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Triumph of the Repeal: RTÉ Airs Pro-Abortion Propaganda Film

The 2018 referendum to repeal the 8th Amendment in Ireland will be remembered for decades, if not centuries, as a turning point in Irish history. Its passing marked the definitive end of Holy-Joe hegemony in Ireland, which had long been...

/ 05/08/2021

Rally for Life: How Fares Pro-Life Politics in 2021?

The now annual Rally for Life took place yesterday, Saturday 3rd, outside the GPO. The timing of this year’s rally coincided with the stark news earlier in the week that abortions had continued apace throughout 2020 with over 6 and...

/ 04/07/2021

Ellen Coyne’s BBW Liberation Theology

Coyne: A career in bloatmaxxing  A distinctive feature of contemporary Ireland is the prominence of female writers. Following the successful adaptation of Sally Rooney’s ‘Normal People’ to domestic and international screens, it was announced that Naoise Dolan’s ‘Exciting Times’ would...

/ 24/10/2020