What has happened to this generation to ruin things so badly? I say this after listening to an “interview” with an “OnlyFans content creator”. In other words, an advertisement for cyber-whoring. Not merely content with enabling freakishness, Newstalk and other media outlets actively encourage it. What happened to this generation to make cross-dressing something you’d want to publicise?

Irish society today has all the hallmarks of self-immolation – plummeting birth rates, demographic replacement, pressuring children into transgenderism (if they’re not aborted in the womb first), cross-dressing men, and now, convincing underage teens that they ought to whore themselves out online the moment they are legally of age. The latter is just one more addition to the apologism for paedophilia that is pervading public discourse.

How did we get here? It is not simply the drifting of societal values over time, all of this has happened within the last ten years and it is only accelerating.

Do we blame materialism? Weak parenting? Insidious actors? Malignant elites? There is likely more than one stimuli driving this social hara-kiri, but I think ultimately it comes down to one thing – squeamishness.

Allow me to explain – it is squeamishness that makes a man say, “I believe x to be wrong, but I cannot say it is wrong for everyone,” or “It is wrong – but can I punish someone for this?” After all, if something is wrong, then it is wrong. No more can the physical reality of an object’s mass change with the observer, than can the righteousness or wrongness of something change.

Sure, someone’s perception of something can change, but that doesn’t alter its fundamental truth – if you can’t lift 20 kg and everyone agrees to rename 20 kg as 10 kg, that doesn’t make it any easier to lift. Its fundamental truth remains constant, only your measurement or perception has changed.

If something is wrong and you fail to enforce compliance, you’re simply squeamish. You do not have a robust moral framework, you’re not comfortable with yourself and your understanding of the world.

It is this squeamishness that pervades society now – that whoring one’s self online isn’t for me but who am I to cast blame? Sure, cross-dressing is freakish but who am I to judge?

It is this weakness that exists in a lot of people that allows the unscrupulous, the malignant and the insidious to weave their evils through the social fabric. Enabled by media, encouraged by sociopaths, and enacted by the sinister, the undermining of social mores and cohesion runs rampant.

Am I coming across as pessimistic? If so, it’s not what I intend. Rather than becoming disillusioned with life, steel yourself and prepare your will to do what must be done and achieve what must be achieved.

Irish society (and Western society more broadly) exhibits all the hallmarks of Weimar Germany – a prior economic collapse, a pandemic, a flurry of degeneracy and hedonism with another great economic collapse impending. Sexual depravity, apologism for paedophilia, literature that encourages conflict with the natural order. We all know how that ended.

Steel yourself, young men, for things get darker before they get brighter.

Trying not to be overly moralistic.

Posted by Eoin Corcoran


  1. What is the Burkeans contact email please and thanks?


  2. Someone should take the internet away from you. You clearly haven’t done your research and have no idea what you are talking about, not talking about facts and only speaking your opinions.
    Shut up, sit back and chill.
    Live and let other people live as they please.


  3. Weak men create bad times… and comments here saying to chill is exactly what weak and cowardly men says


  4. “What happened to this generation to make cross-dressing something you’d want to publicise?”
    Go ask them, most of these so-called “femboys” are your fellow right-wingers after all. The right-wing and the men’s rights movement encouraged this stuff to say “men are oppressed by sexism too” so they could take attention away from women’s issues and it’s backfired.


  5. @Max: Not such a smart or hot idea… You may want to revisit your post.


  6. Well said Eoin, the decline of the west is so very real. The end is not so very far off.

    Obviously your well made points are not to max and John’s degenerates tastes. I can only assume they have particular fetishes that are maybe still a bit too taboo for now.


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