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Sympathy for the Neocon? Mark Humphrys vs DCU

Blood has been in the water for Ireland’s most prolific and perhaps only self-identifying neoconservative over the past fortnight, with the targeting of DCU lecturer Dr Mark Humphrys by anti-racist campaigners. Aiming to put the Computer Science lecturer and part-time...

/ 01/12/2021

Young People Need Options Other Than Traditional Universities

It’s that time of the year again. The summer is over, and more than 200,000 third-level students here are preparing to start another academic year. Some have recently expressed surprised at the slight decrease in the number of applicants who...

/ 06/09/2018

The Fresh Guide to Freshers Week

Yo, Fresh. Congratulations on getting your Fresh rear through the Leaving Cert and into your first Fresh year of being a Fresh in college. Fresh, right? But you're probably wondering what you're getting into. What is college life all about?...

/ 04/09/2018