News of a spike in international protection claims signifies the pebbles before an avalanche of asylum applicants to the Irish state.

Recorded by the International Protection Office, the Republic experienced more than an effective doubling in asylum claims from the previous year not including the 33,000 plus Ukrainian refugees in Ireland as of March 22nd. 

With 360 claims per week from non-Ukrainian nationals the figures were released as part of a submission to the Public Accounts Committee and gel with the IPO’s own figures that show Georgia, Somalia and Algeria leading the way in claims made. 

With arrivals outpacing what officials originally expected, a total of 4,500 non-Ukrainian refugees have made it to Ireland since January 2021 with the cost to maintain Direct Provision rising to €231m.

To put in perspective the potential for asylum claims to top 10,000 in 2022 the state only mustered enough energy to construct 7,827 social homes last year with the unexpected Ukrainian demand an added variable to which the state arrives unprepared to.

Farmed off to the Department of Children and the management of Roderic O’Gorman the sheer glut in asylum claims has crossed the threshold where even the state can even deny its impact on an already constipated housing market.

With government memos warning of a threat to social cohesion and the Department of Housing warning of a direct effect on housing supply one can only see the situation spiralling the decade forthcoming.

Dampened by covid but picking up at pace a game changer for the asylum industry will be the implementation of the 2019 White Paper on post-Direct Provision plans for international protection claims.

Promising own door accommodation within 4 months such in coordination with housing agencies this move would effectively enable refugees leapfrog the already foreigner driven housing list and ring a dinner bell for those wishing to enter Ireland fraudulently around the world.

An English speaking nation in the EU yet with free access to the UK nevermind with no deportations to speak of and state provided own door accommodation this  makes Ireland the number one destination for refugees as the rest of Europe and the UK battens down the hatches.  

Despite being an island Ireland is experiencing in slow motion what transpired across Europe during the 2014 migrant crisis only managed through our airports and government agencies.

Occurring within a context of a crippling housing crisis and non-asylum related migration through sloppy visa schemes such a trajectory only ends with the rise of political populism or social collapse so stark the figures we are dealing with. 

The camel’s back can only take so much.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. Were those Brazilians who raped the young woman in social housing? Why were they here? Why does no politician ask any question on any of this? I see more and more black and brown faces every day, plenty of babies (= more allowances). What do they all work at? Do they work? I see a lot of them with students satchels, pretending to be students in some well connected visa mill school.
    Of course, lots of patriots (sic) are renting rooms out to them. Easy Judas money.
    Then you have 1500 Ukrainian spongers in Dublin 1 alone.
    All talk Dublin is gone to hell but no one asks why and how to redress it.
    When SF take over, there will not b e a printer cartridge to be found in the entire civil service and the final implosion will begin. All without a peep.


  2. Philip Sherry 02/06/2022 at 9:57 pm

    Most “asylum seekers” are economic migrants. As can be seen in the UK, “migrants” already safe in France are crossing the English channel to the UK in their thousands. It should be made clear that anyone entering Ireland illegally will never gain citizenship.What is the point in the UK of having immigration authorities operating at Airports, detaining and arresting illegals trying to enter the UK on bogus visas when there is a free for all at Dover. The present system only benefits the legal system vultures. We know little, if anything about these people and their backgrounds.If an Irish citizen wants to rent a property (if he can find one) he must produce references.Our “open door” policy on immigration only benefits the rich in acquiring cheap labor and filling the coffers of the legal profession at the taxpayers expense.


  3. Phil and Jim, Both fine points that convey the ire and frustration against the dead-loss political ‘class’ (strain).

    Here, in the UK the non-conserving Conservative governing party are simply all bluster and no bite, all dog-whistle sloganeering without the dogs. If the produce one policy and enact it, it’s so underwhelming you wonder why they even mention it in the first plan. Spin and spin again.

    Future-proofing each country (Great Britain and Ireland) with a matrix of problems that arise from a misguided sense of ‘humanitarianism’ and virtue-signalling.


  4. Ivaus@thetricolour 09/06/2022 at 4:26 pm

    Considering the number of ILLEGALS ( govt. acknowledging over 90% )
    and if all Foreigners account for 20% of the present IRISH population, one
    must not be naive in expectations for a multicultural melting pot of U-topia.
    Let’s get to 40%…you say when ?
    The present Irish Govt and Opposition? including the UN/EU 2030 plan has
    given you, both a number and date. 10 million population by 2030.
    That in simple terms,maths,is the total replacement of 5 million people in less
    than a decade. The USA and Australia took Centuries to achieve their goals.
    So, Mc Nutty will continue with AMNESTY FOR ALL, and in the future, if
    IRELAND EXISTS, historians will not only be documenting the crimes against State and Citizens…by Foreign Nationals,…but the Death of a Country
    by an Irish Imbecile…a legacy made in hell.


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