John Mooney, the journalist and relay point for British and Irish  intelligence agencies, said something rather interesting on a recent episode of his podcast The Dark State with Ciaran O’Connor of the ISD. 

Mooney claims that the emergence of “right-wing extremism” in Ireland (of which there has been precisely zero attacks and zero foiled attempts) is high on the priority list for Garda Headquarters, and that the leadership of An Garda Síochána has dedicated “significant resources” in establishing who exactly are the players, organisers, and motivators of the emergent dissident right. This is in addition to the already deployed Special Detective Unit

This is not new information, given that already the NSU was name-dropped, but merits further inspection and a brief introduction to those unfamiliar with the name. The NSU is the National Surveillance Unit and deals with all the operational aspects of running surveillance operations – they’re the men who sit outside your house and will be the men bugging your house once you say the wrong thing online under new hate speech legislation.

Themselves and their sister branch were responsible for monitoring anti-GFA republicans, and they surely kept themselves busy – running moles and turning a blind eye to criminality by their paid informants.

In his book, “Black Operations: The Secret War Against the Real IRA”, Mooney elucidates on some of the goings-on within the organisation though, expectedly, glosses over the crimes perpetrated by the group – while Mooney dedicates pages and pages to speaking about the atrocity at Omagh, only a couple paragraphs are given over to the action of some of the same detectives – the framing of innocent people for crimes, planting evidence, and extortion, the manufacture of explosives by Detectives and their “seizure” as IRA explosives in order to implicate someone as an informant (knowing precisely how the Republican community has historically dealt with touts). 

The Morris Tribunal claimed the careers of a Chief Superintendent and three Superintendents. This is not ancient history either – the Tribunal’s final report was only submitted in October 2008.

From the treatment of Liam Campbell, and his obviously politically motivated extradition to Lithuania on the demands of Mi5, show the long-lasting memory of the intelligence agencies and the venom with which they will pursue anyone who embarrasses them – Mooney claims that the rocket attack on MI5 headquarters in 2000 was attributed to Liam Campbell’s organising.

Indeed Detective Sergeant John White, who Mooney calls the man who “changed the fortunes of the Real IRA”, was himself the subject of no less than three of the five reports – once for inducing someone to become a witness, another for planting explosives at a telecom mast in order to have protestors arrested under Section 30, and another for planting a shotgun to arrest seven individuals. He then convinced three other members of AGS to lie to have him acquitted.

The same organisations which had no compunction about beating confessions out of supposed members of the IRA, planting evidence in the form of ammunition or explosives on individuals, or paying criminals cash to turn rat, are now looking at you as an extremist – is it truly far-fetched to believe that intelligence agencies, particularly ones stewarded by RUC men whose organisations buried information that could have averted the Omagh bombing, will resist the urge to manufacture a violent “right-wing extremist” incident? 

While we can laugh at the apparent self-awareness of an operative like Aoife Gallagher thumbing her nose at us and thanking us for reading her book, keep in mind that the people you are dealing with are dangerous and unscrupulous actors who will act with the impunity of the State and if their dirty actions are ever revealed, they’ll be acquitted or retire with their pensions. For every dirty Garda like Mr. White who is named, there’s another who remains in the shadows.

This is not some doom-and-gloom scaremongering – we as Nationalists have a duty given to us by our blood and lineage and a responsibility to ensure our children have the same duty passed to them. What I am saying is to box smart, and don’t get caught up by some fool who gets talked into doing something stupid.

Marginalise the lunatics and unhinged from our ranks, the LARPers and the talkers. Anyone delusional enough to think one day we’ll just saunter into power, anyone bent enough to be asking you for money for nothing in return, anyone muddying the waters and telling you what you want to hear or peddling a repackaged version of 2000’s liberalism. Cast them out – because they’re either going to turn tout for money or be walked into giving the State a reason to put us all in a cell by some anonymous account being run out of Harcourt Street.

Posted by Gearóid Ó Briain


  1. Declan Hayes 08/10/2022 at 8:38 pm

    I am currently reading The Accidental Spy about how David Rupert, an American conman, got onto the RIRA Army Council and got McKevitt locked up for a very long time in a process that even rang bells for Kevin Myers. Early on, the book says Gerry Adams phoned up the White House an hour before the Canary Wharf bomb to tell them a PIRA spectacular was on the way. The same Gerry Adams who must have been silently chuffed when RIRA offed Denis Donaldson.
    The Republican threat to the state is dead, never to return. Sinn Fein are very much the house n*ggers, with their top Derry lads even taking holidays on MI5 yachts in the Middle East and their Belfast and Tyrone lot attending the Queen’s funeral and gushing to salam to King Charles. The threat to the status quo, which is what concerns the SDU, will, if it is to emerge, come from what Senator Eileen Flynn so eloquently calls the far right: people who object to the token Senate, to folk like Roderic O’Gorman fast tracking vulnerable Irish children to the Tavistock to get the chop, to Colm O’Gorman flooding O’Connell Street with chuggers (as if the Romas and Africans who rule that patch have any spare money, given the high rents etc a minority of them have to pay), the break down in law and order (like those London supremacists who object to getting stabbed), our astronomical national debt which will call for a hard day of reckoning, our open and competitive labour markets and our educational system they destroyed.
    We have many hard and cold winters ahead. When the EU stops printing its increasingly worthless money, when Sinn Fein are seen as the self centred bluffers they are, when bills overwhelm most of us, then the next phase of the status quo’s intelligence war will begin. And, as Enoch Burke can attest, there will be casualties, many casualties.


  2. Great article and no one doubts the Special Detective Unit have orders to keep an eye on us.

    And if they’re doing what they’ve been asked, someone is reading this. How’s it going Detective?

    So far keeping an eye on us only seems to have involved showing up at the homes of a couple of people who have made very vague threats of violence online. There’s been a conversation and the Detectives have reassured themselves of what they already knew – that there was nothing to it. A box ticking exercise.

    In my opinion the reason for all of this is just so there can be reports in the tabloids of our being monitored by the SDU. Which is supposed to send a signal to the mainstream that we are out there and dangerous and not to be associated with.

    I think that’s all there is to it. It’s not like the seventies and the constant petty harrasment and being tossed in cells overnight for selling An Phoblacht.

    I don’t think the public would accept us being treated like that for essentially having the same political views Fianna Fail had about ten years ago.
    On the other hand having received a directive like this it’s not impossible that some small, bored and over resourced group of Detectives get a rush of blood to the head.

    On a related point I think pursuing Glenn Millar and Hermann Kelly for organising protests during Covid is interesting. BLM organisers, Women’s protest organisers have been left alone. Why haven’t the charges against Glenn and Hermann been dropped now that Covid is over?
    They did commit a legal offence by organising protests but why could the offences committed by others be overlooked but not theirs.
    My own take is who in the DPPs office, which Guard or Superintendent, would be willing to take the responsibility for dropping charges against the likes of Glenn or Hermann. Obviously you would do it for Ruth Coppinger but who’s going to risk the career damage of putting aside the charges against Glenn and Hermann. And so Glenn ends up geting six months.

    P.S. It’s only one line in a long and very good article but how is tolerating someone who wishes for a return to 2000s liberalism going to deliver you in to the hands of the Guards. On the other hand your advice about avoiding and excising the Larpers and the Direct Action people is sound and needs to be listened to.


    1. The Gardai are already engaged in turning over the homes of those they perceive (according their reading of character assassinations on social media) as belonging to a nascent undercover ‘Far Right’. Because their activities are not common knowledge and are not being reported upon in the media or social media, does not mean that such actions are not happening. Structured harassment as per the harassment of Nationalists / Republicans / Trade Union members which had occurrd in the 1970s, 80s 90s is only a short step away


  3. Ivaus@thetricolour 10/10/2022 at 7:44 am

    Time to move on, move forward and give Ireland a future and new identity. Those that have hung on to the Hero Era of 1916, have never totally understood the real message throughout Irish History and have
    disrespected Our Ancestors.
    Those in govt. today have destroyed and squandered, as much as any Republicans or Unionists, IRA or UVF, GARDA or RUC, Us or Them,
    Catholics or Protestants, North or South of this Irish/Ireland for over 100 years…since 1916, sucking and living off the entrails of what was the Beginning NOT the End…The Easter Rising, after 800 years of Colonial
    rule. You have proved to the general public that unlike those visionaries
    you remain frozen and chose a parasitic existence off the Heroes Name.

    We all know the token gestures you churn out at Commemorative and
    Celebrated times…push your own wheelbarrow for a change, get off the
    PUBLICS BACK, The Republics back, ROI, Free State, EIRE…
    Get A Life…GET YOUR OWN LIFE, LIFEBUOY…your drowning


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