Tag: Gender Ideology

Irish Terfs Rally Against Self Identification Laws

Leinster House played host to an assembly of trans critical feminists Saturday in what was the first event of its kind, denouncing the nation’s lax gender self-identification laws and erosion of female-only spaces. Organised by a variety of trans critical...

/ 29/11/2021

Martians and Venusians: A Reasoning for Gender Differences

Eve offers Adam the forbidden fruit. From The Fall of Man by Hendrik Goltzius (National Art Gallery Washington DC) This article aims to bring into question the fundamental assumption of modern feminist theory. Namely the assumption that gender inequality arises from the...

/ 03/03/2018

A Fresh Farce from the Trinity Administration

Earlier today an email was circulated throughout Trinity College. It announced that the board of the university had “approved a proposal from the Equality Committee that the title given to first- and second-year undergraduate students be changed from “Freshman” to...

/ 28/11/2017