The British long 20th century can be said to have come to an end this week with the death of Elizabeth the Second at her Balmoral residence. 

A lifetime of service, giving an air of monarchical normality to a nation scarcely recognisable to its eldery subjects, the new Carolean era is likely to herald a furthering of the managed decline Britain is synonymous for.

As Irishmen and distinctly Irish nationalists it is incumbent not to lose ourselves in the Anglophobia of the next month. Jacobinism is a bad look for any national movement (sorry Tone) and worldviews have to be constituted off more than hatred for a 96 pensioner. 

Historic grounds for revulsion at the Windsor family are no doubt justified for the Gael, childish post-Brexit Anglophobia spearheaded by the likes of Jedward and Fintan O’Toole less so. Elizabeth was just an obedient cog in a very large machine of which Ireland represented peripheral concerns.

Truth be told the greatest indictment of the British Crown is they are scarcely an entity worth hating anymore. Hostages to the global plutocracy that calls London its home, unlike her ousted uncle Elizabeth remained fully on the reservation throughout her reign, likely securing her family for another century in her regal diligence. 

Since the Bastille fell British elites have known all too well the wisdom of hiding behind the skirt of tradition and rolling out centuries worth of subversion.

What is frustrating about Britain is one very easily could imagine a complete and total demographic transition to an Islamic Caliphate and Coronation Street still playing in the afternoon just as the adhan is blaring from Westminster Abbey. For all the triumphalism of Brexit that nation with its omnipresent security forces has the revolutionary potential of wet firewood.

Good faith royalists will have a hard time excusing WEF devotee and multicultural enthusiast Charles with his particular penchant for Islamic perennialism. While abolition in favour of a progressive republic sounds no better, the Crown is merely a reactionary buttress holding the rotten pigsty that is Westminster providing gossip as Rome or Rotherham more specifically burns.

Considering we live in an era where Indian Brahmins are increasingly dominant in the Tory party it is not entirely inconceivable that Charles himself in the decades to come may become a British Constantine for Islam in the UK. His love of Islamic perennialism is well documented as is his desire to tweek his coronation vows to be representative of all the faiths rather than just Christendom.

The Windsors if nothing are survivors with the British state existing as a sort of Thessus’s ship in half embracing the worldview of the day, liberalism in the 19th century, social democracy in the 20th etc.

Certainly Anglicanism is as believed as the old Elysium mysteries around the time of the fall of Rome among elites, with the possibility of Britain integrating a subdued form of Islam possible in the coming decades. 

Purely speculative but bear in mind historically stranger things have happened in dying civilisations.

For the dissident right in England the royal demise epitomises the metapolital rock and hard place they’ve always found themselves. Caught between the aesthetic and grandeur of a glorious imperial past and a contemporary monarch no different than a limousine liberal in her opinion on migration there is no breathing space for anti-monarchical British nationalists, Morrissey aside.

With Ireland, for all the metaphysical shallowness a Republic brings I’ve found myself rather grateful to be a citizen rather than a subject the week passing. A Christian monarch is the greatest gift God can bestow on a people, what presently inhabits the Court of St James is just a sedative to a moribund nation running down the clock.

Like Cincinnatus of Rome or Leonidas facing Persian emissaries, our own Republic in all its imperfections was forged by the patriotism and piety of a people not willing to assimilate into the Empire. Never as sexy as a monarch, the spirit of separatism has kept alive the Irish as a living ethnos and hold the key to our salvation the decades ahead. 

For that legacy alone Ireland in the 21st century has a fighting chance.

The Queen is Dead-Ireland Lives On-An Phoblacht Abú

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. I can’t deny the looming likelihood of the Islamic call to prayer and Coronation St side by side – or even Westminster Abbey becoming a mosque. Monarchy vs republicanism is a sideshow, however, as the real action will be the demographic change. Ciaran Brennan, an Irish nationalist who sees no value in all European nationalists supporting our mutual survival but is still stuck in SF mode, fails to realise that the RoI is on a rapid road to demographic extinction too. The Republican structure does not stop it. Ireland’s CSO stated that the average age of mothers was 33.1 in 2019!!!!! At the moment, most immigration in the South of Ireland is white (Poles, Lithuanians), giving a 94.3% white percentage in 2011 (and 84.5% for the Irish). But 8.5% of live births in Ireland are to mother who are not citizens of the EU or the UK. And some of those who are EU/UK citizens will be ethnic too. So it seems the 5.7% non-whites (in 2011; 2022 will be higher) are having about 9% of the children. You’re behind the curve compared with the UK, but heading in the right direction. Project Ireland 2040 should give you a nudge. You spend too much time hating England, without seeing we will all circle the toilet bowl as immigration proceeds. SF’s slogan is “Brits out, Somalis in”. How about a slogan of “survival for all European nations”?


  2. And yet they still have a death grip on the 6 counties.


    1. Why shouldn’t we have a death grip on NI? as I said, all white European societies should lay aside enmity and work for our common survival. Nationalists in England should oppose immigration and multi-culturaiism in Ireland. Nationalists in Ireland should oppose immigration and multi-culturalism in England. Nationalists in both England and the RoI should support the decision under the GFA to share power between two communities in NI, and encourage both sides there to oppose immigration and multi-culturalism. in 50 years time, none of these backward-looking causes will matter. England will be majority black/Pakistani, Ireland will be 30% non-white (Asian, Middle Eastern black) and probably will NI, and the cultural issues and resentments fanned by the Irish Times will become irrelevant.


  3. I was commenting on the article’s discussion of Britain. Britain has the death grip.


    1. Gearon, the sad fact in an interconnected world is that the European peoples stand or fall together. If Britain goes – and you are right, it is in a death grip – Ireland goes too. Have you seen how the Asian population drifts from Britain to Ireland. Varadkar, who larps as an Irishman, is an example of this. In fact, as John Waters pointed out, Ireland is trying to “imitate” US and UK multi-culturalism and is desperate to get the ethnic minority numbers up. Of course, I hope that if the UK goes, then Ireland will survive (and you should hope the same vice versa, instead peddling curated bitter narratives), but that is not likely at all.


  4. Ivaus@thetricolour 13/09/2022 at 1:07 pm

    Reply to David Webb. As to your previous attempts to enlighten the docile dumb ROI, your statements ( England created Ireland ) and now
    quote ” why shouldn’t we have a death grip on Northern Ireland ” just who are you and whatsmore who do you think you represent. !
    You previously attempted in the article I quoted to run Ireland into the ground, all Ireland and all Irish people, memory serves me well.

    England lost a Queen,as many before and Dumbo Charles takes the globalist reign. We’ve all witnessed the destruction over centuries of the English Colonial Empire and the fruits that it brought to its shores over
    many decades…multiculturalism including Islamic terrorism…because it
    was obliged to do so…they were all claiming as British Subjects their own

    Yes,it’s great now to unite under a United Nationalist Banner, to save all
    our skins and Sovereignty ( ROI ) but do not run to The Republic Of Ireland with your fear mongering crap to save your ass after you so richly enjoyed your previous rants of putting IRELAND/IRISH down. !


    1. Ivaus (is this a way of writing “i bhfeabhas”??), I have no idea what you are talking about. England did not create Ireland, although there was no unified Ireland when the Anglo-Normans took it over. The Unionists have their rights – and so yes, they should have a death grip on NI. I have never sought to run Ireland into the ground. I have criticised the fake victimhood narratives that destroy European unity. If you refuse what you call a United Nationalist Banner, then carry on with Project Ireland 2040. See where that gets you. Brits out, Somalis in!


      1. Will the Brits ditch the 6 counties in order to get Brexit ( finally done ) ? If not – Nissan , Toyota , & the rest of the multinational sector will down tools & eliminate 5 million British jobs . How are the trade talks with the Yanks going ? The relationship between ulster & England is a #SexlessMarriage


  5. Ivaus@thetricolour 13/09/2022 at 2:52 pm

    Just to put you out of your misery, ” I have no idea what your talking about ” ( david webb)!
    The article I quoted and you posted to was by C Brennan, Bloddy Sunday 30/1/2022…read your own words before commenting brainey.
    Amoungst many of your bile slanders,you compared Irish Catholics to BLM,you said the English do not know or care about Northern Ireland,
    You totally blamed the Irish Government for all the problems and as I’ve said,you said there would be no Ireland without England.
    If you engaged your brain before you speak you would know that I have
    promoted many times a United Nationalist Banner ( plagiarism ? )
    Your opening cheap slurs remain the same as before when I replied to you, yes you are still a bigot and unlike a good wine your bitterness does not mature with age.
    I recommend you read and study Irish History, many people will help you out I’m sure because you never got over the first hurdle, are you literate? A UNITED IRELAND EXISTED BEFORE the unionists!


    1. You are an idiot, and show you are stuck in SF mode, warming up old quarrels and curated narratives. There would be no democratic English-speaking Ireland with electricity, telephones, the Internet, computers, cars, television, trains and planes without England. Yes. But Ireland as a country under high kings with regional provincial kings having the real authority existed hundreds, maybe thousands of years in some kind or other, before 1169. I don’t know if you’re trying to refer to Wolfe Tone – a Protestant Anglo-Irish figure (a very English and non-Irish figure, culturally) – but then that just shows how backward-looking Irish nationalists are. You need to look forward. Immigration is the main threat. And your main enemies are all in the Irish political parties and the media. The enemies of Ireland aren’t in government in the UK – they’re working for the Irish Times. Wake up! Dúisigh thu féin!


  6. Ivaus@thetricolour 13/09/2022 at 3:54 pm

    😄😆😅😂 🤔🤔🙄🙄. 😝😛😜😘 😏😏😏😇


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