“I had dreamt of no Islamic revolution in Britain but rather of a slow conversion, helped by an Islamic infiltration.” Anthony Burgess 1978

Bye-elections aside the British Labour Party is having a poor week.

The centrist Labour leader Keir Starmer has been energetically working to institutionally bleach Corbynism from his party ranks with the eruption of hostilities in the Middle East now threatening to blast Labour’s fragile multiracial coalition into smithereens. 

The party of the working man is facing a mass defection of councillors from Leicester City (33% Muslim) as Starmer loyalists moved to smoother grassroots dissent initiated by Labour HQ’s vocal pro-Israel stance.

Labour in Leicester is in crisis after four Muslim councillors left the party the past week citing Starmer’s support for Israel and a decision to cut water off from Gaza with approximately a dozen more councillors on the fence. 

The defections would mean that Labour would lose political control of the city and the ghastly prospect of a dozen rogue independent Islamic councillors cut off both from their white handlers and any semblance of optics running riot in the city chamber. 

The first white minority city in the UK back in the Blair years, Leicester was put on a knife’s edge by low-level riots between Muslims and Hindus last year following an international cricket game and claims that Hindu ultranationalists had infiltrated the local community and were attempting to monopolise municipal power.

The scene could be repeated throughout the UK as scores of Muslim councillors make the Gaza issue a red-line issue as the old chestnut of Labour antisemitism is unearthed again. 

Beneath the hood of recent turmoil in the British Labour party has been mutating demographics which pits the traditionally dominant Zionist clique in HM’s opposition against an embittered Islamic contingent that seized control of much of the party’s local infrastructure.

Ethnic bloc politics is fast replacing ideology in the British Labour Party leaving their stale, male and pale leader with an impossible circle to square as the referee in the ring.

The eventual destination of this new season of Islamic discontent can be seen in Tower Hamlets East London where local governance has been entirely hijacked by first and second-generation Bangladeshis who ejected from the Labour Party complete with vote rigging reminiscent of 19th Century Tammany Hall.

Amid this wrangling, the white working class looks on as it quickly becomes a very junior partner in the ethnic soup of the modern Labour Party and simply votes Tory as Farage ponders a UKIP 2.0 style return.

PMQs in the British House of Commons Thursday morning were akin to a Stormont press conference as both Labour and Conservative MPs tried to placate ethnic grievances on both sides as zero-sum identity politics dictated the tempo of debate.

While the UK is very much a controlled society when it comes to managing the demographic decline and keeping its Islamic population in check (compare to a more combustible France for example) the reality is that a new unparalleled force could be in formation as Muslims split off from the Labour Party.

Britain has just over 4 million disproportionately young and disproportionately concentrated Muslims with many allies on the left of politics thus making the schism politically salient not for today but for the decades to come.

Reading the demographic and political tea leaves the space is opening up for a soft-Islamist party clouded in enough leftist and anti-imperialist rhetoric in various constituencies in what would upturn British politics faster than you could say “Great Replacement Conspiracy Theory.” 

If you thought the DUP in bed with the Tories was bad, imagine a Blairite Labour government being propped up by a dozen Islamic/third-worldist MPs circa 2040. While easy to mock now the extent of demographic change now and going forward makes such a formulation possible as the electoral Labour family schisms hard. 

Think George Gallway and his Respect Party in 00s Bradford times ten.

Hardly an immediate kingmaker, this prospective force would politically solidify the demographic changes already occurring in Britain as Scotland’s Muslim First Minister proposes opening up refugee flow from Gaza and Egypt threatens to railroad a million Palestinians to Europe.

We are still early in the century but all trendlines point to the UK and Western Europe being consumed by the demographic handover to non-native groups. Parallel to the Labour-Islam split over Palestine is the blatantly obvious phenomenon of Hindus co-opting the right of the Tory Party in an ironic turn of events that would make Enoch Powell’s head spin.

For Ireland, courtesy of close historic ties to Palestine and left-wing solidarity groups there is a real possibility that the Gaza bother could herald a new wave of Islamic migration to our shores of young Muslims with a chip on their shoulders with the West.

Remember that Sweden has a major Kurdish and Somalian presence due to Cold War links between their Social Democrats and left-wing Kurdish and Somali militants with the same scenario potentially about to occur with a likely Sinn Féin government and a Palestinian exodus..

Wherever the border falls in Palestine or how many civilians perish let Ireland remember whose side really matters in all this carnage. Ourselves alone etc.

Posted by Columbanus


  1. We are in deeply troubled times 20/10/2023 at 7:15 pm

    This is likely world war 3 we are in at the moment, it probably started with 9/11 and has been continuing to unfold itself over the years, all orchestrated and going to plan by masonic secret societies.

    Albert Pike (historical Masonic figure) was a 33rd degree Freemason, Occultist, Grand
    Master and creator of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Masonic Scottish Rite Order.

    He predicted the first world war to a tee, he predicted the second world war to a tee, and look at his third world war prediction, he talked about how how they are going to set up israel and the islamic world to mutually destroy themselves so they can manifest a new one world religon, from the destruction of a world war 3 that they orchestrated behind the scenes.

    That new religon would seem to be transhumanism enslavement, they will have a greatly reduced world population, have robots/AI taking over the work humans used to do for them and the bulk of remaining human beings will be robotic slaves hooked up to the mainframe with implanted tech devices, think Musk’s brain chips, Facebooks Meta etc.

    As crazy as it all sounds and whether or not Albert Pikes predictions are a hoax, this is the direction the world is going. Whether they are going to succeed is another question though.

    As for islam in the west and islams fight with israel, they say that people will be divided on this issue and are going to be contrained to complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion caused by the war.

    These are deeply sick times we live in and i feel deeply sickened what israel is going to do and already has done to palestinians, i seen footage on social media of a crying palestinian boy that was in shock after calling out for his dead parents under his home that israel levelled through bombing.

    This is sick shit.

    Israel and the west are also sending all the muslims to the west from bombing and destroying their countries, look at what they done to Ghaddafi, the floodgates of radical extremist islam and billions of african economic migrants attempting to enter europe on boats started from there.

    The powers that be want european ethnic states to be done away with in favour of a mixed-race europe for reasons that would benefit themselves it would seem.


  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 22/10/2023 at 1:54 pm

    WE are at war now. ( when have we never been ? ) GOOD. V EVIL.
    Maybe the last war now because the WORLD has morphed into a very sick
    puppy due to ill breeding and the incompetance of its Dog Handlers.
    Every Man for himself now,thats been their plan all along. Just make sure you
    take some of the bastards with you before you leave,peace be with you.


  3. Frank Chaney 23/10/2023 at 2:47 pm

    I would love to learn more from the author as I cannot find much information on the irish economy before independence,


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