Remember when all moral panics started with Conservatives? It used to be that when media started straying into risque territory, it was always the bible bashing Christian or the God-fearing Tory that got riled up in his righteousness, much to the amusement of more liberal onlookers.

Those days are long gone though. The liberals are the lunatics running the asylum now.

The ongoing controversy involving Rap Duo Versatile is a great example of the liberal moral panic. Making a name for themselves on Youtube, the surprisingly middle class rap outfit, earned the ire of Ireland’s left wing Twitter through their edgy song lyrics, especially those in their song Dublin City G’s, a song about selling heroin to homeless people and having sexual relations with women of African heritage. 

As a result of all this edge, the pair have found themselves in the Kangaroo court of leftist ‘public’ opinion. They have since been charged with the following crimes: being evil, sexist, racist, homophobic demons who hate brown people, as well as having probably something to do with Trump being elected. They have also been charged with two counts of being Russian bots, but those charges it seems have since been dropped.

The woman presiding over this case appears to be Chief Inquisitor Emma Dabiri. Dabiri’s authority to adjudicate this trial appears to be derived from the fact that she is both half black and fully a woman. As such, any music mentions women must earn her approval, especially if those women mentioned are in any way black. At least that’s my interpretation of what’s going on. Liberals are hard to understand sometimes.

What isn’t hard to understand though is that Dabiri and her inquisition are seriously pissed at these two D4 lads, which, to be honest, is kind of surprising.

Versatile, in the grand scheme of things, is inoffensive. This is mainly because their songs are faker than the tans you’ll find on most inner-city girls. 

I’m not trying to be cruel when I say this. The rap group have grounded the appeal of their music in comedy, and the absurdity of their song lyrics are part of Versatile’s charm. In fact, the comedic elements of their music combined with their huge online presence is to a large extent the reason the duo are so popular.

The pair rap about being drug dealers from the inner city, but the fact that they are so upper class they’d make Boris Johnson blush lends their music a much needed degree of levity. They’re a parody of what the modern street dealer wants to be, and that alone makes their act entertaining. 

The group isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but they have an objective appeal to them, and their breakout hit Ketamine is a well composed piece of music. Overall, they’re a fun little distraction in today’s music scene, nothing more.

Yet somehow the Twitter Stasi seem to see them as the next Adolf Hitler.

At this point in the article, I would usually explain why this is the case. However, in this instance I simply cannot fathom why Ireland’s Blue-Checkmarks would waste their time with these lads. 

This failure to understand was the catalyst for this article. We live in an era where leftist outrage is beginning to mirror the baffling absurdity of the Christian moral panics of old. 

While accusations of the left constantly being triggered have since become cliché, one cannot deny that the progressive movement appears to have a serious problem keeping their emotions in check. As such, these episodes come across as utter lunacy, and only serve to alienate them from the general public.

While it’s funny to watch from afar, it’s also worrying when you realize that a lot of these people hold significant political power on this island. Chief Inquisitor Dabiri herself has a major presence on legacy media, and has the ear of the likes of the BBC, Irish Times and Virgin Media. 

While these people are comically irrational, their collective reach is far larger than any movement on the right. As such, their silly inquisitions are far more dangerous than the satanic-panics of old. In truth, they’re dangerous if left unopposed, and as the right wing find themselves more and more censored both online and off, opposition to their insanity doesn’t look like it will be coming any time soon.

Peter Caddle

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