It’s been a case of third time unlucky for Madame Le Pen as French nationalism yet again failed to cross the electoral line in recent Presidential elections.

While stitched together by glue and cynicism, the neoliberal grand coalition of leftist and geriatrics beat the Rassemblement National to the post in a solid 59% win.

While Le Pen did see a sizable jump in percentage share it comes as little comfort for a country and nationalist movement looking fretfully at the demographic clock.

The feeling in Paris is that this was Le Pen’s final bite of the apple, with previous statements by the 53 year old veteran confirming this was her last opportunity to win the Presidency. 

The loss has been further compounded by discord in the Le Pen dynasty as well as the emergence of the candidacy of Éric Zemmour and his new political party Reconquête.

Already attracting the defection of Le Pen’s niece Marion Maréchal, the world of French nationalism has been befuddled by an offer of an electoral pact between Zemmour’s Reconquête and Rassemblement national

For perspective not just Presidential elections but next June’s Parliamentary elections both operate under the same two stage system which enables anti-rightist consolidation as much as the race for the Élysée Palace.

Despite being the nation’s primary opposition party Rassemblement National attained a measly 8 out of 577 seats, crucified by the two stage vote in parliamentary as much as presidential elections.

Offering a ‘union des droites’ which would see a voting pact between nationalist voters of all stripes it is hoped by Zemmour that this will be enough to finally smash the cordon sanitaire placed on the radical right and enable nationalists to enter the chamber as the leading opposition party.

Firmly rejected by Le Pen loyalists, the olive branch is sure to unsettle an already rattled RN camp in the aftermath of the week’s defeat.

Such alliances are all the rage on the opposite side of the political spectrum helping to propel and sustain the French Left through tactical voting by Greens, Socialists and Communists under the Mélenchon banner.

While the Le Pen entourage are conscious of Zemmour’s long term goal of ousting the RN and their leader as the primary voice of French populism, such horsetrading is inevitable lest nationalists are to be locked out of parliamentary chambers and miss the chance of crippling a second term Macron regime.

In addition to this the prospect of getting a string of newly elected officials could do much to assist the RN’s fiscal woes, so bad that the party was infamously forced into a rather shady banking relationship with Putin’s Russia.

Lauded for taking hard right populism into the mainstream, the Le Pen dynasty has made many enemies on the French Right both for allegations of selling out, as well as the ironclad grip of the inner clique of the party.

The Byzantine family dynamics only add to the drama but the next few months shall have Marine Le Pen facing arguably the toughest challenges of her year as she steers the nationalist ship. Long the bridesmaid, never the bride of power. 

While the efforts, grit and determination of the RN remains evermore commendable there are serious changes to be made should the party wish to get a stab of power before demographics take hold.

Against Zemmour to her right and the intricacies of remaining optically friendly in a country fast unravelling French nationalism walks a precarious tightrope the next year.

Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. A little known fact is that over the past few years, Madame Le Pen has given tacit approval to the expulsion of many genuine French Nationalists. An expulsion effort driven by a certain group within RN that holds enormous influence relative to their size in overall RN membership. Her 10 year long relationship with a member of this group may be affecting her judgement.

    Regardless, there’s a section of French Nationalism that believes the demographic clock has already ticked and are thus, preparing for societal breakdown & inter-ethnic conflict.

    Even setting aside the influence of international finance capital on French society, the reality is that a large cohort of French society is too liberal to even contemplate civic-nationalism, never mind any strain of ethno-nationalism.

    Thus, traditional France hurtles towards a demographic cliff and most remain too cowardly to discuss the elephant in the room. I say this as someone with many family ties to France.


  2. James Seymour 29/04/2022 at 7:26 pm

    Zemmour and Le Pen are very different candidates. Zemmour’s candidacy was heavily funded by Vincent Bolloré, France’s 14th richest man. As such, his economic programme was neoliberal to the core, and is essentially indistinguishable from that of Macron. On the other hand, Le Pen is not far off being a socialist! There is a reason why so she picked up so many Mélenchon transfers and won in heavily subsidized Outre-Mer . Zemmour will therefore never be president, as he has no appeal to voters other than young, urban, rebellious rightists (and, to be honest, is too much an obnoxious prick to be good at forming alliances).

    This article also fails mention Éric Ciotti, a far more impressive individual than Mr Zemmour. He was narrowly beaten by Valerie Pecresse (who this author actually really liked) in the LR primaries and, after her unfortunate result in the election, is likely to assume a dominant position in the party. He’s a hard right figure who is likely to lead the party of de Gaulle in a more radical direction. This actually matters, because LR control the most powerful political machine in France, dominants most local elections, have a lot of brand loyalty (by French standards) and a formidable network of activists on the ground. He’s a much more likely leader of the French right than either Zemmour or Maréchal.

    Either way, we’re going to see some changes in France in the next few months. Islamic separatism has been described, by Macron not Le Pen, mind, as “conscious, theorized, political-religious project is materializing through repeated deviations from the Republic’s values.” The problem is fundamentally the left, which, in plain sight, has been win over the Islamic vote via antisemitism. My guess is that we’re going to see hate-speech investigations into Mélenchon’s campaign and hopefully the dismantling of Islamogauchism as political ideology that is giving aid and secour to Islamic separatism.

    This election has an Islamic block emerge as a powerful force in French politics For all his sins, Zemmour has finally made the French centre take the problems of anti-semitism seriously. There are mainstream media outlets calling out Mélenchon Macron has been tougher on Islam, which he says is going through a crisis, than any other leader.


  3. Ivaus @thetricolour 01/05/2022 at 8:21 am

    M Le Pen had a chance and blew it. She had backing and a younger demographic
    that is tired of globalization under UN-EU. She had a 16% rise since the last time. Her mistake…she thought by toning down,to appease to influence, that it was in her interest…a grave error when dealing with a corrupt voting system that is controlled by a globalist elite paedophile cartel.
    Yes,do the research, Macron a victim at 14, groomed by Rothschild, Banker,
    and later married his abuser. She was 45 at the time,or to be accurate He was 45.
    Look deeper and you will reveal all her/he/ it’s French Connections, a whole
    elite establishment with connections to Paedophila,Murder on a global scale.
    No,just like everything in the world today, it is not covered,spoken or exposed
    by MSM….and MACRON Z Globalist will push through their hate speech laws


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