Despite a slight 4% jump in births for 2021 the birth rate in the Irish Republic has witnessed a sharp 22% drop since 2011 according to newly released CSO statistics.

With total live births at 58,433 and a natural increase of 25,388 in population excluding migration, the Republic registered an overall birth rate of 11.7 per 1,000 higher than the European average of 9.5. This is in comparison to 74,650 births reported in 2011.

The number of deaths for the year increased 4.1% to 33,055 with 140 neonatal deaths being reported.

The average age of motherhood rose to 31.6 years of age up by 0.2 years from 2020 with only 77.7% of mothers of Irish nationality down from 76.9% in 2020. 

In total 15,424 births were recorded to foreign mothers 8.4% (4909) to mothers of EU origin, 2% (1169) UK mothers and 9.8% (5727) to non-UK/EU mothers.

Only 0.04% of births were recorded to mothers whose nationality went unknown with 38.8% of all births being first borns.

Overall 41.% of births were registered outside of marriage or civil partnership, an increase of 3.0% in 2020 and effectively equivalent to rates seen in the United States. Teen pregnancy came in at 699 (1.2%) of all births registered for 2021 as well.

Hampered by covid, 17,217 marriages occurred in the year 500 of them between same sex couples.

According to separate figures from the Court Services Annual Report there was a striking 29% jump in the number of divorces entering the court system between 2019 to 2020 totalling 5,226.

The CSO documented 3,011 deaths from covid-19 where the disease is mentioned as an underlying factor in the diseased with 495 cases where covid is mentioned on the death certificate and covid wasn’t the primary factor for fatality. The statistics also listed a solitary death from the adverse effect of the vaccine.

Suicide claimed the list of 399 ranking the most prominent cause of death for 15-24 year olds with 251 taking down own lives in that age group. Comparing to HSE figures there does seem to be a sharp uptick in suicide since the 390 seen in 2019 though that figure did drop to 340 in the first year of the pandemic.

All in all statistics reveal a social convergence between Ireland and the rest of Europe making up on lost time towards secular stagnation. 

A direct product of social atomisation and the liberal deluge such trendlines in any other time would be regarded as a looming demographic threat pointing to wider existential  malaise. 

While nations of the East both acknowledge and seek to heal the demographic chasm through pro-family policies Ireland still remains in the wilderness in deluding itself that migration can act as a bandaid to a society losing the will to propagate itself.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. Alan Breslin 03/06/2022 at 7:18 pm

    Don’t forget how Charlie McCreevy and other wasters changed the law to punish stay at home housewives and reward unmarried mothers/slappers
    Worse is on the way as all kinds of scum are being encouraged to settle here and breed with our own ferals. Until unmarried mothers, and people renting have their subsidies removed and foreigners are rounded up and herded into one large camp, the place will only get worse.
    The thugs of SF are our new police, much like Animal Farm. RTE super rich tell us to check our privilege if we complain about Dublin Airport or muggings in the city centre. Perhaps we need another famine.


  2. Help me. I’m beginning to wonder if any of it matters anymore.


  3. Lorcan O'Meara 05/06/2022 at 11:36 pm

    It might not matter any more to you, Gearon, but it matters a lot to the Planned Parenthood Federation and their many Irish employees and plants in SF, FG etc.
    Now what can be done to stop this cull is another question. A tangible force can only be stopped by another tangible force. Ii know that, you know that and the WEF/FF/FG/Lab/FG/SF/Gre/Antiifa junta know that. Theirs is a very fragile system that, once broken, is gone.
    The focus should be on building the power to break their power.


  4. Your words give me hope, Lorcan. I think that tangible force includes or should include the RC Church – may it have courage to speak up against the woke cowardly politicians. In every country.


  5. Give it another 20-25 years and Irish will give up Dublin and other major cities completely and retreat to safe Gateway Communities outside in the rural area.
    Those who can will leave home country behind and never come back in the meantime.
    But considering the fact that people keep voting for the same cleptocrats for decades, means that the majority approves of the direction in which this country continues it’s downfall.


  6. Ivaus@thetricolour 09/06/2022 at 3:48 pm

    Did anyone in Ireland expect a different outcome? When you get a Minister in
    Govt. that got elected on a ” PRO LIFE ” campaign and switched to a
    ” PRO ABORTION MOUTHPIECE FOR LIEO N CO. well it is not hard to
    UN-derstand. Yes, no pain relief,Simon Harassment really came out of his
    closet. And the referendum was rigged with an extra 50,000 ? UN-accounted
    Just like all the people that passed away ( R I P ) after the bio-death jab, we
    remember and speak up against the murder of the UN-born.depopulation 2030


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