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Don’t Let Government Memory-Hole the Pandemic

And just like that, NPHET clicks its fingers and the pandemic is over.  The curfew is ended, limits on capacity are lifted, and the use for Covid certs domestically is withdrawn - the demands of the ‘far right anti vaxxers...

/ 22/01/2022

The Slipped Mask: Have Irish Elites Shown Real Face With Covid?

I almost managed to convince myself not to write a piece about Covid and the ensuing pandemic. Alas, I have been compelled to. For it seems that in being forced to wear a mask, we have seen the masks of...

/ 29/08/2021

The State of Exception

As reported, Tracey O’Mahony has undertaken a challenge against the State’s emergency pandemic restrictions. Unfortunately it is the belief of this author that the challenge will be of little consequence. It would seem that the challenge in the High Court...

/ 11/03/2021