Clocks were set back to 1919 this week with the German Bundesrepublik acting robustly to suppress plans to overthrow the state by Russian-backed nationalists, at least if authorities can be believed.

Leading to the arrest of 27 Wednesday morning in a 3,000 man police operation, among those nicked was a loose network of military and policing personnel, survivalists, right-leaning businessmen, a former AfD aligned judge and Berlin MP, as well as a minor aristocrat from the Thuringian House of Reuss.

With authorities picking up their scent earlier this year following an abortive attempt to kidnap the German Health minister, there have been vague allegations of attempts to import arms from Croatia and to penetrate German military and intelligence services with a Russian citizen embroiled for good measure.

The grand aim of the endeavour was to destabilise the German Republic just enough to see the return of the pre-1919 Kaisseriech, culminating in the storming of the Reichstag no less.

With 130 locations raided, from survivalist depots to special forces barracks, the ringleader of the botched putsch was a 71 year old minor aristocrat Heinrich Reuss with a former AfD MP for Berlin for Birgit Malsack-Winkemann lined up to take up mantle of Minister for Justice.

While both the German public and Right at large woke up startled Wednesday morning, feelings of shock turned to amusement at the reality of the entire operation and allegations made.

While Federal Police initially claimed a haul of 50 weapons, the days following revealed those weapons to be a collection of hunting rifles (understandable considering the fact police raided hunting lodges and survivalist shops) and potentially even Swiss knives and brass knuckles, though statements have been purposefully ambiguous. 

With authorities keeping mum beyond their initial press releases, journalists on all sides of the political spectrum began questioning the veracity of the government line. With rumours that senior media figures were given advance notice of the raids the week before, it should be remembered the extent to which the post-war German state actively commands media reporting through a slick combination of slush money, think tanks  and regulations.

The inclusion of a Russian national among those nabbed, though without concrete evidence of links to the Kremlin, indicates that events Wednesday align a little too perfectly for the current state enforced narrative. In fact, while the label ‘Patriotic Union’ has been given to the plotters, it is unlikely that this even consisted of a real group in any sense.

With the AfD coming under increasing pressure for their alleged ambivalence towards the NATO cause, even being put under formal surveillance last year, the word on the street points to the farcical notion of an imminent coup being a precursor and excuse for potentially outlawing the party in months to come.

Not the first time in recent history such an audacious plot has been alleged, in 2019 authorities again foiled a coup attempt by disgruntled members of the military and intelligence community, in operations which garnered significantly less fanfare than what we wished this week.

The Irish press gallery been quick to smear nationalists at home of ties to the plot with guilt by association being extended to the Freedom Party owing to a platform given to the now arrested Birgit Malsack-Winkemann.

While grandiose at first, events of the week have seen the wheels come off initial statements by German Federal police as to the seriousness of the threat posed. With Ukraine rumbling on, nationalism emerging as a serious contender at home and abroad, and serious penetration of the security apparatus by the radical right, what was seen Wednesday was likely a manufactured plot to preempt German patriots getting ideas in the years to come.

Whatever way the path to power German nationalists take they will always have the American backed Berlin regime trying to thwart them at every turn.

The Kaiser is not set to return to his throne whatever the truth of the matter but one should not underestimate state chicanery against any nationalist movement poisoning real and viable threat to the status quo. The weight of history on its shoulders and hardwired into its constitutional DNA the German state is far suited to shooting first and asking questions later when it comes to any hint of nationalist militancy.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. Ivaus@thetricolour 12/12/2022 at 2:34 pm

    Panic Stations!…admitted in this article and many others,even on legacy
    msm, far right is almost non existent in Ireland.None of the present
    National Parties measure up to the definitive version of FR.The Woke
    Left,anti fascists,ngo,tq+(omitting lgb,about time they stood up) is the
    closest identified as THE FAR LEFT/RIGHT threat to any democracy.
    As long as paid for puppets of propaganda,the serfs of ngo-vernment exists…you will never have functioning democratic governance.
    Democracy is Dead today 2022…until it is taken back by People’s Power.

    Forget Irish neutrality thanks to 1/2 leader Master Martin and EU,and
    just to make sure Foreign Minister Cov-any? and Bilderberg UN,WEF.
    A military coup in Ireland would unleash all the Traitors Tyrant Friends,
    and Von de Lier told all the Irish Parliament, Upper-Lower-Left no right.


  2. Dr Pat Morrissey 13/12/2022 at 12:26 pm

    Left and Right political axis is a distraction. The important political axis is Authoritarian / Libertarian, Big State/Small State. The establishment in Germany wants to get rid of both left leaning “Die Linke” and right leaning”AfD”. We know what way things are going here. FG/FF/SF/Green/Soc Dems/Labour are all authoritarian in their policies. Free speech is in their sight with the “Hate Speech” law making it’s way through the houses. The right to private property is to be removed in the 39th Amendment if/when passed. All the above loved the demonstrably useless Covid restrictions. See Sweden which chose a different approach and has the lowest covid mortality after nearly three years. They let people live essentially free without strict lockdowns and severe policies around social distancing and masks. They were right after all. There was no covid disaster either in Africa that had none of the nonsense we had here and very little take up of the experimental gene therapy either. John Magafuli and a half dozen other African leaders were proved right too. It is the mark of all increasingly authoritarian regimes to search around and purge enemies as their consciences tell them they are vulnerable and their increasing paranoia governs their moves.


  3. Daniel BUCKLEY 14/12/2022 at 7:45 am

    The German pseudo Coup was similar to Hitlers Night of the long Knives to remove Ernest Roehm’s challenge to the NAZI Party dominance and cemented the power of the SS as Hitlers private Army.
    Of course the recent pseudo -Coup was not as deadly.
    This Operation was a PR exercise to discredit and sideline a growing movement within Germany to de-couple from under the US yoke.
    The AfD are the only political Party who are not on board with the Ukraine proxy war of the US against Russia..
    AfD take their support from the areas of the former East Germany and are much more cognisant of the machinations to hold German under US feudal control.
    After all the destruction to Germany’s Industrial base by the bombing of NS 1&2 was to destroy Germany /Russia ties. NATO in the words of a US General was designed, to ‘Keep Germany down, Russia out and the US in’.
    The US biggest nightmare is if Germany connects with its natural geographic trading parner Russia and trades all along the Trans Asia corridor to China.
    This would by -pass the US Maritime control choke points and spell the end of US power and the US$.
    The Ukraine ,Iraq ,Syria ,Afghanstan are all part of the Transasia corridor and one of the reasons they have been attacked or weaponised in Ukraines case.


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