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Sir Roger Scruton: In Memory

How should one treat the death of a public intellectual? Sir Roger Scruton recently left this veil of tears having succumbed to the sword of Damocles which hung upon him for six months prior. A man not without his fair...

/ 15/01/2020

Edmund Burke and the Irish Canon

“Berkeley proved that the world was a vision, and Burke that the State was a tree, no mechanism to be pulled in pieces and put up again, but an oak tree that had grown through centuries” -W.B. Yeats Burke and the 20th Century: The Irish 20th century left many casualties in its wake. As the century drew to...

/ 12/01/2019

Burke’s Right Minds: Gary Kavanagh – Burkean Conservative

Burke’s Right Minds is a project exploring and promoting viewpoints within the conservative intellectual sphere, jointly run by The Burkean and the Edmund Burke Institute.  Why I am a Burkean Conservative: What I believe is, at its core, simple -...

/ 30/11/2018