Month: September 2021

Kinzen: Ireland’s Anti-Populist Start Up

Eleven years after felicitously establishing the media intelligence agency Storyful, Mark Little and a squad of Irish journalists are hoping lightning strikes twice with their new anti-misinformation startup Kinzen.  Banking $2.2 million in seed capital, the company currently holed up...

/ 04/09/2021

After Anthony Flynn, Controversy Still Haunts ICHH

Rumours abound, allegations of various shades of indiscretion spread. But what is actually going on at Inner City Helping Homeless? Founded in 2013 ICHH had done a lot of work for the homeless in the country, a crisis that has...

/ 03/09/2021

An Irish Republican Responds to Spengler-Aodh de Blácam

A prolific yet sadly neglected theorist of the national revolution, Aodh de Blácam was an English born convert to Irish nationalism. Involved in a variety of political and journalistic endeavours, de Blácam issued this reply to Oswald Spengler, arguing per...

/ 01/09/2021