There has been an interesting development in the North, for those watching, over the last number of weeks. The dissident republican outfit Saoradh claims to have discovered a British agent with the Sunday World quoting various ‘dissident sources’ about the belief that yet another higher up informer exists within the ranks of the organisation.

At the same time, however, the detailed travel itinerary of a US Senator was leaked to Loyalist paramilitaries – ostensibly by someone in either the UK government’s Northern Ireland Office or the PSNI, both organisations which have historically directed and handled Loyalist murder gangs.

The alleged exodus of senior members from Saoradh and the New IRA at a time when both the INLA and ÓNH have put on shows of strength with new weaponry has drawn into question projects to unify the Republican Movement under a single banner – the ÓNH notably refused to join the merger which brought about the NIRA, supposedly over the membership of Dennis McFadden in the latter organisation, even before he was revealed to be a rat. The tension existent between the NIRA and INLA has been reported on previously with each side accusing the other of adjacency to drug dealers and criminals.

With the extradition of Liam Campbell to Lithuania on trumped up legacy charges, one must come to understand the continued hatred of the British intelligence services and its various agencies towards Irish Republicans, even ones that have given up any coherent notion of authentic Irish nationalism in favour of intersectional Trotskyism, abortion and support for the New Plantation.

It is clear from the harassment of Republicans and the latitude given to the Orangemen (particularly with the continued leaking of information to them) that the PUL community are ultimately viewed as little more than a useful catspaw- used by the British government and the Conservative Party against the Protocol, in the same quest for political expediency as they had been used against Home Rule a century ago.

It is however difficult to sympathise much with the NIRA given their Dublin based membership coming out in favor of alleged ‘anti-fascist’ demonstrations at protests. When you carry out the will, knowingly or otherwise, of Crown services, you’ve only yourself to blame when you get bit.

Posted by Gearóid Ó Briain


  1. Ivaus@thetricolour 28/05/2022 at 8:30 am

    The only people in the world that has successfully promoted the basic rule
    ” Divide and Conquer “…I’m not talking about the BRITISH, just like all the
    ” PADDY JOKES ” the IRISH have demonstrated to the whole world throughout history that they are very capable of promoting propaganda, fighting amongst themselves and each other…all for their true enemy’s pleasure and their generational Blindness to recognize ” THE REAL ENEMY ” …themselves and traitors.


  2. Denis McGrath 28/05/2022 at 8:52 am

    Republicans are just bottom feeders. Sean Fitzgerald, one of Mary Lou’s electoral team, has recently got 9 months for beating up an OAP. He has 23 prior convictions. Look at how many of them are facing charges over the Hutch-Kinahan feud. As most of them are semi-literate, they know even less about the Republican ideology than do their Garda handlers.
    I see one of them is off for a free holiday in Lithuania. They tried to win support for him by attacking anti lockdown marches. Total thugs.
    Readers should have nothing to do with these savages, unless they want to score some good Colombian coke.


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