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Are the Taliban Burkean Conservatives?

A Historicist Revolt in Jurisprudence “The Guilty Have No Past” – Death in June Edmund Burke’s ‘Reflections on the Revolution in France’ cemented, in the eyes of conventional scholars and lay people alike, his place as the father of modern...

/ 22/08/2021

Defence Forces Retract Farcical Threat Assessment of Radical Right

The past year we’ve become accustomed to our state’s security apparatus warning about an as of yet non-existent terrorist threat from the so called far right. While the Oireachtas benches have not been graced by their first hard right parliamentarian,...

/ 18/06/2021

The Political Cudgel

In a recent political podcast, Radicalisation and the Amplification of Extremism Online, the Irish Times make clear that they have no intention of allowing “Gemma O’Doherty or any of her supporters” on their current affairs podcasts. One would presume that...

/ 17/09/2019