Dark clouds have appeared over the nation’s most vociferous trans advocates TENI Ireland, with a decision by the HSE to terminate public funding over flawed accounting. 

In emails seen by The Burkean, TENI, a regular feature on the NGO circuit, and instrumental in the passing of the notoriously permissive Gender Recognition Act, has lost the receipt of funding from the Health Executive since June over improperly filed accounts.

Previously, owing to a dearth of public information, The Burkean followed up on the trans industry, and revealed that the sector received copious amounts of funding from foreign actors, as well as the state’s health executive and numerous state bodies. This was despite a failure by TENI to lodge their accounts in time for the year 2019.

Among the major donors to TENI are the HSE which since 2014 has gifted €1.3 million to the trans militants. In an email seen by The Burkean, officials from the HSE expressed concern over growing controversy at TENI’s failure to file orderly financial accounts. Subsequent to this, money earmarked for TENI from the HSE’s Social Inclusion fund were pulled from the trans advocates until such a point that these issues are ironed out.Similar to this it would appear that €40,000 worth of grant money from the philanthropic group Rethink Ireland is also on ice.

HSE Funding to TENI since 2014 totalling 1.3 million

In addition to state support, TENI also benefits from grants pumped into it by the Sigrid Rausing Trust, a philanthropic project operated by the famous Swedish industrial heiress of the same name. With a cheque cut for £210,000 in June, the Swedish based fund which also donates heavily to the Irish Council of Civil Liberties, as well as the UK based antifascist surveillance agency Hope Not Hate, appears to have no qualms about directing funds to a NGO potentially playing fast and loose with charity regulations. 

Previous to this, an eye watering £385,000 had been given to TENI from the Sigrid Rausing Trust alone since 2014, complimenting funding from the HSE. Not the only major international donor, TENI has enjoyed hefty grants from the Rethink Ireland scheme again drawing from again many international donors.

While TENI has apparently filed their 2019 accounts, albeit 18 months late, questions will no doubt continue to be raised about their practices with regards financing. Not the first LGBT organisation to take fire for sloppy conduct, the case of GLEN was a hallmark in how the industry can seemingly ignore domestic charity legislation.

TENI is rather typical of the genre of liberal NGO activism we have seen in vogue the past decade in Ireland, which has been filled with astroturfed activism bridging the corporate world and street level left wing activism pursuing policies that would otherwise shock the Irish population. With their board of governors drawing from a litany of Big Tech firms and progressive groups alike, TENI is the greatest living example of how woke capital can imprint itself on Irish politics.

With more and more scrutiny at the pernicious effects the trans industry is having on Irish society and many health professionals increasingly peeved at the influence of the group, how long before the TENI bubble bursts? 

TENI did not respond to The Burkean’s inquiries about the matter.

Transgender Equality Network Ireland – Grantees – Welcome To SRT (sigrid-rausing-trust.org)

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. Margaret Morris 29/07/2021 at 5:18 pm

    What does ‘improperly filed accounts’ mean?

    Does it just mean TENI submitted them after the due date – not a major crime?

    Or does it mean the accounts submitted were wrong(accidentally or deliberately) in material matters – now that is serious.


    1. Nathan Collins 29/07/2021 at 6:51 pm

      Not a major crime no, but for charities its not look kindly upon.

      People don’t forget to file their accounts on time , they normally are trying to hide some shady financial affairs.


    2. Why would it take them 18 months to submit? Unless they were still busy ‘cooking’ those books.


  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 29/07/2021 at 6:15 pm

    Keep going,keep up the good work,a credit to the Burkean one and all. We all
    understand that most of these corrupt NGOs are the second leg of an inept
    government , tails wag the dog. Unfortunately we have endemic corruption in
    THE ESTABLISHMENT and they pay off media and journalism to turn a
    blind eye and say sweet f-all. We may as well include the gardai not doing their
    paid jobs either considering it’s all local knowledge on the street.In fact, we
    Could go through the entire pillars of the state,we know they are all tarnished
    in one way or another. Love your work,please keep it up, THANK YOU.


  3. 🤔 Hmmm…Absolutely right to stop the funding.
    The TRAS and influence from outside agencies
    have been given way to much power & influence on Irish policy…without any consultation or agreement of the Public!


  4. 1.3 million….. that’s a lot of new frocks for the lads.!!


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