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RTÉ was doing more damage control for the asylum industry on Thursday night’s Prime Time.

After a soft introduction to the segment making reference to notable refugees Freddy Mercury, Einstein and the Dalai Lama (they should interview him on replacement migration), they told us that figures provided to Prime Time by the Department of Justice showed that of the 6,926 people who applied for asylum in the last 12 months at Dublin Airport, 4213 had no documents (61%).

They subsequently interviewed a failed asylum seeker who now works for an NGO and two solicitors who work in immigration to make the excuses. There appears to be increasing job opportunities in this area right now.

“I don’t think presenting without a passport is necessarily nefarious or an attempt to game the system,” said one. “Being an economic migrant and also someone who is fleeing persecution are not mutually exclusive concepts.”

The most common talking point you hear at the protests is about ‘undocumented’ and consequently ‘unvetted’ migrant men being dumped in communities so the regime definitely wants to get a handle on the narrative around this.

In truth, no asylum seekers are vetted, documented or not, as the Gardaí are not allowed to contact their countries of origin for information on them. RTÉ mentioned an “International Automated Fingerprint system” being in place but, this only extends to EU countries and if an asylum seeker over the age of 14 has been fingerprinted in one on their journey. It doesn’t even contain their name, only that they can be sent back to the country they were fingerprinted in.

Initially, this issue of large numbers of asylum seekers ‘losing’ their travel documents before disembarking their flights was being dismissed by members of the establishment, including Senator Barry Ward and IHREC’s Sinéad Gibney, despite the cat being already out of the bag and clawing all their faces off.

The narrative which the establishment seems to be settling on now is that these undocumented men are mostly genuine refugees who just found it difficult to get genuine travel documents which is why they won’t talk about rejection rates for asylum seekers other than singling out Georgians for being from ‘a safe country of origin’. 

Nigerians, who have a similar rejection rate as Georgians, never get a mention despite arriving here seeking asylum in large numbers for at least 25 years now.

But the government has to say Georgia is safe officially as its EU member state status is pending, and it would be a bit tricky trying to explain to the public why so many would be ‘fleeing persecution’ therefore.

But although the government is admitting that 61% of asylum seekers arriving in Dublin Airport have no travel documents, they wouldn’t tell us how many others got off their flights with fake documents. We’re also not being told how many of the remaining six thousand asylum seekers Ireland received in the same time frame arrived with no documents or where they even came in from. 

How many came in though the back door to Britain in the north? How many arrived in shipping containers in Rosslare? It would open too many cans of worms to inform us, not least because it’s a major security issue, and they might not even know the answers. The Irish media so far have not reported that there’s been a surge of illegals breaking into lorries in Cherbourg port trying to get to Ireland. Only the French media did.

But RTÉ also missed a big area the discussion could have focused on regarding undocumented asylum seekers.

In July last year, the Department of Justice suspended Ireland’s participation in the Council of Europe Agreement on the Abolition of Visas For Refugees.

The agreement meant people who had been granted refugee status in a number of European countries who had also signed up were allowed to travel to Ireland without the need for a visa as long as the visit did not extend past 3 months. It was for visiting relatives etc. They were given travel passes to accomplish this.

Justice Minister Helen McEntee said at the time of the suspension of the agreement that there was evidence that this travel pass system was being abused.

She would only provide figures for 2021, when 29% of all the asylum applicants Ireland received were discovered to have been granted refugee status elsewhere in Europe. 18% had used their own travel passes to get into Ireland and make fresh asylum claims. 

A report about a foreigner jailed for facilitating illegal immigration in December revealed some more detail about the nature of this particular asylum swindle. 

When customs at Dublin Airport searched bags belonging to Mohamed Morsy Ahmed (54), who had flown in from Lisbon, they found 12 refugee travel passes.

Separately, 13 passengers got off the same flight as Ahmed with no travel passes and subsequently filed asylum claims. The documents in Ahmed’s bags all matched to these individuals (one was a child). Ahmed’s job was to get the travel passes back to them once they were past customs and in Ireland’s asylum system.

But despite Ahmed being arrested for facilitating illegal immigration, none of the 13 were treated as illegals and deported. Instead, they were taken to a reception centre to begin the asylum process, where they promptly disappeared.

Nothing of this type of travel pass abuse was mentioned on Prime Time. Helen McEntee’s suspension of the travel pass agreement is the only major policy attempt taken by the Government to stop the abuse of the asylum system in the last year. Ireland had signed up to this agreement in 1969. The government understood that the abuse was was so great, they suspended an agreement which has been in place for 53 years. Yet they’ve never told us to what extent the suspension of this agreement has worked to curtail asylum fraud.

If large numbers of people who have refugee status elsewhere in Europe are being attracted to Ireland to make fresh asylum claims, you would think this should be part of the discussion.

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  1. Statist Naivete Paradox 18/02/2023 at 4:55 pm

    Ireland as an ethnic homogenous country is finished, the demographics are forever going to be changed. A wide open border in NI combined with open borders to the majority of european countries that have been enriched with third world multicultarism, countries like france, britain and germany etc, all this will almost certainly see irelands demographics changed forever.

    There will be ethnic tensions and a massive rise in crime rates and social instability in the future due to all the different ethnic groups from the third world planted into Ireland deliberately and competing with each other, these tensions are already happening in Ireland as is, this may push people into voting for anti-immigration policies eventually, but the social changes can not ever be realistically reversed.

    All this talk about about mass deportations from lets say irish patriots is utter nonsense, it will never happen as the current irish psyche embedded into irish people are just not firm enough, they lack the masculinity of eastern european countries both physically, culturally and mentally. Ireland is a soft country, the men are very docile and weak, very flouridated, the genuine attitude = i’m not racist but, i’m not racist but, always the irish people fear what their neighbour or their perceived betters think. Under irish law it is not a crime to demand stricter border controls, a nation without border controls is a security threat and risk.

    The idea that the irish are loved everywhere should be seen as an insult rather than a positive. Loved for what exactly? being overly drunken friendly clowns for other peoples entertainment?

    The Gaels are intermarrying and will be mixed, that will be the future and it is already happening, irish women are getting pregnant by foreign men in massive numbers, most of which are islamic men or african men, a lot of irish men are homosexual and are just simply not producing offspring. A lot of irish women have been brainwashed into thinking their importance is in the workforce rather than at home. If nationalist parties ever came into power, which as it stands would almost never happen in irelands current trajectory for the next 20 years (that is a generous estimate), there is not even a guarantee that they would even maintain power as ireland has a revolving door political system.

    Clapping and cheering for a few protests and getting one or two nationalist politicans in government may sound fun, but is just not good enough, too little, too late to stop Ireland becoming a third world country in europe, ireland should have had anti-immigration governments in place since the early 2000’s, it is now the 20’s and still not even true nationalist politican in government. Ireland is lost currently, it will be just like Britain once the population density gets higher, which it will, because Ireland is under the process of being deliberately planted with hundreds of thousands from the third world as a form of population replacement to replace the native population that has a low fertility rate and where it is near possible to afford housing to raise a family in a positive way and not let them be brainwashed by the states school system.

    Ireland deserved the government it got, a government that is obsessed with wealth just like the irish people, that wealth was generated by promoting the idea of direct foreign investment that left the tech industry and pharmaceutical industry be headquartered in Ireland in the hopes ireland would get richer financially of which it did, then you have the indigenous agricultural sector which exports the majority of the production abroad making farmers plump and fat in a barren deforested island, they export live cattle to islamic countries where they are butchered in inhumane ways under halal. Shur the irish are loved everywhere apparently.

    Then you have the tourism sector which welcomes every foreigner with a big wallet. Whilst all that makes Ireland have a higher GDP (which is not even real wealth in meaningful ways), it also makes Ireland firmly rooted to the globalist train track and a country with massive class divides which creates a snobby unsettling country to live in. Irland is weak, greedy and selfish from a cultural perspective, money is the god in irish society, not native language or traditions. The asylum industry being populated by wealthy lawyers and NGO’s from upper-class Ireland making a big profits is an example of how Irelands demographics will be changed forever, it is called greed and the irish mentality of longing to feel wealthy as a form of social acceptance is very easy to witness.

    The reliance on foreigners and foreign markets for finances is embedded into the colonised irish psyche. Foreign data centres pay less for electricity than irish homes. Always relying on the FOREIGNER is the irish. Ireland is a nation that uses foreigners for sports for games brought to them by the colonizer, soccer and rugby, of which irish men drool over with a pint in hand, ooh aww oo aww Paul Mcgrath, OOw AAh the nigerian lol. Ireland is the most globalised nation in europe BY FAR! Irish are loved everywhere? again that should be seen as an insult.

    Ireland appreciates and worships foreigners because they don’t believe in themselves or believe they are good enough. Membership of the EU was sold as a way to get into heaven and be enriched by the FOREIGN UNION, the irish believed in the lie, SOME PROFITED FROM IT, and some even calling themselves irish nationalists still believe in the EU lie, because they are afraid of being poor from leaving the EU? Lol. Ireland has a lot of psuedo intellectuals that make excuses for EU membership, these are afraid of hardship which stregthens resolve.

    A poorer more self sufficient Ireland that prides its native culture and land with a native tongue intact would be the only true resistance against financial globalisation of the island. This is something that Ireland fears, because irish people hate ireland in general, they hate their own language. The irish language is dying, the same way the gaels culture and homogenity is being eradicated. Irish people and their elected government have no appreciation for Ireland but only appreciation for how much money they can get out of Ireland by giving it to the ENTIRE WORLD for literally nothing. Ireland deserves the sell out government, because that is what they want, the promise of the spoils from selling out Ireland to the world.

    17TH March celebrates a foreigner spreading a foreign religon. Ireland loves foreigners, it must be said, irish people celebrate calling their ancestors snakes and then people wonder why the 17th march is a pride parade, you can thank christianity for that, the religon that uprooted europeans from their ancestral connections. To call your ancestors snakes is utter disrespect to your ancestors. Shur your catholic priests are now calling for celebration of black pride month. Without the gods of your ancestors. you have nothing but the religon of foreigners. Now celebrate on the altar of globalisation, sons of the gaels, enjoy your st patrick.


    1. Well written response which I agree with.
      The uptake in an experimental inoculation over the past few years really demonstrates the slavish mindset & mental weakness of the Irish people. I’m even seeing an increase in mask wearing in recent weeks. I know individuals who have suffered harm after jabs 1 & 2 and have continued getting jabs 3 & 4. This all suggests we are a population who have lost the ability for self preservation.
      Speaking of declining fertility, I know of a couple trying for a child. The wife remains unvaccinated. The husband took 2 jabs. His sperm count is now down to about 15% of what it should be for his age profile. They are placing their hopes in IVF.

      We are looking at levels of inter ethnic conflict on a par with the breakup of Yugoslavia. Vast majority of even the 5% un-jabbed population don’t have the mental toughness for what’s coming down the tracks.


  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 23/02/2023 at 3:52 pm

    FREE SPEECH ! Could not achieve on msm. Disturbingly,not one good word…for Ireland,the Irish,IRISHMEN in particular and what must be acknowledged throughout human frailty,despite the unique history of Ireland’s Colonization and 800yrs + Traiitors and Penal Laws…to date.


  3. Ivaus@thetricolour 23/02/2023 at 4:15 pm

    Let’s get it RIGHT…” Sons and Daughters of The Gael ” despite most human atrocities,famine,genocide or holocaust IRISH PEOPLE proved their tenacity…they faught oppression n every way.
    Not creating Empire,Colonialism or Imperialism they were equally involved in all, for personal reasons that’s traced through historical fact.
    ” THEY NEVER LEFT HOMELAND ” they will return and humble pie will be consumed.


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