The veteran Republican and stalwart of Catholic Nationalists in the North, Gerry McGeough, was attacked following a public prayer of the Rosary in Cookstown, Tyrone in response to an LGBT parade through the town. In a video posted online, a woman walks up to McGeough as he prays and says something before punching him and being removed from the area.

In an interview following the attack Mr. McGeough elucidates on who attacked him: a woman known to Gerry whose ex-boyfriend had allegedly spread on social media that she was working for Mi5, which she wrongly attributed to Mr. McGeough. She can be heard saying “Still want to call me Mi5 Gerry? Do you?” during the assault.

In his response to the assault Mr McGeough says “It’s time for us Catholics to stand up, not be afraid. Get out and pray and be there going forward, because our ancestors endured dungeon, fire and sword, to keep the Faith alive in this country.”

Another public praying of the Rosary is scheduled for September 25th in Omagh.

Gerry has subsequently been admitted to hospital following a heart attack brought on by the assault.

We at The Burkean wish Gerry a very speedy recovery and we ask our readers to keep him in your thoughts, prayers, and well wishes. Beannacht Dé air ‘s oraibh.

Posted by Eoin Corcoran

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