Tag: Morality

Nationalism as a Moral Order

Every society needs its rules, what is permissible and what is not.  This was provided by non-State actors previously, like the Church. Nowadays the agents of International Capital are the arbiters of social mores. They deem what is good and...

/ 17/09/2020

Versatile and The New Satanic Panic

Remember when all moral panics started with Conservatives? It used to be that when media started straying into risque territory, it was always the bible bashing Christian or the God-fearing Tory that got riled up in his righteousness, much to...

/ 27/07/2019

The Sex Industry Debate: Individual Rights vs Society

‘My body, my choice’ and ‘my life, my decision.’ These are slogans that we have heard or even uttered ourselves for decades. But when it comes to matters such as prostitution, pornography, and other roles in the adult entertainment industry,...

/ 30/01/2019