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Guess Who’s On the State’s New Diversity Quango?

As part of an ongoing push to solidify the diversity agenda at a state level, the Department of Justice announced the formation of a 16-strong committee to dictate the government’s attitude on dealing with racism into the next decade. The...

/ 25/03/2021

Command and Control: Ireland’s Centralised Media Model

The ruling ideology in Ireland is one which promotes and uses a top-down command structure, a structure which entails the creation of artificial structures in order to supplant ordinary civil society. For example, among public affairs organisations, there is an...

/ 23/03/2021

A Catholic Education Scattered To The Four Winds

In light of the recent “Catholic Schools Week”, it bears saying that it is an open secret that the vast majority of schools in Ireland, which purport to be Catholic, are merely Catholic in name only. They keep up the...

/ 04/02/2021