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Who is behind the pop-up NGO East Wall Here For All?

In the past couple of weeks, a newly-formed NGO calling itself East Wall Here For All, has established its online presence and made an appearance leafletting residents in East Wall. The organisation has been created to lobby in support of...

/ 19/12/2022

Civil Society Assemble! Maynooth Issues Report on Combating Right Wing Populism

Resisting the Far Right: Civil Society Strategies for Countering the Far Right in Ireland is a recent publication by the academic jokers of Maynooth University, which was once synonymous with the supposedly far right Catholic Church, before this obvious rot...

/ 20/09/2022

TCD Academic Flogging New Antiracist Book For Over €100

Lentin Cashes In An old hand in the Irish diversity scene, Professor Emeritus of Sociology at TCD, Ronit Lentin looks set to extract blood from the stone with her new pricey book on the Irish asylum industry.  Retailing at €105...

/ 22/09/2021