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TENI’s Troubles: Ireland’s Largest Trans NGO Has Funding Suspended Over Accounting Irregularities

Dark clouds have appeared over the nation's most vociferous trans advocates TENI Ireland, with a decision by the HSE to terminate public funding over flawed accounting.  In emails seen by The Burkean, TENI, a regular feature on the NGO circuit,...

/ 29/07/2021

Black Pride Ireland: What Happened to €30,000 of BLM Donations?

2020 was a bullish year for the racial grievance industry in Ireland with one activist group in particular drawing notoriety for their fundraising efforts. A collective of black queer activists, Black Pride Ireland first sprouted in 2019 as a group...

/ 30/06/2021

The Endless Generosity of the Irish is Our Achilles’ Heel

Most of us who went to primary school in Ireland will have memories of the Trócaire box being passed around at school so we could raise money for the “poor black babies in Africa.” The front of the box would...

/ 28/08/2018