The Irish judicial system exists in a special place in the hearts of the neoliberal class in Ireland. It is somehow both all-powerful and yet utterly impotent, the ones who write the law and also the ones whose hands are eternally tied. It is not, however, an oxymoron. It is simply hypocritical.

The hypocrisy of the Courts range from their claiming victimhood when an elderly parliamentarian mentions them under Dáil privilege, to the inability of the State to prosecute or even remove from office a paedophile serving on the bench. The Courts can magic up a right to abortion, contraception, and any other number of ‘rights’ the activists on the Court feel like including.

The activists need not be confined to those in the legal profession either. As we have seen with the case of Ali Damache, an Algerian terrorist who has overthrown the Free States’ control over its own naturalisation policy, the Courts will listen also to the footsoldiers of Neoliberalism Globaland do exactly as they’re instructed. The State similarly fought to bring back Ibrahim Halawa from Egypt for his part in a ‘protest‘ in Egypt following the ousting of Mohammad Morsi as the Islamist President of Egypt.

The hypocrisy in the above becomes clear from the case of Liam Campbell, an Irish republican whom the Courts have decided should be surrendered to Lithuania for his alleged role in a plot to buy arms. The very same plot that his brother Michael has already had his conviction overturned in, due to what his defence claimed was entrapment by British intelligence.

Liam Campbell is alleged by Lithuanian authorities to have been involved in the attempted acquisition and smuggling of firearms from Lithuania into Ireland in 2006-2007. Notwithstanding the fact that Mr Campbell is wanted on charges from a decade and a half ago, both his brother and another individual, Brendan McGuigan, have seen either their extraditions quashed or the charges overturned in the same case.

It is clear that organs of the State are overthrowing democratic control of immigration, placing it under the prerogative of an avaricious NGO-class for the benefit of two foreigners and their barristers’ bank balances, whilst Irishmen are to be given away and sent abroad for what can only be described as falling foul of dirty tricks by British intelligence.

These hypocrisies will exist so long as the woke, the capitalist and the gombeen maintain their grip on Ireland. These hypocrisies will only become more apparent in future, as the Irish are treated as devils to be punished and the foreigners as angels to be lauded.

These hypocrisies are the fault lines of a society crumbling in upon itself and following the rest of the Western world. Let us not complain about hypocrisy or seek accommodation within the system, but let us point them out, and establish ourselves as the alternative. 

Posted by Eoin Corcoran


  1. Josie Bowie 31/07/2021 at 6:37 pm

    When will the Irish people start caring enough to do something? How long will we continue to stand by and watch?


  2. The Real Fianna 01/08/2021 at 4:50 am

    Campbell is regarded as a main suspect in the omagh terrorist incident, if he really was involved, (victims relatives took a civil case against him, he was found liable under civil proceedings for damages caused) then the bastard should have been rotting in a jail on the island of Ireland for LIFE. Also, if it was true that he wanted to bring in arms to cause more trouble, then no tears should be shed for terrorists.

    The omagh incident (of which he is seen as a suspect) killed many Irish. Dissident IRA groups are anti-irish, and communist terrorist trash. They are also complete and utter idiots, they haven’t a clue about irish history, and are well known to be heavily infiltrated by double agents, not only because they are terrorists, but also because they are involved with criminal drug gangs (regency hotel and the rusty ak’s wink wink). They have no place in true irish nationalism. They are criminals.

    Dissident terrorist thugs destroy, bring trouble, and unwanted attention to their own communities.

    A lot of the elder (IRA dissident types) in those communities in the north get youngfellas (teenagers) to attack british police vehicles, and start riots, in their foolish attempts in trying to get protestants out of northern ireland by violent methods. It is them that is starting a lot of the shit there, ruining peoples lives, destroying their communities and holding them hostage.. The youths should refuse to take part in the stupidity.

    They are turning the police there against their own cumminities. In a metaphorical sense those “republican thugs” are holding their own communities hostage throgh fear and intimidation, and are shutting themselves off from the wider community as a whole. That is why criminal elements in those communities are involved in really horrible shit where irish there have got killed and seriously hurt by atrocious vigilante kangaroo courts that have no due process. Those communities do not support vigilante methods carried out by dangerous idiots. They were surveyed on it, there is no appetite there for that.

    In this day and age, they really should know better, violence has never worked, it is never going to work, has historically never worked, and the british military apparatus will never allow it to happen that way. Nothing will be achieved there through violence or terrorism.

    For sure you can say that the mess the irish communities in the north find themselves in, is a result of the creation of the irish free-state that basically excluded them, and a tyrannical monster that is the british empire and its monarchy, an empire that raped and plundered ireland, sucked it dry to the bone.

    Irish nationalists need to start thinking and looking at things differently, next time there are riots in northern ireland, ask yourselves who is causing them and why, ask yourselves what has it achieved, and why are youths being used as pawns to stir up shit and getting into trouble for it as older troublemakers stand invisible in the shadows, like a pack of cowards bringing shit to their communities.

    If orange fruitcakes saw that those communities just ignored them, they would get bored of it. Their thrill is getting people agitated and frustrated. But, the republican communities just continue to entertain their ridiculous carnival with a reaction that only encourages the fruitcakes to do it some more. Orangemen should be pointed at and laughed at, not something to go apeshit over. They are british monarchy boot kissers, looking for a reaction to feel important. They should be given no attention, then they will get bored and piss off.

    Ireland is a deeply traumatised country with many complex societal problems. A lot of the problems in my opinion are caused by alcoholism. Too much pubs. It was the british empire brought the pubs, keep the irish man drunk and dumb, and it certainly weakened the spirit as how on earth can a culture think clearly or see clearly if it is a drunk culture, of which ireland definetly is. A drunk dumbed down populace with a heavily flouridated drinking water system.

    THe youth are drinking themselves to death on weekends and are going like zombies around the streets. That is a sign of enormous problems in a society. That is animal like behaviour, a sign of desperation, almost like a cry for help in a metaphorical sense. A dying nation on its last legs.


  3. Ivaus@thetricolour 06/08/2021 at 8:43 pm

    It makes me think back, WHEN ALL OF IRELAND WAS UNITED, in the pursuit of a shared goal. That was achieved by an all Irish,North and South vote in 1919 and the first sitting of government at the Mansion House Dublin. The Sinn Fein voted in then is not the SF of 2021. The Irish Republican Brotherhood
    was the origin of Sinn Fein and I would like to think that the IRB was influenced by THE UNITED IRISHMEN, a century before. I will say honestly that I only see the one Island of Ireland,the one IRELAND OF IRISHMEN.
    What I studied throughout IRELANDS history and what I witness today in 2021,regarding the politics and government on this Island,North and South, can only be described as shamefully disgusting. At the end of this century it will be almost 1,000 years since a UNITED PEACEFUL IRELAND EXISTED. It’s been far too long and the interests of IRELANDS IRISH are being ignored.
    There is always Common Ground – but not for TRAITORS/GLOBALISTS.


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