Month: December 2020

Irish Big Tech’s Links To Left-Wing Activism

With social media becoming increasingly ingrained in the daily lives of users through laptops, smartphones and tablets, our ways of speech and expression can be said to reflect these developments and changes.  To paraphrase the Canadian communications theorist Marshall McLuhan,...

/ 04/12/2020

Unanimous Support for Birthright Citizenship in Seanad

Entering the Committee stage in an ongoing process to become law, the Irish Nationality and Citizenship Bill was debated in the Seanad yesterday afternoon. Debated being perhaps too potent a word, as the Bill’s contents were agreed upon by the...

/ 03/12/2020

Why James Connolly Objected to Ireland Accepting Refugees in 1914

The following is an extract of a debate as reported by Arthur Griffith in his nationalist periodical ‘Éire’ from November 19th, 1914 chronicling a discussion at the Dublin Trade’s Council about the issue of Belgian refugees arriving into Ireland following...

/ 01/12/2020