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The Burkean’s Political Parties – Renua

Renua Ireland is a modern, open, collaborative political party designed to engage the nation in a new political and social conversation. The party’s six pillars reflect our core beliefs and priorities. We seek to have these pillars reflected across our...

/ 19/09/2018

Is Fianna Fáil Finished?

The party can still be saved, but time is running out.

/ 23/07/2018

The MacGill Controversy: A Storm in a Bubble

In the midst of the biggest housing crisis in the history of the state, the longest ever hospital waiting lists, and the potential outcomes for Ireland in the ongoing Brexit negotiations, you might think that an obscure political summer school...

/ 25/06/2018

The Fourth Estate and a Fifth Column

Looking through some of the online coverage of the launch of Fine Gael’s Vote Yes campaign, one exchange on Twitter was particularly interesting. Hugh O’Connell, Political Correspondent for The Sunday Business Post, was obviously impressed by the written material which...

/ 24/05/2018

The National Party: An Essential Alternative?

Justin Barrett. (National Party) In November of 2016 a group of endeavouring Irish nationalists announced the formation of a new political party, the National Party. Founded in order to combat what they perceive to be the dangerous trajectory upon which...

The National Party: A Waste of Potential?

Justin Barrett and James Reynolds in Sligo. (National Party's website) Founded in 2016 by Justin Barrett, famous for his role in the pro-life organization Youth Defence and his campaigning against the Treaty of Nice in 2002, as well as James...

/ 27/02/2018

Putting the Irexit Conference into Perspective

Back in 2009, Irish voters were going to the polls in the re-run of the Lisbon Treaty referendum. Ireland had voted no to this treaty in 2008 but as was the case with the Nice referendum, the authorities of the...

/ 23/02/2018

Ireland’s Questionable Attitude towards Israel and their Embassy

The recent news that Israel is considering closing its embassy in Ireland as part of an overall reduction in its diplomatic footprint is disappointing, but understandable. Should the decision to close the embassy be made, we will be the only...

/ 14/02/2018

The Burkean Interviews the Pioneer of Brexit, Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage, the man who was at the centre of one the world’s most important political movements of the last decades, had just arrived in Dublin a couple of hours ago. He had come to Ireland to speak at a...

/ 05/02/2018

Mr. Martin’s Unprincipled Politics

The last few weeks have been difficult ones for many of Fianna Fáil’s representatives, members and supporters. It would long since have been clear to them that their party leader was not going to faithfully represent their expressed views in...

/ 31/01/2018