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The Last Brexit from Brussels

It looks as if Britain is heading for a no-deal Brexit on the 31 October. This can only be avoided if the British Parliament either approves a withdrawal treaty or revokes the Article 50 notification; or else there is a...

/ 05/09/2019

In Memoriam Christopher Booker

On July 3rd Christopher Booker, the greatest journalist and social critic of the last 50 years, died. His fields of journalistic expertise were ‘global warming’, the EU, public scares, and the UK family courts. His criticism was focused on groupthink...

/ 02/08/2019

Thoughts on Irish Taxation

There is much discussion about the tax code; whether it is broad based and whether we should be running surpluses. It is assumed that surpluses are the definitive measure of fiscal responsibility, though this isn't always the case. Governments ran...

/ 22/06/2019