The Dublin Bay South bye-election provides an opportunity for the public to register their opposition to the government’s lockdown policy. Those who are opposed to lockdowns need to use this election as a warning to the government and all pro-lockdown parties that there is public support for the idea that lockdowns should end immediately. 

This will require a ‘vote anti-lockdown, transfer anti-lockdown’ strategy. As long as voters transfer among anti-lockdown candidates, it doesn’t matter which one obtains first-preference votes. The anti-lockdown candidates are Justin Barrett, Mairéad Tóibín, Jacqui Gilbourne, and Dolores Cahill; anti-lockdown voters should vote for one of these and transfer to all of the others.

Given that the contest to win the seat will be between James Geogheghan and Ivana Bacik, if a voter seeks to influence who wins the seat, then they will have to ultimately transfer to one of these candidates. While one could argue that there is no significant difference between them, it should be recognised that Geogheghan’s previously having joined Renua does attest to ideological instincts and political courage that is not found among the average Fine Gaeler. Given that he would be no worse than Bacik, he should be transferred to latterly after all of the anti-lockdown candidates.

It is as likely as not that the government, who are completely enthralled to NPHET, will further delay the re-opening of indoor hospitality even beyond the current re-opening date, while it is also as likely as not that tertiary in-class teaching will be postponed for the next semester. The reluctance about re-opening is in spite of the data, reproduced below, which show that infections have been stable since April, after falling since January. Deaths of persons with covid are now in single figures. Pro-lockdown politicians and media ignore this data which would recommend ending all restrictions, while talking up the ‘delta variant’, seemingly oblivious to the fact that it is suppressed by the vaccines.

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The scare around covid is maintained by using propaganda charts which are designed by having the y-axis of a chart at about the same height as the quantity of infections which are being presented as a high amount. A contextual understanding of the prevalence of covid can be observed by comparing the amount of infections to a large portion of the public. As the chart below shows the proportion of the population that was infected at any given time was miniscule, and that if this accurate representation was briefed to the government and presented to the public in March 2020, there would likely have been no lockdowns at all.


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The Irish public must now bring to an end the lockdowns by whatever means necessary. This task will begin by voting for anti-lockdown candidates in the forthcoming bye-election.

Posted by Seaghán Breathnach


  1. The Real Fianna 08/07/2021 at 12:02 am

    I actually think people like being sheep. It is comfortable for them not to challenge the bullshit. They have their football, their pringles, their soap operas, their dumbphones and social media. They have the lamestream to assure them their injections are fine (without having done research themselves) and that lockdowns are only temporary. Well its been a year now, and still in the sheep pens. Still the face nappy. But they still have premiership soon and the beers and crisps.

    There is something like over 2 million people in Ireland, that have already lined up like sheep to recieve their shots of injections from various drugs companies, that are funded by bill gates, the same bill gates who funds the WHO with vast donations. The same bill gates who smiled with Jeffrey epstein in pictures. The same bill gates who tells people to take the injection.

    Gated sheep pens at concerts anyone? Injection pass in dumbphones to enter a restaurant anyone? The absolute stupidity. The funny thing is that the so-called highly educated people, have believed that the scamdemic was something real. It just goes to show, that higher education from institutions is no yardstick to measure intellect.

    There is no virus, it does not exist. The death statistics are exactly the same or even lower than recent years, and no, by locking everything down, it did not reduce deaths. In fact there is an argument that by locking everything down, many poor souls were neglected and died in the nursing homes, more so than if there was no lockdowns at all. Now they are being injected by shots that have already harmed people in nursing homes, blood clots?

    How many businesses have been destroyed?

    The sheep will now be told, they should take a shot every year (More money, power and control for big pharma), i pity anyone that would be so stupid, to take those injections, as they are endangering their own immune system. They are the willing lab mice in an experiment. Those companies have been assured indemnity from any damage caused from their products. It is very irresponsible to even consider taking one.

    Such injections have killed thousands so far, maimed thousands, and thats only after a few months. The future effects from such injections are as of yet unknown. The future effects from continuous injecting such shit year after year sounds really scary.

    They are sticking stuff up peoples nasal cavities, has anyone actually questioned where those products going up peoples noses are made? and what are they made of? Whats on those things?

    Covid? Has anyone actually questioned what that word means, Certificate Of Vaccination ID. It sounds like an esoteric message to conceal what something really means. Coincidence? If its a coincidence then why are they pushing digital injection passports? LIke WTF? Everything can not be a coincidence.

    Conspiracy theorists? Conspiraloons? Such tags are generally thrown about by gullible individuals that crave and virtue signal to their masters, and their agendas. Such people are in denial about how scary the world really is, and when they are confronted with different views they refuse to look outside their bubble.

    Ignorance is bliss after all. More comfortable to put the head in the sand.


  2. Wow, you nailed it lads. How’d you do? Shite lol


    1. The Real Fianna 10/07/2021 at 8:09 pm

      Phuch Ouff sounds like a quintessential virtue signalling social justice warrior, probably lined up for the injection too, in fear of the big bad virus that does not exist.

      Poor Phuch Ouff probably only listens to the lamestream to get his information.

      It must be really boring to live in ignorance, being a pawn for globalists, and only listening and believing in Newspeak.


  3. The 4 anti lockdown candidates will get less than ten per cent of first preferences.
    Dublin Bay South is as woke as they come, aside from Dun Laoghaire.


    1. The Real Fianna 10/07/2021 at 8:33 pm

      They will know it, when the cost of living goes through the roof to pay for those lockdown payments.

      It is the unthinking majority that messes things up for the country, like having to comply with things being shoved up your nose or an injection of fuck knows what into your arm to be able to get something to eat or drink in a restaurant or pub.

      The unthinking majority is what degenerates a country into dystopian conditions.

      It is the female vote that is also likely impeding the rise of nationalist candidates.

      Women voters are probably voting more for how a candidate looks in a poster, rather than what they are about. It would likely explain how political incompetents keep getting voted in.

      Irish men should make clear to their wives and girlfriends that voting in nationalist candidates is the way things should go.


  4. Ivaus@thetricolour 12/07/2021 at 9:57 am

    Only the Irish People can save Ireland from total destruction and that means exercising their democratic right. They must not only VOTE in large majorities but totally eliminate the the musical chair PARTYS of FF-FG and LAB. The Greens are demented and only being used to form a coalition.The protest vote has gone SF way,but their handling of the North,their poor non existent opposition and open border globalist free for all is a major concern. All the problems of decades of corruption and
    Crony establishments will take time to mend and that does not include
    NGOs,Communists,EU or UN interference, not forgetting Soros. I do not
    trust elections in Ireland now, so one can only hit the streets in the biggest show of people power, and that requires commitment and organizing…time is running out…the crash is inevitably about to happen.


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