Tag: Sexism

People Before Profit Rocked by Further Sexual Abuse Allegations

Longstanding tensions among left-wing factions blew up last week over the coming forward of various women alleging sexual harassment in Dublin branches of People Before Profit (PBP), as well as an alleged tendency within the party's leadership to sweep allegations...

/ 22/09/2020

OnlyFans & the New Weimar Republic

What has happened to this generation to ruin things so badly? I say this after listening to an “interview” with an “OnlyFans content creator". In other words, an advertisement for cyber-whoring. Not merely content with enabling freakishness, Newstalk and other...

/ 04/09/2020

Versatile and The New Satanic Panic

Remember when all moral panics started with Conservatives? It used to be that when media started straying into risque territory, it was always the bible bashing Christian or the God-fearing Tory that got riled up in his righteousness, much to...

/ 27/07/2019