In between ritualistic denouncements of both the far right and lockdown scepticism, the Irish Times took time out this week to print a full page paid advertisement singing the praises of China’s ruling CCP.

Syndicated in their Wednesday edition, the piece was penned by Chinese ambassador to Ireland He Xiandong, extolling the necessity of positive relations with the emergent Asian hegemon.

Drawing comparisons between our revolutionary struggle in the 1920s and that of the early CCP, the article was keen to emphasise the public support for the Chinese regime, as well as China’s role in Ireland’s economic future. Stridently unapologetic for the Chinese government, the piece concludes by arguing for increased ties, as well as advertising the planned Belt and Road Initiative.

Located on page 5, the full page colour advert was unlikely to have come cheap, with estimates from the Irish Times own advertising listings putting the price tag in the region of €34,000. Paid for it seems by the Embassy of the People’s Republic, it certainly blows holes in any moral authority the Old Lady of D’Olier Street had regarding pontificating on matters of human rights.

Buying the print edition of the paper to maintain for future reference, I noticed how odd the advert was juxtaposed alongside the paper’s nominally liberal tone. With not a hint of irony a few pages after the advert was condemnation of Orbán’s supposedly dictatorial overreach as well as continued soft coverage of the technocrats at NPHET.

The advert comes amid renewed criticism of Chinese meddling in Irish and Western affairs, with controversy stirred over the role Huawei and CCP funded Confucius Institute’s have operating in conjunction with Chinese security services. Internationally, a greater awareness has grown about the extent to which Chinese intelligence agencies have penetrated Western business and civic apparatuses, with journalism among the targets.

As far as financials go, the Irish Times is surprisingly buoyant according to financial figures released by their governing Trust. However, taking Beejing’s silver for a propaganda piece must severely undercut any moral standing held by our national paper of record. 

If the Irish Times had accepted an advert from an American conservative group, left wing Twitter would no doubt be ablaze with accusations of far right dark money influencing our politics. Where are these same individuals now?

Operating Costs and Profits for the Irish Times in the year 2019

Generally this author is not the most hawkish against Beijing. A multipolar world is to be welcomed, and certainly the geopolitical rift with China is largely cynical, driven by globalists formerly wishing to integrate the Asiatic giant. 

While not overly paranoid about certain hysteria around China it is clear some of our elites are potentially compromised by their involvement with the Chinese state and its appendages. A textbook example of this would be the entanglement of former Fine Gael leader Alan Dukes with the advisory board Youxie, labelled by some as being a CCP front. There are no doubt more examples.

All being said, any believer of Christian Civilisation must hold absolute revulsion at the actions and practices of the Chinese Communist Party, especially the threat they pose to Western autonomy. That’s not to neglect or excuse the current abuses by current the American Imperium on traditional societies globally.

While not showing on their online website, I’ll be keeping a cutout of the propaganda piece. Should the guns start blazing with formal hostilities between China and the West, it may very well come in handy. Hopefully the next Fintan O’Toole or Una Mullaly OpEd will be deflated by the fact the paper in question pays their wages through the gold of foreign despotisms.

Evidently those running the Irish Times have put a price on their scruples.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. The Indo takes these massive ads from China too


  2. # Bought & paid for # Tara St Rag


  3. No one will take any notice unfortunately.


  4. The Real Fianna 02/07/2021 at 11:30 pm

    The globalists in control (the hidden hand that pulls the strings) of the west adore and love China.

    One would think, it is their little pet, and they had a hand in creating the CCP themselves. All mind games, nothing appears to be what it seems. The dark arts you could say.

    Since the CCP love Karl Marx, lets see what Marx himself would say. Btw, notice pictures of Marx where he puts his hand inside his coat? Notice how freemasons do it, and even Bergoglio do it too. All one big family behind the curtain.

    Keep people from their history, and they are easily controlled.
    Karl Marx

    Take away a nation’s heritage and they are more easily persuaded.
    Karl Marx

    The meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to socialism.
    Karl Marx

    The theory of Communism may be summed up in one sentence: Abolish all private property.
    Karl Marx

    It is like a fucking blueprint for the globalists. China is communism on steroids.

    The CCP are against constitutionalism aswell, therefore they believe that governments should be all powerful, and not limited in their power over their citizens. Therefore a tyranny. Do as mammy state says.

    Their social credit system and mass surveillance programs are like a test case for the globalists plan to bring it to the west. It must be a mouth watering prospect for them.

    The scamdemic was a just a coincidence, and was real? Haha, who did it benefit? They are conditioning people to live in a digital prison and be confined to regions. All very communish.

    The irish politicans are hypocritical trash, for pandering to chinese communist officials on irish soil. They dare criticise Lukashenko? But say nothing about the CCP.

    The sorry excuse Ireland has for a president, seems to adore oppressive communist regimes.


  5. Look at how they cheerleaded Johnny hobbit-with-rabies Ronan & Richard Barrett before ’07/8, no scrutiny of what was happening.
    When they (IT) were at one point looking as if their future was less than assured, Barrett approached those journos with a plan to set up a new media wing to his ops.
    Things went belly-up, the two cowered in China.
    Barrett ingratiates himself with the Party, gets massive construction projects (see Barrett on YouTube), funnels money for Chinese millionaires into Bartra, wins massive lease guarantees and visas for his clients (lobbying details on recordmon government website, meetings with Eoin Murphy’s aides, etc).
    Gov. at his request abolish certain housing standards requirements, introduce co-living, monster nursing complexes, etc.
    Ireland (and factions within the EU) are massively compromised by involvement with this regime through Barrett/Bartra
    Now they’re afraid of the real state of affairs becoming widely known as it would rip things in two, so what looks like is happening is a process of appeasement and integration into some form of hybrid with the Chinese totalitarian system.


  6. Ivaus@thetricolour 19/07/2021 at 5:50 pm

    The CCP, its main goal is to destroy western democracy and its power base through the deception and cover of capitalism and the use of overseas students through universities for feedback. Every Chinese person is taught throughout their schooling that the humiliation China suffered at the hands of its colonizer will be paid back in full,by everyone. So know your enemy. Traitors are easily utilized and identified but when your own government does a private deal to supply 400,000 genetic ethnic Irish samples to China,and it then being the sole owner of said samples…WHY IS THIS F.CKING HORSE-TRADING ALLOWED


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