The red bricked laneways and apartment blocks of the South Inner City Dublin have been visited by conspicuous demographic transition the past decade.

Generally regarded as a solid working class area favourable to republican and left politics, since the Crash the area has witnessed a major population shift on account of mass migration.

The beating heart of Ireland’s Brazilian community, brought in by the runaway and a badly regulated language school sector, the area also plays host to a numerically burgeoning Islamic community primarily of Pakistani descent as well as gentrification through the growing preponderance of affluent foreign students and white collar workers.

Census figures within migrant communities are notoriously unreliable, though the 2016 census indicates a rate of circa 30% foreign born for the South Inner City. Our Freedom of Information requests some months back showed 32% of the area’s housing list consisting of foreign born applicants as a measure of how cosmopolitan the area has become.

Very visible on a street level, these demographic shifts were highlighted with the green lighting by An Bord Pleanála of a mosque renovation for the area just off Clanbrassil Street. An active mosque since 1992, Blackpitts primarily caters to the Pakistani community under the auspices of the Deobandi religious movement.

A former creamery turned Islamic site, the mosque came to public attention over its breaking of pandemic restrictions in the hosting of religious festivities, as well as past support of Osama Bin Laden by the mosque’s imam. 

Blending the area’s recognisable red brick aesthetic to Islamic designs, the development endeavours to see a custom built multi-storey mosque alongside 27 residential apartments, replacing the current haphazard arrangements for worshipers.

Financed by British born clothing businessman Azhar Bari, if actioned the development would complement the already existing mosque on South Circular Road, as well as the recently approved Lucan Mosque.

With work hoping to commence as soon as possible to fulfill Mr Bari’s wish that his father witness the completion of the mosque, the plans have met with some opposition by Councillor Mannix Flynn on planning grounds. In documents released, residents listed their objections on the grounds that the height and size of the planned mosque would negatively impact on their quality of life.

Additionally, the announcement was met with some criticism by People Before Profit Councillor Tine McVeigh on the grounds of worsening the traffic situation for the locality.

With planning documents listing expected weekly attendance of 500 for Friday prayers, the development potentially copperfastens the demographic presence of the Islamic community on that swathe of South Inner City Dublin.

Hampered by a NIMBYist planning culture, Ireland has a relative paucity of mosques in relation to our Islamic population (63,000 strong per the 2016 census).

As the demographic wheels shift and our political regime seeks to integrate Islamic populations more and more into the civic space, expect this situation to rapidly alter.

European metropolities have seen marked transformations of their urban cores in single generations through the explosion in Islamic population in recent decades and all the issues that come in tandem. 

In Britain, working class areas have been swallowed up by Islamic population growth. Dublin’s South Inner City alongside certain Irish Midland towns (Ballyhaunis, Ballaghaderreen etc) seem to be following the same pitiful path.

The lamentable reality is the increasing Islamic population will imprint itself more and more on the civic and urban space of this country, blindly welcomed by a political class that ought to know better from the failures of Islamic migration across Europe.

While Ireland’s Brazilian and even Eastern European communities can be regarded as a lot more transient and economically driven, it is clear newly arrived Muslims are laying down more permanent roots.

The Irish have an obligation to object to such developments, not merely on planning grounds, but on the God given right to maintain the demographic character of the nation they know and love.

In inviting Islamic migration en masse, we collectively play with fire, dealing with a religious and civilisational model inherently antagonistic to European and Catholic nations.

Once demographic damage like this is done, it will take generations to properly rectify. Let us hope changes abroad and growing wisdom at home puts an immediate halt to these changes lest our children be left to deal with the mess.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. Spender_CGB 28/10/2021 at 8:08 pm

    “blindly welcomed by a political class that ought to know better from the failures of Islamic migration across Europe.”

    Sorry but that is wrong. If it is blindness it is wilful blindness. They know exactly what they are doing.

    What we see (rightly) as failure, they see as a success, well their owners do. From the heinous Czarist forgery of 1903 ™

    “the best of the gentiles, we shall kill.”


  2. When the dumb irish decided that God didnt fit in with their new age crap they opened the door to evil, we know that the two cultures dont mix, can never live sise by side in harmony, look at britian,


  3. I bear witness to the damage and societal changes that importing a people (forget skin colour) that have a religious fervour that is unmatched in West. Last time I checked Pakistan still has the doctrines of Islam enshrined in its constitution.
    Here in the UK the descendants, or even the new immigrants, of the Pakistan diaspora are involved in distribution of drugs; grooming gangs – mostly of poor English working class stock; violent racist attacks.
    An impending catastrophe.


  4. Timothy Doyle 29/10/2021 at 11:13 am

    I hate to tell you Dublin is no longer an Irish city. The country has been governed by a Gay Indian who like Obama in the US has no real connection to the country. Being a parent makes you want a better future for your children and society. The gay community merely exist to enjoy the present as they have no investment in the future. Being born of a nation with both parents of same nation roots you firmly in place. Your parents being of different nations splits your belonging and muddys the ideals of the dominant nationhood.
    And for many years we have had an increasingly corrupt and weak (morally) Fianna Fail and MSM.
    Ireland is fucked (to coin a phrase). You are inviting people into the country who despise your very existence.


  5. Josie Bowie 29/10/2021 at 2:06 pm

    “When bad men combine, the good must associate” . You use this quote by Edmund Burke. It’s time we associated then.


    1. I agree. But how?


  6. Dublin housing costs have increased eight fold in 30 yrs, I wonder why ?


  7. Eventually even the left,liberal,multi-cultural,diversity cheerleaders will realise the terrible mistake they have made.


    1. The lower level progressives will realise their mistake only when it is too late. They are blinded by their faux virtue. Those at the top, know exactly what they are doing.

      Let Nick Griffin explain it.


      1. Timothy Doyle 01/11/2021 at 11:33 am

        The Kalergi Plan intimates a level of planning. Unfortunately you are way off the mark and so is Griffin. This is simple Politicians have two interests – One to get voted in and Two to get voted in again. Therefore what happens to the electorate in the medium or long term is insignificant to them. As for low level progressives they will double down even when their children are living in slums. Just look at the modern British Labour Party.


        1. Spender_CGB 01/11/2021 at 6:04 pm

          If I may respectfully disagree. Firstly you say “The Kalergi plan intimitaes a level of planning.” Are you assuming that the level of Islamic immigration into Ireland and Europe is an accident? No, to get to where we are now shows design not accident. Secondly you say ” Politicians have two interests – One to get voted in and Two to get voted in again.”

          On this point I partially agree. Yes they are in it for the money, but I see modern Irish politicians as administrators not politicians. They merely implement policies set for them from the EU.
          They are just a public face. You can vote them out but the next lot will carry on the prtevious policies.


    2. Timothy Doyle 01/11/2021 at 11:37 am

      They will merely double down on their stupidity. Thomas Sowell said it well, “Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it”


  8. To give an idea of what we are facing. Hindus Sikhs and Muslims have a similar ethnic background. Thus in criminal matters in the UK race would not come into it.The UK prison population is approx 83,618.This is made up of 588 Sikhs, 354 Hindus and 13,563 Muslims.
    To put this in % form Sikhs make up less than 1% of the general population (.7%) and also less than 1% of the prison population (.7%)
    Hindus make up less than 2% of the general population (1.5%) but make up less than 1% of the prison population ( .42%)
    Muslims ,however, make up approx 4% of the general population but make up 16% of the prison population.

    Besides terrorist offenses, a large proportion of prisoners are from so called ” Muslim Grooming Gangs”, targeting young non Muslim girls.This is out of control in the UK where I am currently based, for fear of being labelled “Racist”. Ireland needs to start addressing this problem now while the % Muslim population is low.


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