Over the past month, the whole world has been bombarded by the shocking and heartbreaking images coming out of Ukraine since the invasion by Russian forces. We hoped it wouldn’t come to this but going by the increasingly aggravating behaviour of Russian President Vladimir Putin in recent years it was sadly inevitable. 

The violence and suffering inflicted on the ordinary Ukrainian people has been rightfully condemned throughout the entire world. Putin is a dictator, bully and now a war criminal. There is no doubt about that. He has violated the sovereignty of an independent country, exacerbated the energy crisis and brought us all to the cusp of a nuclear third world war. 

But it must be said, the West is not innocent in all of this. One of the reasons that Vladimir Putin has become this century’s Adolf Hitler is because, since the fall of the Soviet Union thirty years ago, we’ve treated Russia the same way that Germany was treated after their defeat in the Great War. 

Countries such as America failed to embrace the Russian Federation as a potential new ally and instead chose to intimidate it by placing missile bases in countries along the Russian border, encouraging former Russian occupied countries to join NATO and supporting the rise of a militaristic EU superstate. All of this has done nothing but poke the Russian bear and now the bear is awake and wreaking havoc across Europe. 

Furthermore, what makes what Putin has done to Ukraine so egregious? Saudi Arabia has done the exact same thing to neighbouring Yemen for years. Saudi Arabia has also brutally killed dissident journalists (Jamal Khashoggi anyone?). It’s one of the biggest State sponsors of Islamic terror. Fifteen of the nineteen 9/11 hijackers were Saudis. It has a horrific human rights record. It’s a false kingdom. It’s even rightly been referred to as “ISIS with an embassy.”

So where are the sanctions against the House of Saud and their Sheikh friends? The ostracising of the Saudi royal family and other powerful officials. Why don’t we see the Yemeni flag all over the place? How about we stop buying Saudi oil? Where’s the constant news coverage about this conflict? Would we be as willing to accept refugees from Yemen as Ukraine? Why has Britain or America never threatened to invade Saudi Arabia like it has other countries for lesser crimes?

The simple reason is that for decades, Western powers pick and choose what “bad guys” they either like or don’t like. What “good guys” they endeavour to support. Speaking of which, even though there is much to like and admire about Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy in terms of leadership and bravery (former Afghan President, Ashraf Ghani take note). While he is safe in his bunker protected by bodyguards, his people are being decimated. If he does not agree to some of the more reasonable demands being made by Russia, there will be no country left for him to defend.

How is it that the powers that be in Europe and America are so concerned with freedom suddenly? They’re ready to go to war with Russia over the freedom of the Ukrainian people when they’ve spent the past two years curtailing and clamping down on the freedoms of their own citizens over a virus with flu/cold-like symptoms and a 90% plus survival rate. To add to this, the pandemic miraculously reduced in importance, almost overnight, to such a degree that extensive media reporting has waned in favour of this new world threat. Funny that?

These turbulent times remind me of a quote I recently came across from ‘The Doors’ frontman Jim Morrison: “Whoever controls the media, controls the mind.”

Posted by Laura Buckley


  1. “Over the past month, the whole world has been bombarded by the shocking and heartbreaking images coming out of Ukraine ” .

    Does that include the videos of Russian soldiers being tortured and shot in the groin by the wonderful heroic Ukrainians? and what’s with this ‘heartbreaking’ shite? Selective fucking nonsense, I’m really surprised at this site publishing this vacuous twaddle.

    “The increasingly aggravating behaviour of Russian President Vladimir Putin in recent years it was sadly inevitable”.

    Jesus wept. Would you like the loan of a few brain cells? Spell out in detail what aggravating behaviour Putin or Russia engaged in to fast track this situation.

    “The violence and suffering inflicted on the ordinary Ukrainian people has been rightfully condemned throughout the entire world”.

    Oh right, it’s the politics of condemnation now is it? that will sure sort things out and the whole world is not behind this new drama created for the dumski sheep to schlurp up, next you are going to use the phrase ‘all right thinking people’ Again I’m very surprised to be reading that level of claptrap here.

    “Putin is a dictator, bully and now a war criminal”.

    Bollox, utter bollox, have you been to Russia recently? The Russian people are a lot more satisfied with their political leadership than us here in Ireland for example, and don’t give me any of your democracy wank, it’s the biggest swizz of all time, The fucking idiot public thinking they have a say because once ever four years they get to choose between tweedle dum and tweedle dee, jesus give me a break.

    And he’s a bully? is he now ye poor thing, how do you know? what? some Yank prick said so and you just repeat it? He has done wonders for Russia and its people, certainly comparative to our bunch of bent over beaten docket losers,

    “He has violated the sovereignty of an independent country”, “exacerbated the energy crisis” “the cusp of a nuclear third world war”.

    Sovereign my arse, a vassal state, period, and the energy crisis, I would say that things are about to hot up in that regard but of course next winter the ordinary people of the west will know all about the energy crisis as we freeze in our homes or worse, are we to morally superior to the Russians to trade with them? It’s going to be cold on that perch.

    The people who want a huge and possibly nuclear war here are the Americans, or should I say those that own and run America,

    If you don’t know your enemy you are destined to fail, almost all the voices for more military action, no fly zones etc and calling for the west to essentially fight a huge war with Russia all share something.

    I’ll let a genius like the writer of the article work it out,

    Sure even Alan Shatter got in on the act,

    I think it’s 70% of the American cabinet, 80% of the Ukrainian one,


    “He has violated the sovereignty of an independent country”, “exacerbated the energy crisis” “the cusp of a nuclear third world war”.


  2. Ivaus@ thetricolour 02/04/2022 at 2:04 am

    HYPERBOLE, UN- Fortunately the writer fails to mention in his well researched drivel the reason Putin went in on the 22nd, because a massacre of
    RUSSIANS planned for the 25th.
    He also fails to mention the involvement of UN,UK,US,NATO and other militants like CIA etc since 2014, arms trading and corruption on high levels.
    He fails again to mention illegal BIO- WEAPON labs that has possibly being used for the globalist plandemic,Syria or other events globally. This has been
    accepted by the US govt.
    And he glaringly fails to make any reference to THE BIDEN FAMILY, which
    blind Freddy and every dog on the street knows that their involvement in
    Ukraine is yet to be totally revealed…but enough is known its corruption on
    My biggest question is why this has being ignored by all politicians,media and
    global International institutions since 2014…I doubt very much that Putin ignored or was UNaware of the same….it all comes out in the wash.


  3. While I do not share the authors viewpoint of President Putin of Russia, as the the great evil of our time, nor as some sort of new comparison to Hitler.

    I do, greatly appreciate the authors efforts to show the United States and her crimes against humanity, as at the very least, evidence of the crimes of Rome.

    Rome being somewhat of an apt comparison, especially when one looks at American exceptionalism as presented by former President Obama.

    He who holds power, decides who or what is the enemy of power .

    Perhaps, there was never a clearer statement of the egotism of the great Cesars of Rome, than the ability to deride all who would dare to stand against empire.

    The empire, today the United States is all powerful, therefore the absolute decider of who or what is the enemy of mankind, such is the entitlement of the powerful.

    President Putin is of course, as one who dares to stand against Rome, the natural enemy of Rome.
    This title of enemy or the new Hitler, is not mere statement alone, but is expected to be accepted by ALL subjects as Fact!.

    Hense, all US supporting (for now) governments of the West, will ensure via their own media empires that anything spoken of by Putin, is mere lies and anything done, is abhorrent as it directly offends or restricts the Empire.

    Cesar would be so proud, as we those perhaps not in agreement, simply either agree, or keep quiet!.
    Yet the question never dared asked, is what do the peoples of empire gain from servitude to empire?.

    Another question never asked is where were the protests of our people outside embassies of Ukraine, when for over 8 years, the people of Donbass were Slaughtered?.
    Where were the protests of our people outside embassies when Saudi Arabia entered another country to smite the occupants for their desire to be free?.
    Where were such protests??.

    Where were protests of our people when Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and countless other countries were occupied and destroyed by the current empire?.
    The answer is SIMPLY, there were NONE!.

    So we now find ourselves in a situation where Ukraine is attacked by Russia, in answer to 8 years of absolute horror, terror and destruction & murder of 14,000 occupants of the Donbass.

    Immediately, those who stayed silent to All the crimes of Rome, now stand tall demanding that those who suffered most, MUST now be punished for retaliation against the empire.

    Our News media, print and TV peddle the absolute lie that the Russian assault on Ukraine is the FIRST such incident in Europe since WWII.
    WHY?, the answer is simple, one must never speak of the crimes of great Cesar! .

    The FACT however, is that the empire of today, the United States, was the ONLY nation to launch war in Europe since WWII, of this there is no doubt!.

    In 1999 the U.S./NATO armed forces started a 78 day aerial bombardment against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.
    The brutal bombing campaign targeted civilians, city centers, public transportation, schools, hospitals, hotels and even the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China.

    More than a thousand aircraft were used to drop more than 3,000 cruise missiles and about 80,000 tons of bombs.

    More than 3,000 people were killed, and up to 20,000 seriously injured! .

    NATO in alliance with the US, flattened 25,000 residential buildings, 300 miles of roads, almost 375 miles of railroads, nearly 40 bridges, 100 schools and childcare facilities, 30 hospitals and 14 airfields.

    No doubt, there are the PRO-US among the peoples of Europe, never mind Ireland, who will claim that the war on Yugoslavia has some justification!.
    I would argue against such claims, however the purpose of my reply is not to do so, but rather to highlight the falsehoods and lies of empire.

    With this in mind, shall we move to yet another area of Europe which saw death and destruction from the US and NATO alliance, since WWII?.

    Our next victim of empire is Serbia.
    Though it may seem odd to link foreign policy and altruism.
    The claim made by this new empire was it seems clear, that NATO’s purposes in Kosovo were primarily humanitarian! .

    BUT was it actually humanitarian?.
    Was it instead, the insistence of Hillary Clinton, who after refusing to speak to her husband President Bill Clinton for almost eight months, because of the US President’s inability to keep it in his pants.

    Hillary on speaking to Bill for the first time in so long, insisted that he should immediately take action against Serbia!.

    Hillary Clinton’s own biography writer, Gail Sheehy as published in late 1999.
    States quite clearly that Bill took the decision to bring all hell & NATO upon Serbia, only 24 hours after Hillary insisted upon him doing so! .

    Yes we all, have long since seen documentary evidence for justification of the US & NATO actions against Serbia. Perhaps even some claims might be viewed by some in the more closely partnerdered states to the US, as justification for all out bloodshed.
    Despite the killing of over 1,400 civilians, along with the absolute destruction of infrastructure,
    Serbia got a rather large and vulgar statue of Frisky Bill as reward.
    OH Cesar, my Cesar.!

    Nevertheless, facts are facts, the empire may continue to echo lies such as President Putin being the great evil of our time. However, history shows Rome as the evil empire and Cesar as the victim of his own greed.

    Even today, our recent history clearly shows the format used by the US, as nothing more than the greed of Cesar.

    Remember this when next you hear of any foreign leader being compared to Hitler, being considered a lunatic or as being unstable.

    This is the same format used since the empire of Rome! .
    The US has claimed that leader after leader of enemy or simply disliked states, are unjust, uncivil, hateful, weak, Hitler like or simply insane! .

    Equally their (US) and our (European) media, gladly mislead their peoples, by constantly echoing the claims of Cesar!.

    To conclude, there are many prior examples of misuse by the American empire and her media, in an effort to bring fools to embassy doors of states who are either outside of the influence of the US, or are standing in direct defiance of our modern Cesar!.

    Empire, seeks to mobilize public opinion by appealing to the nobler sentiments of the masses!.
    Such as ” WE MUST Fight the War which will end All WARS!!. ”

    Or this war of empire even against a far Weaker opponent is ONLY to
    “Make the World Safe For Democracy”.
    After all, ONLY empire can, and has the right TO
    ” Defend the Free WORLD” .

    My sincere compliments to the author.


  4. Mary Stasia Concannon 04/04/2022 at 3:32 am

    Who are you people? Where is all the Hate America first stuff coming from in Ireland? And I’m so tired of that transparent canard “How dare you care about these people when you didn’t prove you cared enough about those people.” It’s getting old.

    You’re looking pretty small and mean. Quite frankly, we all are. Ukraine is putting us all to shame.


    1. “Ukraine is putting us all to shame “

      Thanks for the laugh,

      With that comment you show yourself to be an absolute moron,

      Do try and find the video of the captured Russian soldiers being shot and abused and indeed dying as their ‘heroic’ Ukrainian captors break all the rules with regard to the treatment of prisoners of war,

      It was a hard watch I can tell you,

      Nobody hates Americans, what people hate are the actions of the American state,

      Have a look again at my earlier comment and see if you can work out who exactly runs your country,

      Just like the vast vast majority of those that ran the Soviet Union from the time of the Bolshevik revolution were not Russians, the people who run the USA are not really Americans are they?

      They have a more important loyalty,



  5. 14,000 civilians have been killed in the Donbass region from indiscriminate shelling by the Ukrainian side, over the past 8 years. Where were all the crocodile tears & petty flag displays for those people ?

    President Zelensky (who is not Ukrainian) is not holed up in some bunker by the way. He’s comfortably residing in the US embassy in Poland. He skips across the border on the odd occasion for photo ops. Not to mention his palatial mansion in Florida. The CIA backed ‘regime’ that took power in Kyiv following the maidan revolution in 2014 has been openly hostile to the large ethnic Russian minority in the eastern part of Ukraine. Going as far as to ban Russian as an officially recognized language.

    The author would do well to view the recent testimony by Victoria Nuland (same background as Zelensky) – Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs – where she admitted that there were US backed bio-lab facilities in Ukraine. And that the US were very worried about the Russian military taking them over. The US only have something to fear if they were involved in bio-weapon production I would think ?

    As with previous articles by this author, historical & geo-political knowledge is patchy at best.


  6. Direct reply to Mary Stasia Concannon.

    In reply to your question loaded statement, when replying to both my comments and those of the author of the Burkean article.

    You ask the following : (Quote) ” Who are you people?” and ” Where is all the Hate America first stuff coming from in Ireland?” (End Quote).

    Considering the fact, that you have chosen an Irish University publication, to ask your questions.
    One might think it prudent to assume that the ” who are you people? ” question is answered already, by the authors reference to concerns for the Irish state becoming a NATO member!.

    As reference to the second question you demanded reply to: (Quote)
    ” Where is all the Hate America first stuff coming from in Ireland? “. (End Quote).

    I wouldn’t assume to speak for the author nor either of the other two replies, which you have picked up on.

    I can only therefore answer your question from my own personal point of view.

    I would immediately assume that to you, any and all reaction against the US Coup d’etat of Ukraine in 2014 , spearheaded by US war hawks such as Victoria Nuland and the late senator John MC Cain.

    By your definition, would and could be considered Hatred of the United States!.

    Perhaps, by mentioning the Hugely Ignored by all in the West , 8 year onslaught of armaments. bombings, Civilian targeting, thefts of property and Food and crimes against civilians by US supported, Ukrainian Nazi Nationalist Brigades within the Ukrainian military, between 2014 and 2022.

    You would therefore consider my mourning of over 14,000 dead and defenceless citizens, as showing Hatred to, or for the US.

    I have many friends, some have been with me for now, over 50 years, others are more recent, perhaps between 12 and 20 years.

    I do not expect to be lectured to by any my friends, including the closest and most cherished of them.

    Nor, would I demand that they serve me without question or place themselves, their worth, or their families in any form of jeopardy on my behalf!.

    None of them, no matter how new or dear they are to me, would for one moment, consider my opposition or opinion in opposition to their actions or desires,
    as being Hatred of them!.

    It’s frankly beyond my comprehension, to understand such attitude or perhaps such blatant demand for subservience.

    You then continue in your statement, to highlight Your distaste for both the Author’s and my own, reference to Irish security, Neutrality and the avoidance of this island, which is hanging precariously & ALONE, off the edge of mainland Europe, becoming a member of NATO.

    You state (Quote) ” And I’m so tired of that transparent canard “How dare you care about these people when you didn’t prove you cared enough about those people.” It’s getting old.”. (End Quote)..

    How extremely gracious, of you to signal your contempt for the Author’s suggestions for his own nation,
    his own Homeland! .

    Which for whatever reason /s does not happen to interlock with Your own nation’s desires, political ambitions or your own personal beliefs or narrow understanding of the needs or wants of an independent nation.

    Neither in the author’s article nor in my reply on the Burkean article page.

    Did either of us, attempt to impose our individual, or collective wishes or political opinion upon you, or your nation!.
    Yet you choose to show distain and direct defiance to that which Does Not suit the policy direction of Your nation,
    the United States.

    Again, speaking only for myself.
    I do not need your sanctimonious pontificating as to the needs of my own nation, nor do I expect to be spoken to as some second class citizen, who dares to speak against the will of Empire.

    I have done all necessary, to restrict all possibility of become offensive to a Lady, in both my comments and replies to you.
    However, your insistence on abusing your entitlement to comment on other nations, in such a manner is cutting quite close to the bone!.

    To conclude, and with a view to all stated above.

    I wish you and yours, only the very best in your current and future endeavours.


  7. Mary Stasia Concannon 04/04/2022 at 11:35 pm

    TC, I appreciate you responding directly to me as well as to the seven other people who were apparently saying things that my very simple comment never said. But it’s nice to be acknowledged.


  8. Mary Stasia Concannon 05/04/2022 at 1:49 am

    TC, my response to you I think was rather flippant. you set out your points very clearly, and I am here to learn, although you read a great deal more into my comment than than was ever intended. I was never suggesting Ireland should take up arms for Ukraine or change her level of participation in NATO. I eould also point out just as an aside that Obama detested the term and the concept American exceptionalism. He might very well be in agreement with much that is said on this site.

    “Who are you people” is something of a colloquialism meaning that someone you know is acting or thinking in a way you would never have expected of them. There is certainly a strong thread of anti-Americanism running through this site that is disheartening to me. Now I know it’s there. And after all, it’s taking over my country as well, so why am I surprised?

    I will simply say this. From what I see, the people of Ukraine are fighting tooth and nail not to have a new Soviet Union roll over them. Freedom is not meant to be the exclusive privilege of saints. All of humanity will fight and die to protect their children. That’s a given. But every individual looks in their heart and wonders “Would I die for my faith? Would I fight for my freedom?”

    For almost 900 years Ireland has done both. Do you think the world has appreciated or admired it? Was it the leaders of the 1798 rebellion who were excommunicated by the Vatican? It was one of the rebellions – you would know better than I.

    Putin used the excuse early on that an independent Ukraine on Russia’s border was a threat to his country’s national security. Sound familiar?

    Finally, I thank you for being a gentleman.


    1. Ireland most certainly did not fight for its freedom or faith for 900 years, the truth is that a tiny minority of people did all the heavy lifting,

      If you think that the people of the Ukraine are fighting tooth and nail at the moment you really are living in la la land,

      And the idea that people generally stand up for their children, all I can say about that is look at how many parents allowed their children be injected with an untested and clearly dangerous ‘vaccine’ when the children were in no danger whatsoever from covid,

      If you want an accurate take on the war in the Ukraine I would suggest you read an article by this Swiss guy who has actually worked for NATO in the Ukraine, and it’s published in an American online magazine entitled ‘The Unz Review, it can be accessed at http://www.unz.com.


  9. Ivaus@thetricolour 05/04/2022 at 10:28 am

    For the benefit of Mary Stasia Concannon, a Lady.
    Insults are not justified by a response from people to clarify and point out
    misunderstandings or shooting from the hip comments. Interpretation of comments should not be twisted,or vandalized,then used as bullets to shoot a
    Messenger. I know most people understood the comments,as per the topic.
    It is no more anti American than anti British, no more anti Russian than anti
    Ukraine…it is clearly and plainly nothing of the sort,and I expect that you know
    and understand that.
    I will point out the faults of any government,including my own, it does not make
    me a racist,a bigot or anti anything. We should all be by now, sick to the teeth of
    corrupt govts and institutions,that are recklessly destroying countries and humanity. We do not need to repeat ww1/2. We do not need to repeat Empire,
    Dictator,Colonial or Imperial Master…and we do not need to be quiet when we
    bear witness to a Globalist Coup,it’s puppets and its intentions, or the game of
    distraction. There will be NO Great Reset, NO Global Governance and NO
    Communist World Dictatorship ….under any name or identity. Clear enough
    now Mary, your welcome.


  10. Firstly, you appear to have taken personal insult from my last reply.
    This being the case, I unreservedly, dispatch my personal regret, with my sincere apologies! .
    This was / is never my intention, regardless of whom I am in debate with or against! .

    As an Irishman, I have as most of us do, relatives and friends in the United States, from New York in the East, to Los Angeles in the West and even in areas of mid – America and in the South.
    As I am sure no doubt, you are aware, our people originally landed in America due to the famine in Ireland along with as you rightly stated, the cruelty of the Crown. For this very reason the US has and will always have, an important place firmly situated in our collective hearts.
    I mention this only to recognise the bond or relationship between, Not our political leaders, BUT our peoples!.

    The US political system of demanding obedience from subjects of other nations, is what has brought about this objection of those within Ireland, the UK and in Europe.
    It has, I can assure you!, Nothing whatsoever to do with the people of the United States, who I might add, are greatly admired by the people of all the nations already mentioned , including the absolute majority of Russian nationals!.

    The reason you are seeing such anti – Empire objection, from posters on the Burkean site, is simply because of the actions of the US state Dept, in particular under the Biden administrstion, to a lesser extent under the Obama administration since 2008.

    Many politically aware people within Ireland, the UK and Europe had discussed at length what would immediately follow for Ukraine, as soon as the Trump administration came to it’s inevitable conclusion in 2020.

    Speaking personally, I had written several articles almost completely and accurately describing what has happened, even to the extent of suggesting Victoria Nuland’s further and continued participation in what has come about in Ukraine.
    I had also predicted that Putin would be left with little option, other than to in some way play a military role , at the very least in the protection of Eastern Ukrainians in the Donbass.

    Those you see posting here on the subject, with very few exceptions, were all aware of the ever growing hostilities against Eastern Ukrainians and were frankly, horrified to see US Administration support of the hard line Nationalist Ukrainian and Azov Batallion Nazi groups.

    However, few were, or are actually surprised!. As this very format has long since been utilised by US administrations, both Republican and Democrat in their use of Terrorist groups against Syria, Libya , Afghanistan and with the so called Color revolutions in the past within Ukraine and other former Eastern bloc nations.

    Regarding Russia, I will start with the often echoed, shouted, printed and incorrectly or for propaganda purposes, lied about return of Crimea to the Russian fold.

    Firstly, Crimea was never part of Ukraine!, it was placed under the stewardship of the Ukrainian Soviet by the then USSR in 1953, as reward for their ongoing part as a member of the Soviet sphere of influence .

    Therefore, the return of Crimea, unlike the lie created by both Ukrainian leadership, the US administration and their partners in the West, was in fact not only legal, but if truth ever be told, expected by those in Ukraine who choose now to make it a political issue.

    Eastern Ukraine, the industrial heart and bread basket of entire Ukraine. Could easily have continued to do as always, happily providing all Ukraine’s requirements, without (as history proves) protest nor disagreement.

    BUT for three dreadful and hugely misguided decisions, which were taken by the Ukrainian leadership of the time, on either the instruction or insistence of the US Obama administration assisted by the EU and the UK.

    1st, Was the coup d’etat of 2014, the first red flag for those in the East of Ukraine, though it brought about neither official reaction nor defiance.

    2nd, Followed just over two months later, when Nationalists headed by Azov Nazi brigade members with other Banderite Nazi groups .
    Descended en masse on the city of Odessa, South Eastern Ukraine , on hearing of what were non-violent and family attended protests by residents of the city against the Kiev coup d’etat.

    What followed was the wholesale and most inhumane and coldly planned slaughter of Ukrainian Citizens, by these most Cowardly and Hateful state sponsored Nazi Terror groups! .
    The city saw the murder of between 55 and some estimate as many as 103 HUMANS, whose only crime was to protest!. Most were beaten, shot or burned to death in the Union Building in the city at the hand of these Cowards! .

    Even this hadn’t initially resulted in any action from the leaders of the areas of Eastern Ukraine, currently recognised collectively as the Donbass by all, or most international press.

    3rd, and the absolute decider for both the leaders and residents of the East, was the proclamation by the Ukrainian Leader of that time. Which Demanded of those in the East, that by act of law they would not be allowed to speak their native tongue, the Russian language.

    The three incidents mentioned, resulted in a declaration from leaders of the Donbass, it was decided unanimously that the leaders of the Donbass should immediately declare themselves independent of Ukraine.

    What the Donbass had hoped to avoid in declaring themselves independent, was an onslaught of Banderite groups, Azov Brigade Nazis and the destruction of their cities.
    Became a realisation when leaders in Ukraine assigned such murders and confirmed criminals to launch an immediate assault upon the territory .

    Between that beginning year 2014 and today 2022, over 14,000 deaths have occurred in the Donbass, it is estimated that as much as 87% (12,180) to 89% (12,460) of these deaths were residents of the area.
    Attacks against the Donbass by these cowardly criminals assigned by Ukraine, include the destruction of almost all civil amenities, churches, playgrounds, shopping centres and village stores. Which resulted in the Ukrainian strategically planned and achieved goal of creating a shortage of food stocks, medications, water and clothing. Considering such cold and calculated actions were carried out on a mainly Civilian population, comprised of Elderly and infirmed people, young families, children and those in hospitals, care homes and other health units, plus those provided with mental health assistance.
    Along side the absolute and purposeful targeting for destruction of civilian residential units.
    Homes held by their owners in most cases for generations.

    Such considered attacks having been either sanctioned by the Ukrainian leader or with his knowledge, or by virtue of the Ukrainian leaders lack of instruction, to stop such attacks and destruction against civilians.
    Does therefore, put the onus of responsibility for War Crimes against civilians, on the shoulders of all past and current leaders of Ukraine!.

    The Russian decision to act upon 8 years of requests from the leadership of the Donbass, finally came about only after the Russian decision to recognise the Donbass as an independent state within Ukraine.
    Immediately, on receiving news that the Duma (the principal legislative assembly of the Russian Federation) had passed with majority, the decision to recognise the Donbass as an independent entity. The leadership of the Donbass immediately dispatched another request for Russian military assistance.
    Russian President Putin advised the leaders of the Donbass, that their request was being taken under advisement of the Duma.
    However, before any decision could be made, the Russian request to the US and NATO, for legally binding assurances against further NATO expansion would take immediate priority.

    Russia having being ignored completely, or their request played down as being unnecessary by the Biden Administration.
    After a second and most urgent request from the Leadership of the Donbass, decided to take action to secure the safety of residents of the Donbass.

    President Putin, at No time declared war on Ukraine nor did he either state nor plan, a complete invasion for the purpose of occupation, USSR style.

    I am paraphrasing below:

    In his rather lengthy explainer speech, he stated the purposes of entering Ukraine as follows:
    1. To secure and restore the Donbass to peace, by its liberation , to aid in the rebuilding of the Donbass, to bring badly needed medicines, food stuff and all other basic requirements to the Civilian population.

    2. To secure all areas within Ukraine which could be used against Russian forces or against Ukrainian Citizens for the purposes of destruction & death. Including Airport’s, military infrastructure and areas of great concern such as the ceasure and control of nuclear and munitions facilities.

    3.With such goals achieved, it is the intention of the Russian military leadership, to withdraw from all areas of former concern, with a view to assisting the military units of the Donbass in clearing the area immediately surrounding the Donbass of all Unrainian military & Nationalist Nazi groups.

    4.Having secured and carried out all promised functions in assisting the leadership of the Donbass. The Russian Military leadership will remove all military units from Ukraine, except for possibly those of engineering units requested to assist in reconstruction.

    Following the instructions of military leaders in Russia, it’s declared that military units having secured the former Chernobel nuclear facility have since handed over total responsibility to a military unit of the Ukrainian state. In view of this, Russian Federation forces in and around Kiev, were instructed to instead focus on the complete security of the Donbass.
    They therefore removed all units and equipment to the Donbass.

    There was never intention for the Russian Military to invade and occupy. Or as you stated it (Quote) “a new Soviet Union roll over them” . (Ukraine)
    (End Quote)

    As I mentioned already, Russia was seeking legal assurances from the US / NATO, that despite NATO already being on the Russian borders, there would be NO further expansion. All such requests were either not acknowledged or down played entirely by the Biden Administration.

    You state (Quote) ” Putin used the excuse early on that an independent Ukraine on Russia’s border was a threat to his country’s national security. Sound familiar?” (End quote)

    I am afraid the EXACT opposite is correct!. Putin was asking for an independent Ukraine to remain in place!. While Zelensky and his fellow Ukrainian leaders, since the coup d’etat of 2014 have been, not just requesting, but insisting upon becoming a member of NATO.
    Which would all but seal off all Russian land borders, leaving Russia surrounded by NATO on all sides.

    Despite assurences from US administrations in the past, that NATO would advance no further than Germany!.

    Apologies, for such a lengthy reply and my Thanks for your reply.


  11. Mary Stasia Concannon 05/04/2022 at 9:37 pm

    TC, your response helped more than you can imagine. There is a lot of information in it. It’s frightening these days that we don’t know where the truth is coming from. All one can do is keep an open mind. Geo politics is not exactly my forte, so I have a lot of reading to do.

    To everyone else commenting, you’ve also supplied ideas and resources for me. It was a bit of a dust-up, but no worse for it . Peace


  12. Ukrainian claims about Bucha killings.

    Can anybody else get the smell of Sarin gas, surrounding these latest claims of the Ukrainian leadership and the US.
    That countless bodies have been found in Bucha and them “Damn Commies” killed them all before leaving.

    Despite the fact that the Mayor publicly and on social media, celebrated Russian military departure from Bucha, with all smiles and claims of Ukrainian victory, having driven Russian forces from the area.
    No mention, whatsoever of any kind of mass killings, no tears for so many lost and no mourning of the dead of such vast numbers.

    They say a Liar needs a good memory, indeed as children we learned at our own expense, just how true a saying this was! .

    Yet it seems adults within the US administration, used to being simply accepted at their word, by some anyway, seem to have forgotten this old saying.

    You see on the arrival of Ukrainian units to Bucha, or I should say, on the arrival of a unit of Nazi fanatics, headed by a wanted terrorist and criminal in Russia.
    This criminal Nazi leader openly declared to all, that there was simply nothing for him and his fellow haters to do!.
    Again, No mention of Slaughtered civilians, no mention of countless bodies, nothing but the continued false claims of having driven Russian forces from Bucha.

    Several days pass and then as though a miracle had passed, there was the sudden appearance of all these dead people, who were judging by all the photos I have seen, simply placed in different positions.

    On investigating the US & Ukrainian leader’s claims of the slaughter of civilians by Russian forces.

    I happened to remember back to very similar claims, made by the US about the Assad leadership of Syria, who the US alleged with absolute certainty, had bombed a little know area called
    Khan Shaykhun.

    An area occupied by US backed terror groups, claiming to be Syrian opposition groups against Assad.
    Khan Shaykhun during the alleged massacre of April 4th 2017, where 83 deaths and 293 injuries occurred.
    Which as we all know, was claimed by the US as a certain chemical attack, on civilians carried out by the Assad Government of Syria.

    Later refuted completely by the United Nations who after lengthy investigation, concluded that the alleged Sarin attack, Was in fact completely staged! .

    Hence my question at the beginning,
    Of : Can anybody else get the smell of Sarin gas, surrounding these latest claims of the Ukrainian leadership and the US, regarding Bucha, Ukraine? .

    Furthermore, this is literally only one of many false claims, made by the Actor Leader of Ukraine, currently in luxury, in the US embassy of Poland.

    Other such false claims made by Zelensky & obligingly, almost dutifully reported as factual by US MSM, INCLUDE such claims as:

    13 Ukrainian Guards on Snake Island, had been killed by Russian military and as Heroes of Ukraine, were to be awarded the highest state honour, posthumously.

    When in fact a far larger number of Ukrainian military on the Island had simply surrendered to Russian forces, without any losses, and were returned to their families in an approved prisoner exchange!.

    Next LIE from Zelensky was the claim the the monument to the dreadful slaughter of Jews at the hand of both Ukrainian and German Nazis, at Babyn Yar had been blown to pieces by Russian bombings.
    Zelensky even going as far as asking “what is the point of saying, ” Never Again”, when Russia does such things”

    Only days after Zelensky made this claim. An Israeli Journalist went to Babyn Yar to see the scale of the destruction for himself.
    Only to find the monument and it’s surrounding areas, had in fact not only, Not been bombed, but were in perfect condition!.

    In Zelensky’s latest claim, the alleged murder of civilians by Russian forces on their departure from Bucha.
    The world got to know of his claim from photos Zelensky had personally sent to the CBS network in the United States, days after Russian military departure.

    Since it serves US purposes against Russia, said pictures were shown on live TV, by CBS and presented as though verified Fact!.

    Just like the video of so called Syrian opposition, who were seen hosing down a child with cold water, due to their claim of a chemical Sarin gas attack by the Assad Government of Syria.
    Which was later show as a lie when the child in the video was found by reporters, and explained he hadn’t a clue what was actually happening.
    He and a friend were playing together, when he decided to return home, on his journey a man grabbed him and told him to do as he was told & he would be perfectly safe!.

    Another saying similar to the “A LIAR needs a good memory” one, is that beyond doubt the “Dirt does indeed always eventually come out in the wash!” .


  13. Mary Stasia Concannon 10/04/2022 at 5:00 pm

    This will be my last comment on this post, but I need to go on record to say that I believe the reports on the war crimes being committed on the people of Ukraine and the decimation of that country are true. God save Ukraine. God save all of us.


  14. You are easily duped and it doesn’t matter what you believe anyway,

    The Russians are simply going to achieve what they set out to achieve,

    It’s us Europeans that will pay the price of the criminal foreign policy of the Zionist controlled USA.


  15. Reply to Mary Stasia Concannon,

    Mary, as a Conservative, I would fight for YOUR right to do as you wish or believe what you wish! .

    When this is proven beyond doubt to be simply manufactored by Zelensky, as previous lies were proven as manufactured.

    You will still find, you have the right to believe what and whoever you wish to believe.

    Even when you are proven absolutely and utterly wrong, most here would still back your right, to be wrong as well.

    I will not finish, as you chose to finish your post! By sticking it to the rest of us.

    I will simply say: God in your wisdom, guide the ignorant towards peaceful resolution.


  16. Ivaus@thetricolour 11/04/2022 at 10:06 pm

    Oh Mary quite contrary, don’t spit the dummy. You’ve snatched the ball and left
    the playing field and we were all enjoying the game…of participation . I can only
    say that nobody is right, and equally, nobody is wrong. It is early days yet, all will
    reveal itself eventually.
    Not the case of blind leading the blind. Can a blind man see ? Yes he most certainly can, because he listened to others describe and then relying on his own imagination he paints the picture with clarity…good on him.
    Show me your wounds,said the doubting Thomas, enough now and peace.


  17. Mary Stasia Concannon 12/04/2022 at 12:39 am

    I didn’t expect to go back on my statement that it would be my last comment, but I never expected that comment to be perceived as “sticking it” to anyone. I simply felt that since this is such a grievous subject/ it was important for me, for my own sake, to say where I fell on it and not to leave it up in the air .
    I have a good friend who agrees with you and another good friend who agrees with my belief on this, so it’s not personal. I may be wrong! Am I easily duped? There are times when that is for sure true.
    God save us is an appropriate and much needed prayer at any time, but especially in the world now.
    Since I’m going on my gut instinct, I don’t have anything useful to add to the discussion. If you guys want to weigh in on a poetry post, I’m up for that!


  18. Ivaus@thetricolour 12/04/2022 at 6:19 am

    My contribution to your poetry post Mary.
    They lock the door
    And throw away the key
    There’s something in my head,
    But it’s not me.
    Compliments to the Dark Side of the Moon.


  19. A Quick update for All,

    NBC in the US openly admits to Lies and Propaganda, which they report to viewers as factual!.

    The US Biden Administration admits also, to inventing sources to make Anti-Russian propaganda, appear as genuine to the American public.

    Same Old, Same Old!

    The same Old format as used by the US, UK, Canada, the EU in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and in Syria, is currently being used in the Russia / Ukraine conflict.
    Such as: murder of opposition forces and civilians (as used in Syria).

    Illegal use of chemical weapons accusations (as used in Syria).

    The sudden appearance of the UK funded White Helmets (as used in Syria) on social media, suggesting how Ukrainian Nazis might use (so called) Civil Defence forces to their advantage in the information / Propaganda war! .

    Finally, despite the fact that the Biden & Obama administrations of the United States, were and continue to be the absolute instigators of the Russia / Ukraine conflict, since the Victoria Nuland spearheaded Coup d’etat of 2014.

    The current President of the United States, Joe Biden has decided to take 100,000 Ukrainian refugees into his country.
    A number which is exactly, Half that of which the government of Ireland is expecting to enter our shores!.

    Thank you!.


  20. Ivaus@thetricolour 12/04/2022 at 10:37 am

    Thank You TC,
    For the update and inputs. I wish there was a better way of getting up to date and accurate information to the masses. It is probably too tiresome and time consuming for most now to kick the habit of MSM.
    A 2 year lockdown was more than enough to sharpen anybody’s skills in exploring and mapping key information sites…but that too may end when these
    globalist satanic bastards crash social media,part of THEIR 201/2030 PLAN


  21. Mary Stasia Concannon 12/04/2022 at 9:34 pm

    Have to respect Pink Floyd. I was born in the dark of the moon.

    I was born on the day of justice
    I was killed in the dark of the moon
    You should have known when the deed was done
    That this day was coming soon
    I knew you a hundred years ago
    When you cut down six good men
    I was one of the few who stood up to you
    And I’m standing up again.

    Thirteen black crows on the wind
    Rise like the cries of the damned
    When destiny calls me to stand
    There’ll be thirteen black crows on the wind.


  22. Mary Stasia Concannon 13/04/2022 at 1:36 am

    You can take away my weapons
    You can take away my name
    You can change the rules, you can change the facts
    But the fight remains the same
    You took me down just to prove you could
    Now you’re coming for my friends
    You should have walked away when you were winning, boy,
    ‘Cause this is where it ends.

    Thirteen black crows on the wind
    Rise from lies you have planned
    When destiny calls me to stand
    There’ll be thirteen black crows on the wind.

    I faced you in the desert,
    I faced you in my dreams
    There may be hell to pay but I can’t walk away
    From all your vicious schemes
    Some will call it karma
    Some say destiny
    I just call it justice
    It came down to you and me.

    Thirteen black crows on the wind
    Rise with the eyes of your sins.
    When destiny calls me to stand
    There’ll be thirteen black crows on the wind.

    I was born on the day of justice.


  23. In reply to Ivaus,

    I agree totally, sadly MSM have been nothing more than Stenographers for certain woke Culture, driven primarily by the ruling class.
    As you know, even our own RTE appear to be relinquishing their membership of National and international Journalism groups, assigning the state and public funded broadcaster to duties assigned by the political class in Ireland.

    Regarding the information, thankfully I have both relatives and friends in the United States. They regularly provide me with links to statements and sites of interest, such as the NBC confession and the Biden Administration admittion.

    Anyway, Thank you for your reply..


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