Eurofederalism appears to be taking its final form with new recommendations proposed by the Conference on the Future of Europe inter alia effectively stripping away national vetoes for Ireland and other member states on a range of issues.

Aiming to stealthily advance the goal of ever greater union under the cover of a rubber stamped citizens assembly, 325 proposals and 49 objectives were tendered by the Conference around the topics of Climate Change, decision making, migration and economics.

With the stage firmly tilted towards the Eurofederalist camp, the Conference drew its supposed legitimacy from a variety of ‘consultations’ held across the bloc. Irish submissions to the Conference were invariably handled by the European Movement Ireland, notorious for pushing the EU line during Brexit negotiations and disringuished by its zeal for the federalist dream.

As expected the Conference returned a total slate of federalist policies, among them the complete and utter harmonisation of the bloc on matters of migration, social policy and military affairs.

Following the debacle of the EU’s handling of vaccine procurement, a special emphasis was made on the supply of medicines with common health standards being proposed across the bloc. Resulting in major embarrassment caused by the botching of purchase orders, proposals made by the Conference aim for a quickfire response to any future pandemic by way of further centralisation of powers.

Defenders of Irish neutrality may particularly grimace at mention of greater militarisation for the benefit of a federalist state with the proposals mentioning the creation of ‘armed forces that shall be used for self-defence purposes’, especially in the projection of strength following the Ukraine crisis.

Arguably the most extreme of the proposals was the pursuit of a list system which would see transnational voting lists for EU elections, effectively merging jurisdictions when it comes to the ballot box. Tossed around in federalist circles this would entail three million Irish voters marginally influencing foreign nations and vice versa for the five hundred million in other European nations, for elections to the European Parliament.

Aiming to replace the veto system with that of a ‘qualified majority’, the Conference surely ought to come as a last and final wakeup call for the incompatibility of the EU with national interests. Scoffed at as conspiratorial in referenda gone by, the removal of the Irish veto will naturally strike fear into a State sycophantically trying to defend tax setting powers.

Eliciting condemnation from the two primary rightist parliamentary groups in Brussels (Identity and Democracy and the European Conservatives and Reformists) the Conference was welcomed by groups of the liberal centre. Silence was also to be found in the GUE/NGL parliamentary group of which Sinn Féin is a member.

Potentially triggering various national referenda, the proposals if actioned will give domestic politicos in Ireland some headaches both for the optics as well as logistics thrown up. 

The working reality for Irish elites is that domestic sovereignty is a thing of the past, with the 26 county state institutionally rolled up in favour of globalism. Less so for an electorate that still reckons itself at least semi-sovereign on the world stage.

With the EU being sidestepped by NATO amid the present conflict in Ukraine, Brussels is comfortably making a beeline towards its final objective of a federal state without the anchor of British membership.

A poor man’s superpower imbued with the most vacuous brand of secular liberalism the time by which Brussels shied away from its real intentions is long over. The Eurosceptic nightmare of an out of control Politburo operating from Brussels is well and truly upon us, and scarcely a whimper against it will be raised in the press or on Kildare Street.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. Ivaus@thetricolour 26/05/2022 at 5:43 am

    Global federalism,Eurofederalism,Technocommunism == DICTATORSHIP.
    While the EU ( Not Europe ) was stripping you of your last ounce of Sovereignty, Ireland’s Veto, and YOUR VOTE, because 500/3 is the odds that
    they have granted Irish Voters in the say of Our Country and the EU.
    While the UN ( Not Ireland ) has been awarded Global Sovereignty, while all of this was going on, your 50% Taeoseachs LIEO n Martin was selling you out
    at Davos and WHOs WEF. R.I.P. IRELAND…welcome to global serf dumb.
    My blood is boiling to say the least,I am utterly disgusted by what has been
    Portrayed as Democratically elected representatives HANDING-OVER to
    UN-ELECTED Technocrats. THUS, Democracy is Dead…therefore it stands
    to reason that GOVERNMENTS are redundant, voting themselves out.
    Oh,they have all been very busy during your planned lockdowns, and in one foul
    swoop they have taken control of EVERYTHING AND YOUR LIFE.
    Your Pesco,Nato, UN, WEF, WHO army’s will help you along your way…
    Chickenshits n Traitors.


    1. I I E A will be chuffed # Andrews # Halligan # Quinn # McGuinness , et al ——– ——– .


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