The now annual Rally for Life took place yesterday, Saturday 3rd, outside the GPO. The timing of this year’s rally coincided with the stark news earlier in the week that abortions had continued apace throughout 2020 with over 6 and a half thousand infanticides recorded. 

The Rally itself was a more low-key affair this year than it would have normally been, consisting of dozens of smaller local rallies throughout the country than the larger events we would be more used to seeing. By the time of the Rally at 2 pm on Saturday July 3rd, the morning rain had moved on and the Rally outside the GPO had a relatively upbeat atmosphere. In Dublin the crowd consisted by my estimates of between 100 and 150 individuals, with 55 smaller rallies taking place across the country according to the organisers, ranging from Keady to Kerry.

There had seemed to be a very brief counter-protest at the Rally, but it had dissipated within about 5 minutes and they made their way up Henry Street. It was unclear whether this group were counterprotesting the Rally, or an earlier anti-lockdown protest which began a few hours earlier and which had begun marching around the city before the Rally took place.

Pro-Life advocates in Ireland have unfortunately been caught wrongfooted over the last number of decades, as supposedly pro-life parties have vacated that position and ignored promises made in favour of bringing about abortion in Ireland. In the South, Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael are overseeing the destruction of the next Irish generations while Sinn Féin cheerleads from the sidelines and joins with the SDLP in the North in lobbying Westminster in passing legislation for the six counties.

It is difficult to see the long-term strategy of the pro-life movement in Ireland, given the relative paucity of young people who hold those views. It seems to be a negative feedback loop: young people generally view the pro-life movement as something from a bygone era so do not get involved, and thus by not getting involved that view is confirmed.

While the religiosity of many inform their pro-life view, this religiosity is also a barrier for most young people who are, for better or worse, agnostic or openly hostile to Catholicism. I am not religious myself and am not hostile to the faith, but I can see clearly the hostility to it which is ingrained in my generation. 

We should then consider how best to formulate a pro-life argument from an agnostic perspective. I do not think that framing it in the context of “human dignity” or “rights of the unborn” is what will sway many people – they have, and will, connect those with the “right to abortion”. My own view is formed of the belief that we have a duty and a responsibility to see the continuance of the Gaelic race, that no nation can survive the willing genocide of its own unborn children and the flattening to zero of its fertility rate.

It is at least a topic worthy of discussion as to how the movement ought to strategise going forward, for we are at the lowest ebb and cannot go much further given the sheer scale of abortion in Ireland. We at the Burkean look forward to engaging proactively in the discussion, and we encourage our readers to do likewise.

Posted by Eoin Corcoran


  1. The Real Fianna 04/07/2021 at 11:03 pm

    Ireland has been assimilated into a globalist, mass-immigration, abortion on demand, LGBTQ, climate hoax, scamdemic culture, it is going along at full speed without any brakes. It is a metaphorical train crash.

    Some people are on that train completely oblivious to the dangers, others have recognised the dangers and have come to their senses and stepped off, looked on, and pointed to where that train is heading. It will be inevitable that more will step off.

    The on demand abortion reduces the gaels of the new generation.

    They don’t stop there though.

    Look at what they are teaching in the schools, They are pushing an LGBTQ sub culture, breaking down barriers, as they call it. Why is a minority homosexual preference subculture, combined with a minority alternative gender identification subculture (The LGBTQ movement), being promoted as a religion in the schools these days?

    When they are influencing the youth in the schools with the promotion of the LGBTQ movement, many parents would regard such a sub-culture as a risky, and unhealthy sub culture, that contains adults dressing in a provocative manner in public, adults that have undergone hormonal physical body changes from drugs, adults that engage in heavy consumption of alcohol and drugs on the pride marches in public, and in their general subculture overall, drugs are frequently used, even used to change their hormones into something different to what nature intended for them.

    Questions must be raised, why is it that they are normalising in the schools that particular risky subculture, the LGBTQ movement over traditional historical societal family values, which is not and never was a sub-culture in Ireland. Hungary obviously thought they needed to do something about it. Poland will too or might have already.

    Many parents of these children would morally object to and be appalled at some of the stuff that is being taught at those schools. Some have already spoken out about it. Drag queen story hour? it has been deeply criticised.

    The schools are also being used as pawns for climate hoax marches, of course they get a day off school too, so will all be for being the unknowing pawns in the globalist game for mass control, one world governance.

    Time to question what is being taught in the schools, time to question on demand abortion, time to question scamdemic lockdown lockdowns and climate hoax bullshit.

    Things have gone so bad now, that they place people in gated sheep pens when they go to concerts. They bankrupt the hospitability industry by still not allowing them to open in their most profitable season.

    They call people conspiracy theorists for calling people sheep? it must be something in the water, oh wait, they add flouride chemicals to that right? indeed they do, but its for the teeth they say.


  2. The Irish electorate is as enthusiastic in its support for globalisation, limitless abortion, mass immigration, the rainbow agenda ; as any other voters on the planet.
    The Irish Times & the other useful idiots in the nepotistic media are well pleased.


  3. What can we do? We are sheep. Strong, articulate people must come to the fore and be supported by others to speak up for the sheep. They must be part of the media and the governme. We need God back in the schools and Catholic school teachers must be people of faith. The same with other denominations. We have one leader who is against abortion, Peader Tobin, unfortunately he placed a Palestinian flag on his FB page during the latest Israeli/Palestinian troubles.


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