A video of a migrant getting a heavy beating in inner city Dublin before being apprehended by Gardaí is doing the rounds on social media. The foreigner in question purportedly attempted to kidnap 2 children in the Grand Canal Dock area. Burkean correspondents were at the scene, and the site of an impromptu protest immediately after the incident where locals voiced their opposition to the effects of mass immigration.

(This publication stresses that while the locals’ reports should be heard, we are reporting their claims and not passing judgment on the reality of the incident)

The Incident

Earlier today, according to unconfirmed local reports, a foreign man was involved in a series of bizarre and unsettling behaviours, including allegedly the attempted kidnapping of at least 2 children. Local men assembled and a fracas ensued during which the foreign man was knocked unconscious.

The Protest

Swiftly, the people of Ringsend mobilized in response. A protest was held at 7pm outside the Ringsend library – approximately 50 denizens of the area were present. A local who had previously attended protests at Coolock and Clondalkin handed out signs to the crowd. 

Demographically speaking, a plurality of the crowd were middle aged mothers, many of whom expressed concern that foreign migrants, some of whom are already encamped at Ringsend Park, posed a risk to their children’s wellbeing.

Over the last few weeks, following the dispersal of Mount Street’s quasi-shanty town, numerous tents have popped up in Ringsend and adjacent areas. Within Ringsend and Irishtown, both the GAA Pitch and the Rowing Club were subject to the presence of migrant encampments.

The low numbers today, relative to other areas recently, is indicative of the fallout of the fire at Sally’s Pub last year, fear of Garda retaliation (a commonly expressed concern), and more than anything the impromptu nature of the protest itself. Whilst the numbers were low, their demonstration elicited honks and beeps from passing motorists. 

The people of Ringsend are rightfully concerned. However, it must be conceded that their opposition has manifested in a nascent and somewhat reticent fashion, lamentably. The protest, at least so far, suffers from a lack of direction, as well as its prerequisite, unity. 

The protestors spent much of their time discussing the role of nationalists from outside the area; questions such as, “should they be allowed to participate?”, “what’s the point of reaching out to nationalist influencers if they sit at home whilst we face the brunt of the consequences?”, dominated discourse amongst the group. 

One of the advantages our side possesses is the organic quality imbued in protests heretofore; they’re almost always bona fide community affairs, rather than the expression of detached ideologues and professional parties. 

However, at times, we forget that what is occurring is not limited to one’s locality. Every community is slated to be planted, and if Ringsend obstinately refuses outside assistance, the plantation there will be successful.

It seems that no matter what happens, the locals will put up a fight.

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  1. Ivaus@thetricolour 10/05/2024 at 1:59 am

    CHIILD TRAFFICKING AND SLAVE TRADING, that is the price been
    payed for the absolute failure of Open Borders and UNvetted Migration.
    The statistics and facts are documented for all to see and to those that are
    genuinely concerned…like Fathers and Mothers,not mealy mouthed political
    pundits.Its every Irish Persons concern and a violation of Human Rights.
    FOR YEARS NOW, the EU have acknowledged the thousands of victims,it’s
    all in print…we’re talking about young underage children and UNaccompanied
    minors going missing…lost in the system and trafficked into slave trading and
    Child Prostitution.
    Ireland is not immune to Child Abuse and Tusla/O Gorman/Garda/MC.nt
    are aware of the thousands of children gone missing whilst in their custody.
    It’s a fu.king international organised CRIMINAL CABAL IN CHILD ABUSE
    and those in authority do not give a fu.k,they don’t care,it’s all lip service.
    THESE FU.KING IDIOTS IN POWER,have lost your borders,lost your
    security,lost your community and families…LOST YOUR. CHILDREN.
    Get organised all together….and make it clear that ” THEY. GET. LOST.


  2. Triggernometry 10/05/2024 at 4:01 pm

    In the past, what used to happen is we had our natural checks and balances between each other as a community, from crime to law, a familial community, Irish settled and Irish travellers, some mixed people too, we had our thin lizzies too, everyone knew everyone’s granny, niece , cousin, if anyone done wrong, word would get out, now what we have are unfamiliar, UNVETTED people coming into a ”system” that gives out pps dole cards like confetti. Then wandering about, to do god knows what.. It needs to stop, they need to stop lying to us like bloody idiots, that they are ”fingerprinted” etc, while some may be – It really doesn’t matter, as in somc cultures rape and peadophilia is not viewed as a crime – never mind a serious crime.

    We got to really cop on and see this, while it shouldn’t have to come to this, locals are trying to look out for their kids, if these miscreants and imports were stopped at the airports or ferries, and told where to pack it, it might not be a situation. This is what happens when you let – large , unmanageable numbers in, they won’t integrate, instead they will talk about their culture, THEIR WAYS and impose them on you.

    Not just that housing is a big issue, there is a ticking time bomb of future homelessness for those who live at home too, with their familial parental home, some three generations living in the same house also!!

    Why should someone straight off the plane or boat have more entitlement than you, or someone on a housing list for over 10 years? Or even 5? Why so?

    What does it bode for the future of this nation, you lose a people – you lose a culture, I don’t care if some import has the cupla focal – they won’t all do it – naturally enough.

    If you are worried about the future of your kids and community – now is the time to be honest with yourself and wake up, tell the truth, get these mealy mouthed pricks out of government now, they are only there for $$$ and are professional liars, lie like water comes from the sky. Time to go vote them out, no transfer votes, no Mick wallace getting in on the last count, only do your first , second and if you have to third preference, nothing else. As if you vote all the way down the list – there is transfer votes, and people getting in on last count – that nobody really wanted.

    Why do that? Go to protests, record what you need to record if anything happens, spread the word IRL, and lastly YES do vote!


  3. Daniel BUCKLEY 11/05/2024 at 12:26 pm

    The people of Ireland have at last come awake to the danger that their Republic is under from the Comprador traitorous Regime , and their mercenaries of RTE/Media /NGO’s.
    Docility , political naivety ,gullibility, indifference and distractions have destroyed our survival instincts and led us on the road to the demise of our Republic and its Freedoms.
    The fight-back has begun.
    But no battle is won without tactics ,strategy,intelligence and information on the enemy, its strength and weaknesses.
    Marching up and down O’ Connell St. is fine optics, but like the Grand Old Duke of York ,it achieves zero politically
    We ,the People, have a number of choices;
    Peaceful Electoral revolution,
    Vioent Insurrection and destruction,’
    Or a dystopian future as an exploited discriminated minority under a Tyrannical, despotic Regime , beholden to Globalists Corporations.
    The first skirmish takes place on 7th June ’24, in the Local Council and European Elections.
    Local Councils hold power in Planning Permissions. Business Licensing.
    Housing allocation, They are also major employers in Municipal services and contracting.
    Little known is their power to vote for Seanad Members.
    43 of 0f 60 Seanad seat are in the purview of Local Councils and also nominations for the Presidency.
    Control of Local Councils and decision making on the Seanad seats would be a major political coup.
    Unknown to many, is that Local Council Elections are open to ANYONE over 18yrs ,legal or illegal , with an address in Irealnd, to stand as a Candidate or Vote in a Local Election.

    The Legacy Parties of FF/FG/SF in the Local Councils are the local facilitators of the Regime policies and the root of the decaying tree of Irelands dysfunctional Regime.
    They are the Enemy root and branch,underpinning our traitorous Regime.
    Turnout at Local Elections is very poor at circa 20%.
    The Regime are registering and organising illegal migrants and other groups of Ukrainians etc. to Vote .
    These various migrant groups will either field a candidate or vote for FF/FG in their own minority interest
    Patriots need to promote and vote Independents and nationalists to begin the fightback against the corrupt dysfunctional Regime and reclaim our Nation for its People while we still have a majority.

    Get out and Vote on 7th June. Your future depends on it.


  4. Triggernometry 11/05/2024 at 4:17 pm

    If the migrants get into power – MORE Irish people will be homeless and passed over for someone that just stepped off the plane or boat. Ethnic nepotism will happen, you can dress it all up ”equality” etc, equality for who???

    Psychogards will whack a mole up and down every country mobilised to this area that area, BUT if all AREAS – of Ireland rise up on the same day, what can the pepper spray state actors do? They can’t be everywhere.

    Not much. Oh and check the register, vote on the 7th of June, make it count, independents and nationalists.


    Don’t vote for every candidate , transfer votes mean someone you do . not. want. will get into power.


  5. Triggernometry 11/05/2024 at 4:30 pm

    Says it all – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4xfiV7XGAk

    Every county in Ireland needs to rise against these state actors gards, NGOs, government lackeys. Rise and rise peacefully, make sure you don’t get baited so RTE cams can rush at the opportune moment, look after yourselves. Be smart.


  6. Ivaus@thetricolour 11/05/2024 at 4:39 pm

    The first battle was won by the Irish People in the NO/NO referendum.
    The second battle will be won on 7th June…People Power to vote Irish Only.
    The third battle to be won regardless of elections outcome is to take back control of communities,councils,children and country.
    The war will be won,and we will righteously win without a doubt when the
    Anybody that opposes a National Identity should not qualify to vote…but of
    coarse they will and they can and that should clearly demonstrate who is
    against Irish People,against Irish Sovereignty and against IRISH. LEGACY.
    No reason why the thousands that march on the streets,or voted in the NO/NO
    should have no problem in swarming every local council, JUST DO IT !
    It’s ironic that we’re forced to vote considering the UNelected EUs Von de Liar
    the UNelected Harrass/Vardecur and all the corruption in politics…but we’ll
    beat them at their own game…in fact we’ll beat them out the bleeding park.


  7. Triggernometry 14/05/2024 at 10:54 pm

    The way the government handled the Stardust Massacre like Tragedy, or Injustice, tells you everything you need to know, they fought the government – DECADES AND DECADES, and FIVE DAYS later after the fight legal warfare and findings and truth being finally released, a scant apology was made. Where was clare daly or mick wallace – oh ya on their palestine issue, that they cynically know will never be solved, they don’t want the heavy lifting or hard work. They don’t represent you or I.

    Let me be clear here – the government are not and never are your friend, once you start trusting them or the meeja, you have lost your brains, your just another thick mick.

    Now I see some ”poor soul” some upstart politican crying to the media about boohoos over anti immigration sentiment, wow – I wonder how that built up, demonise the Irish public again,are you going to dopily lap that up paddy? Are you that naive or cowardly?


  8. Daniel BUCKLEY 25/05/2024 at 9:43 am

    The Local and EU Elections on 7th June give the People the opportunity to throw a spanner into the gears of the Regime Machine and slow it down until the General Election when. we will bring it to a grinding halt.
    The most important tools of a candidate in an Election are Communication and Visibility with the Voting public. This gives the voting public the ability to assess the message from the candidate and make a judgement on their character, integrity and political ability, to compare with other opposing candidates.
    The Electoral Commission was set-up to bring integrity to Irelands Electoral system.
    There is a Supreme Justice on the Commission, to give it credibility, Justice Baker.
    The Commission has yet to address the issue of the Electoral Register , which has not been updated in decades.
    The Electoral Register has many graveyard dwellers,available to do a Lazarus and rise from their graves to Vote, with help from unscrupolous and nefarious characters.
    The Commission issued a lengthy guide to RTE, setting out the requirements to give exposure to a diversity of opinions, especially to smaller and Independent candidates.
    Unfortunately ,all the high minded criteria , is undone by the final paragraph of the guide ,which states that final composition of Political Discussion Panels lies with RTE.
    As is common knowledge, RTE is funded by the Regime and is a captured Propaganda arm and shill for all things Regime.
    As expected they are refusing to give air time exposure to Independent or minority Political Parties to express their views on the many contentious issues affecting Ireland.
    This is blatant election rigging ,censorship/suppression of opposing views, undemocratic and unjust.


  9. Ivaus@thetricolour 29/05/2024 at 2:38 am

    NOTHING,…lasts forever.The traitorous propaganda arm of a delusional,dis functional draconian Dail will be destroyed and banished from the landscape of Ireland’s future in democratic reforms. The selfish and morally defunct rte’s Scribes for hire have guaranteed and demonstrated by their failures and treasonous diatribe that their days are numbered,they have no future or value,they have hung themselves.
    People have long memories and Patriots have the longest memory of all,
    get used to a life in the wilderness you pathetic journaliers and as long as
    ” no scabby arsed scribes will snake back into the future legacy of future
    Irish Generations “. ….R T E IS DEAD…R T E IS DEAD N BURIED


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