As part of an ongoing push to solidify the diversity agenda at a state level, the Department of Justice announced the formation of a 16-strong committee to dictate the government’s attitude on dealing with racism into the next decade. The remit includes the monitoring of hate speech as well as the direction of funding to relevant projects.

Dubbed the ‘Anti-Racism Committee’ and hoping to compile an action plan to ameliorate racist attitudes in Irish society, it was understandable if the announcement was lost in the already existing departmental white noise. By itself this decision is hardly the most exhilarating, but it is this drab office politics within the Irish Government that elements of the hard left get the whip hand on, and who lead the country further down the garden path of multinationalisation.

Soon after the announcement of the committee, The Burkean put in a freedom of information request as to the selection process and costs of the committee, which has sadly been frustrated since October. In November, The Burkean reported on a similar but LGBT-related committee costing the taxpayer €840,000 in costs, with €13,467 paid to the committee chair and Irish Times journalist Una Mullaly to advise on LGBT issues to the Department of Children.

Coordinated by the Department of Justice and Cork East TD David Stanton, who held junior ministerial responsibility for Equality, Integration and Immigration, some of the more interesting yet familiar names on the committee are as follows.

Margot Slattery:

Chief diversity officer at the French-based catering and facilities management giant Sodexo, Slattery is a rather interesting name to be included on the committee due to her involvement in the controversial LGBT charity GLEN (Gay and Lesbian Equality Network). Bankrolled by the multi-billionaire philanthropist Chuck Feeney, it was forced to close in 2017 due to serious allegations of bullying and financial impropriety.

It is rather interesting that Slattery was selected for the committee despite her involvement as chairwoman with a rather tarnished NGO like GLEN. While it must be stressed that Slattery herself was never embroiled in any scandal personally, she nevertheless acted as chairwoman to an organisation condemned by the Charities Regulator for financial mismanagement, and which unethically, if not illegally, directed funds directly to the political campaigning of its board members.

Shane O’Curry:

If Slattery represents the corporate muscle on the committee, the resident self-described ‘libertarian socialist’ of the bunch is Shane O’Curry, who is also Director of the Soros-funded Irish Network Against Racism (INAR) organisation. With ample media connections, O’Curry is one of the more sonorous voices for hate speech legislation in the country, and who is also active at a variety of antifascist street initiatives.

Despite coming from the tradition of the anti-authoriatain Left, O’Curry and his organisation are the most adamant in their favour of stringent hate speech legislation, ideally with an institued process of hunting down recalcitrants outsourced to INAR or a similar anti-racist NGO. INAR has released an outline of what it envisions such a committee would be like. Which, surprise surprise, involves a lot more work and funding going to organisations like INAR, in order to  administer those diversity-related policies.

Despite his superficial radical leanings, it is not the first time O’Curry has found himself bootlicking the soles of those in power. In 2019 he spoke warmly of the announcement of the Garda’s new diversity reforms alongside Commissioner Drew Harris.

In relation to INAR, readers may be interested to know that it is funded to the tune of approximately €100,000 per annum, alongside other auxiliary funding. Its biannual reports are authored by fellow activist Dr Lucy Michael. While a Young Fine Gael bigwig in her university days, Michael has since worked for the UN’s International Organization for Migration, and is now an official with the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission. She also featured in this publication’s undercover antifa project last year.

Dr Sindy Joyce:

Coming to prominence as being the first traveller to achieve a PhD, Joyce has found a niche for herself at the cutting edge of traveller advocacy ever since the State’s recognition of travellers as having a seperate ethnicity in 2017. Entitled “Mincéirs Siúladh: An ethnographic study of young Travellers’ experiences of urban space”, the doctoral submission consists almost in its entirety of Joyce’s reflections on giving walking tours in Galway city, and relating it back to the lived experience of travellers.

Not the only traveller on the committee, she sits alongside Owen Ward as head of the Galway NUIG’s Access Centre, and as an equality and diversity consultant at both secondary and third level.

Úna-Minh Kavanagh

The progenitor of the WeAreIrish Twitter hashtag, Úna-Minh Kavanagh is a Vietnamese-born adoptee and YouTube star coming to fame for her work as a multimedia journalist, as well as for her Irish language activism. A selection of her more recent writings include ‘9 Black Irish and People of Colour to Follow on TikTok’, and condemnation of the alleged racism received by the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Hazel Chu. Her more recent biography ‘Anseo’ focuses on her tales of racism in Ireland, and of microaggressions experienced online.

Bashir Otukoya

Featuring in pride of place on Newstalk yesterday to opine about INAR’s unverifiable hate crime figures, as well as on RTÉ’s The Tommy Tiernan Show to pontificate on structural racism, the Nigerian Otukoya enjoys a rather privileged place as an Assistant Professor of Law in DCU. While specialising in law, Otukoya’s work seems strangely focused on challenging preconceived notions of Irishness, with a 2018 academic article challenging the right of the State to refuse citizenship to individuals for not matching ‘good character’ clauses around criminality.


The committee, whatever its influence, benefit, or even costs to the taxpayer, typifies Ireland’s emergent diversity class. A class who are becoming well represented in academia and the media world. The above list has names from the corporate world, as well as activists picked straight out of left-wing militancy. While ostensibly unimportant, Gardaí, civil servants, and even politicians will be influenced by the recommendations made by this committee whenever they compile their reports to the Department of Justice.

If you wanted an indicator to the extent to which this State has been captured by a narrow set of credentialed diversity fanatics with corporate money in the wings, this committee is it. This is the face of our actual elite in the year 2021. And they will govern us with their talk of oppression until such point the Irish decide to mobilise the courage to overthrow this yoke. 

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. The Real Fianna 26/03/2021 at 7:37 am

    There should be calls for legislation to sever foreign funding and tax-payer funding of Irish based lobbying groups calling for importation and the plantation of third world immigrants, who are claiming asylum in Ireland despite having passed through multiple safe states to reach irish shores. The irish people were never asked for their consent on this. Irish nationalist parties should be preparing such legislation and bills as a matter of principle and defiance.

    There also should be a referendum on it before any more attempted forced immigration is tolerated. Their sneaky attempts of bringing in hate speech laws will not be effective as communities will fight back against plantation. Irish communities are not going to roll over like a pet dog and accept such blatant disregard for their say on any plantation attempts. No one asked them for their consent.

    Such blatant abuse of the irish borders was put to a vote in 2004 and the irish populace rejected mass-immigration of africans testing the loopholes as regards citizenship.

    These foreign and domestic funded NGO groups would NEVER be tolerated in a eastern european country like Poland and Hungary. They would not even exist in the first place in such countries. The politicans in those countries will not endanger their citizens, an increase in third world immigrants into a first world country has been shown to increase the crime rates in that country.

    Sweden, Germany and others are the perfect examples of this. Massive increase in sexual assaults against female citizens in those countries from criminal immigrants. Massive increase in drug dealing in those countries from criminal immigrants. This is readily observable to anyone with two brain cells to rub together, but it seems retarded irish politicans care more for shining the boots of globalists and getting a pat on the back rather than looking out for its own citizens.

    Ireland is following a similar path to those countries due to incompetence of a monopoly of left wing parties being consistently voted in by an uninformed asleep irish electorate.

    These irish politicans are quite the sight aswell, physically weak, a lot of them are homosexuals and almost none of them engage in deep philosophical thinking as regards nationalism and the history of Ireland. There are a few exceptions of course, the odd speaking out here and there, but as a rule the majority are submissive beta cucks as regards stellar nationalist ideals, thoughts and principles.

    In ancient times, if an invading army reached irish shores these beta cuck politicans and their pink shirts would pee themselves and run for the hills being the cowards that they are. Their submission to the IMF ten years ago told it all. They have no interest in protecting and preserving a nation built on the bones of the glorious celts whose haunting stone structures and artifacts still leave glimpses of their magical imbuement to this day.

    They are terrible stewards.


    1. I am bombarded constantly by TV and radio with extreme left wing propaganda/indoctrination, it is such a relief to read some commonsense for a change. The people of Ireland have only a short time to stop this latest attempt at colonising our homeland before it becomes a struggle for survival, we need to do something soon.


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