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‘Populist’ TD Alan Kelly Questions the Entry of 2,000 Brazilians

The Labour leader and TD Alan Kelly recently raised some important questions about the entry of 2,000 Brazilian nationals into Ireland over the past month. They arrived in spite of the Irish Government's so-called 'lockdown' policy that has the Irish...

/ 25/02/2021

Who is the CIA Linked Consultancy Firm Directing the Irish Government’s Health Crisis PR response?

Merrion Street’s PR Blowout The Department of Health and Taoiseach Martin put out a small media fire last month over the former’s use of a private PR firm to help manage the government’s response towards the current crisis. Eerily reminiscent...

/ 31/10/2020

The Last Brexit from Brussels

It looks as if Britain is heading for a no-deal Brexit on the 31 October. This can only be avoided if the British Parliament either approves a withdrawal treaty or revokes the Article 50 notification; or else there is a...

/ 05/09/2019