The coalition Government has been brought to the brink this week by escalating rows over the state’s migration policy. Having been described as the “the most divisive, heated discussions” since the formation of the Government, this Tuesday Minister Roderic O’Gorman suggested that Ukrainian refugees be accommodated for only 90 days by the state before transitioning to the private sector.

This move was met with resistance as it would shift responsibility to the already overburdened Department of Housing, potentially leading to issues with homelessness and schooling for the affected children.

Additionally, concerns were raised about the use of social welfare benefits potentially attracting refugees to Ireland. This comes after it was announced that expenditure on aid for Ukranian migrants is projected to increase to an approximate €2.5 billion next year, up from roughly €2 billion, as indicated in an expenditure report released in conjunction with the budget. Yesterday, the Tánaiste acknowledged that it was ‘possible’ Ukrainian refugees were coming to Ireland from other EU countries because the benefits were far more generous than that of European counterparts.

Recently, Government ministers were also cautioned about escalating integration challenges resulting from the refugee crisis, as revealed in internal documents. This comes as Europe braces for another refugee influx from the Isreali-palestinian conflict that is predicted to be on a similar scale to the 2015 European migrant crisis.

This crisis is putting acute pressure on the coalition in a particularly difficult time, as cracks appear regarding the coalition’s confidence in Minister McEntee, when Government TD’s and Senators failed to back the Minister with regards to the establishment of a public inquiry into the death of Shane O’Farrell.

Posted by Charlie Kennedy


  1. Paschal O DontKnowHow (Fine Gain) 26/10/2023 at 1:29 am

    Paschal here again to remind you the irish taxpayer of something.

    As we all know we live in difficult and uncertain times, that is why me and my party have set aside €2.5billion for third-world people who are non-citizens of a small island like ours.

    To hell with homeless irish families even seeing a crumb of this lump sum that i set aside for my “asylum seeker accomodation centre landlord friends”, and for BILLIONS of free welfare-house-shoppers from eastern-europe, africa, middle east, pacific islands, people from the indian sub-continent and madagascar and so on, shur Roddy told them all to come on twitter.

    A smart lad is roddy, he is well into seeing ireland becoming a place free of ethnic conflict, sure what could possibly happen if we throw all the cultures of the world into our little island?

    We must entice these people to come to avail of our free-housing for them, generous social welfare, and we must remind ourselves that landlords and hoteliers housing busloads of these people deserve all the irish tax money instead of homeless native irish, that are far down our list of priorities as we have a legal and moral obligation to fill the pockets of landlords throwing hundreds of thoudsands of people from the third world into hotels, sports halls, bars, tents, you name it, we may even consider throwing these third world middle eastern men near schools, oh wait, sure we did that, yeah, lets place all the third world men near the schools. Sure what could go wrong? Nothing, it is perfectly safe, shur islam is the religon of peace, i’m told.

    Now as i said, our legal and moral obligation is to our bureacratic masters in brussels, our landlord friends and the entire world of asylum shoppers looking for free houses and welfare on our little island.

    So fuck you ireland and stop being so racist, accept millions from the third world to ethnically replace you, and oh, go pay your taxes to fund my lavish lifestyle sitting on my arse like Leo from benefits street scribbling his pen and that never worked a hard day in his life.

    Cheerio. Cheerio now, i best be off to ethnically replace irish people on their own island with the third world.

    The change would be great anyway Simon HairyAss said.

    It feels so good to bend over for my masters in brussels.

    Like Enda before us, we at Fine Gain love being bossed around, the way they grab our cheeks reminds us of who is in charge.


  2. Simon HairyAss (Fine Gain) 26/10/2023 at 1:39 am

    The plans of me and my party of ethnically replacing irish people in Ireland are coming to fruition. WOO HOO!

    Abortion on demand: Check!

    Millions of people from the third world invited to Ireland to be placed on housing lists and welfare ahead of irish people: Check!

    Helen Mcafrica bringing in hate speech law made up on a whim: Check!

    Now excuse me, i must go play with my snakessssss, we really resemble each other i think, we have the same lisssssp too. Snakes are beautiful creatures, i am a beautiful creature, i dentify as a snake. SSSSSSSsssss.

    I can identify as anything i want Roddi said. SSssssss.


  3. Applications from non Ukranians are running @ 340 per week ( plus dependants ) . If the UK begins sending asylum seekers to Rwanda expect 60 K asylum / protection arrivals here over the next 6 months . What then for our overheated property market ? Maybe Bohs fans will house them ?


  4. Ivaus@thetricolour 26/10/2023 at 1:11 pm

    All the homeless and supporters should create a new party like Ireland First and block every member of present govt.
    Unless radical steps are taken Irish Taxpayers Contributions should be avoided
    We’re talking in €Billions now and Homeless Irish are accepted as “the norm”.
    All our own poor souls could have been housed years ago before any illegal scab
    set foot on OUR HOMELAND,with the aid of TRAITORS.


  5. Why are we afraid to use our sovereignty and put the block on this? It’s not like we haven’t done our bit, with upward of 70,000 Ukrainians in the country. Just how much weight are we expected to carry to make Dublin 4 feel virtuous?


  6. 20 % of the population is foreign born , 50 % more than the UK / USA . No wonder Irish housing is the most expensive of 49 European countries . Another 100 k protection applications can be expected over the coming year # Madness


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