics as exist in France, where state-funded NGOs are paid to sue private citizens on behalf of supposedly aggrieved minority ethnic groups. In France, uttering the wrong facts and statistics can have you hauled in front of a judge where an NGO lawyer will sue you into penury.

And in case you’re at least relieved they can’t take all your money, the Action Plan stare that “the Equal Status Acts should be amended to remove limits on compensation to victims of discrimination.”

Full spectrum corruption

In our next articles on the topic, we’ll discuss the other absurd aspects of the report, including education, media, and NGOs.

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  1. Daniel BUCKLEY 24/03/2023 at 11:52 pm

    The Czar dictates ,but the Boyars prevaricate.
    This Regime is like Don Quiote, tilting at Windmills that do not exist.
    They are still in search of the far right crock of gold under the rainbow.
    No one takes these idiots seriously anymore, they are living in a bubble of unreality and make-believe.
    The racist weapon has long lost its power to intimidate and is recognised as just another Leftist tool to silence dissent of the idiotic migration policy of this incompetent Regime of Fools , charlatans and poltroons.
    The game is up for these idiots ,time to leave the stage they have fouled with stinking ordure.


  2. It breaks my heart what’s happening. I am born in England but my family is from Ballymore. I hope you lads don’t let them ethnically cleanse you, because that’s what these c*nts are trying to do. They are evil tbh.


  3. Ivaus@thetricolour 29/03/2023 at 2:19 am

    They are making a mockery of Ireland and our Birthrights, not least forgetting Our Ancestry. Sons and Daughters of Gael that map the global compass will not forget the insults.. or those involved, ever,never.


  4. Too Much ''Diversity''. 23/04/2023 at 5:55 pm

    This country is completely 100% corrupt, taking money hand over fist for this sort of thing all the while making Irish citizens, second class citizens. Here is a sleeping bag, and a house in turnkey condition for the immigrant and granny and grandad who never had the chance to work or pay into the Irish tax system and never will – they bring over the extended family ( some do) well a lot for welfare jihad, this is a known thing, they talk about it a lot.

    Hirja, to convert a nation to islam via forced mass immigration. Td’s are happy to feed these crocodiles hoping their grandchildren will be fed to them last. It is literally fuck the future, leave it to the grandkids.

    This is the selfish marraige of capitalism and marxism, they have twisted what the left should and could have been, into something disasterous, unsustainable and ugly.

    It flies in the face of green policies of biodiversity more wild spaces etc, how can you have that , if you want housing and apartment eyesores everywhere??? How do you conflate the two? How ?

    Politics ruins everything it touches, it used to not be like that. 32,000 NGO’s?? What is their contribution – CHAOS? Dirty dublin streets, drugs, crime , immigration, illegals on the streets, freaking out? I seen a few videos about it, the anti social behaviour and crime, the degredation of balbriggan.

    Of course! Of course they need this ” anti racism” strategy to be rolled out, how else are they going to artificially prop this up??


  5. Colm O'Brien 01/12/2023 at 5:41 pm

    A nation of cowards and evil doers


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