Irish billboards and airwaves have been used yet again to flaunt the extravagant wealth of the nation’s NGO class with a new media campaign by the Soros darlings of INAR Ireland.

An affiliate member of the Open Society backed ENAR network, the objective of the campaign is to raise awareness of the advocacy group’s IReport reporting system which ostensibly records racist incidents.

Featuring radio, TV and billboard advertisements, the campaign is likely motivated by an apparent dip in hate crime figures and a need to generate data to justify INAR’s budget and media appearances.

In essence, lacking any real academic rigour or evidence pointing to a rise in racism, the IReport gimmick is the ad hoc feature INAR has been passing off as evidence when justifying itself and its budget for donkey’s years.

As in other jurisdictions, the hope is to create an anti-racist feedback loop where greater awareness around reporting prejudice (real or imaginary) in turn triggers more campaigns and more reports ad infinitum with the INAR top brass benefiting as a result.

Highlights of the PR spree are voice actors of Irish people telling Africans to go home and even going as far to claim that Ireland belongs to the Irish people. The horror.

Developed by the marketing companies Huskies and GroupM the campaign begs questions as to whether INAR has seen a spike in spending capabilities in the post-Floyd/Nkencho era. 

A billboard campaign run across Dublin alone for multiple weeks, nevermind national print advertising and airtime, is likely to cost a pretty penny and dovetails with similar campaigns by the likes of the Immigrant Council of Ireland. 

A small mercy however is that the genericity of the campaign means it will likely have zero effect amid the white noise of media propaganda doing the same job already.

While our media is frantically looking under the bed for sights and sound of Russian dark money influencing Irish politics, little attention has been directed in the way of INAR, their funding nor their access to decision makers.

Previously coming to our attention for their keen lobbying for hate speech legislation as well as advertising for roles around ‘community activism’ INAR as of 2019 takes in a minimum €140,000 of state money through schemes it avails of.

Operating out of its plush Georgian HQ surroundings near the Rotunda INAR is perhaps the most despicable example of the hijacking of civil society space by open borders money.

While half their job consists of begging for enhanced Garda powers, the NGO is steered by self described ‘libertarian socialist’ Shane O’Curry who mixes his brand of anarcho-communism with regular junkets to the Continent.

Overall, this new campaign is punctured by the macabre reality of multiculturalism in light of the Sligo murders and progressive self delusion about juggling the contradictory balls of sychophancy towards Islam and the LGBT at the same time.

No amount of babyish looking cartoons and PR slush money can reconcile the mania which INAR and friends promote and street level damage they inflict on Irish communities.

Nothing can obfuscate from the fact these people are hypocrites of the highest order.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. Ivaus @thetricolour 19/04/2022 at 8:21 pm

    Christ has risen, Christ will come again.
    Easter Monday, Christ rose from the dead.
    Easter Monday, 1916 Rising, The Proclamation…Irish Constitution.
    Easter Monday,2022, Christ has shown you the light…again.
    Lucifer Publication,founder of the UN…became Lucis Trust…MASONIC.
    The UN, just like WEF clot swabs great reset…are the same…false opposition.
    So now,at the eleventh hour,Christ is trying to show you the way…again.
    Everyone and everybody that is the enemy of God…is the enemy.
    GOOD versus evil, the Spiritual Battle has began…time to repent.


  2. Thanks to the Uk closing it’s door to immigration , expect 50,000 asylum applications ( none from Ukraine ) over the next yr # God help us


  3. Hush up! it’s supposed to be secret!


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  5. Snitch line is very redolent of a Maoist denunciation dictate where children, family members and relatives are encouraged to incriminate and vilify those who do not meet the extreme leftist anti-Irish doctrine.

    Weaknesses and distractions in the general populace are exploited to the max for this brand of rancid drivel to gain funding and traction in Western Societies.


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