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French Generals Issue Warning to Macron Regime

The following is a translation of a now notorious letter penned by 24 retired French generals, as well as 80 colonels and captains this week warning the Macron government of the need to clamp down on Islamism. Co-signed by a...

/ 28/04/2021

Ireland: For a Positive Critique (Perhaps)

In 1961, the French nationalist Dominique Venner wrote and published a manifesto titled For A Positive Critique whilst imprisoned for his membership of the OAS (Organisation Armée Secrète). It was a dissident paramilitary organisation committed to maintaining French colonial rule...

/ 23/01/2021

Vive le Roi : An Interview with Action française

A staple of the French Right since its genesis in 1899 Action française is (AF) a largely student led nationalist group known for its boisterous youth activism and philosophical moorings. Often described as a gadfly to Le Pen’s Rassemblement National...

/ 21/01/2021
Une exécution capitale, place de la RévolutionDemachy, Pierre-Antoine

Jacobinism and the End of Christian Europe — Edmund Burke

Easily the most oft quoted tract from Burke’s Reflections, the philosopher’s reminiscence of his final days in the Bourbon Court concludes with arguably the most damning counter-revolutionary rhetoric ever put to paper. Born on this today in 1729 the following...

/ 12/01/2021

Lesson for the Right from France

The recent wave of terrorist attacks in France has inflamed the controversy which surrounds the nation’s relationship with immigration.  President Macron has launched a campaign against Jihadism, insisting that a new emphasis on the Republic’s Liberal values will restore national...

/ 12/11/2020