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With Every Ardfheis, More Republicans Leave Sinn Féin

As the dust settles on the 2021 Sinn Féin Ardfheis, the Free State’s assimilation of the Provisional Movement is complete: Sinn Féin has trod the ways of Fianna Fáil evolving from a revolutionary militant party to a “slightly constitutional” party...

/ 02/11/2021

Time for Ireland to Say Goodbye to Pax Americana

2020 — The American Bogside? As dawn breaks on election day in America never has a modern presidential contest had such little grip on the global attention span. While no way short of drama and meddling by Big Tech and...

/ 03/11/2020

A Look at the 2020 Democratic Primaries

Biden vs. Bernie: All of the major 2020 Democratic candidates for president of the United States have formally launched their campaigns. It is an extremely diverse field. We have an octogenarian socialist who owns three houses, terrorist sympathizers, and a...

/ 12/05/2019