On March 8th, international women’s day, Ireland will go to the polls in what is yet another controversial referendum put forth by a socially distant government.

Sources within Dáil Éireann have noted the internal divide within Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil regarding the decision to put forth this referendum, and most especially the government’s apparent anxiety that the referendum will fail to net the results they had hoped for.

With increased polling in favour of a No/No result, and both dissatisfaction within government ranks, with both rank and file and senior party members alike allegedly considering this constitutional fiasco a major political blunder that could come to damage Fine Gael in particular. The party whip is the only mechanism holding the government together.

Maria Steen’s RTÉ debate with Tánaiste Martin only served as a last-ditch attempt to save face before the referendum, as a seemingly despondent Martin lacked the energy to mount a serious argument in support of the constitutional amendment.

With the unexpected criticism of left-wing groups, women’s organisations, and other civil society NGOs centred around the rights of families and disabled people opposing the constitutional changes, the government has failed to rally support from those who they counted on to pass the referendum.

With further opposition from an increasingly articulate right-wing perspective, Fine Gael’s political anxiety is raised to new heights, as their campaign to set to the Greens as their scapegoat for the coaltions failures buckles under the general perception that Fine Gael is the party of liberalism and immigration, much to the chagrin of the party’s back-bench. With a right-wing pivot now permanently off the cards, the referendum has become a much more divisive issue within the party than they had ever expected.

Should Ireland, as the government fears, vote No/No, the coalition’s “march of progress” will come to a screeching halt, and even should one amendment pass, the political demoralisation of the government will be set in stone.

The referendum, perhaps a last-ditch electoral issue to bolster FG and FF vote shares before the local elections, and later General Election, has become a blunder that forecasts the parties’ doom. Knowing that many citizens are voting No/No as a simple protest vote against the government, they have inadvertently consolidated a right-of-centre voting bloc which may be counted upon for right-wing populist electoralism in future years.

Posted by James Fitzgerald


  1. Martin was shown up for what he is in the debate with Maria Steen ,a low level educated bluffer. He was completely out of his depth trying to debate with an educated articulate woman. He knew he could not match her on an intelligence level so he tried his cover tactic for his lack of intelligence, political bluster and distraction , and that did not work. Hopefully people saw the type of idiots we have running this country, puppets who can only follow directions from their EU masters.
    How have we ended up with puppets running this country.


  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 08/03/2024 at 7:18 am

    Sleight of hands…and as the general public are distracted by a TREASONOUS
    ACT,the dumbass fools of rogue TRAITORS expect to slip in THEIR
    BILL…Sooo sneaky—Sooo corrupt !!! So cute hoor backward fu.kin progressive.
    About time these woked wankers will finally awaken to reality Irish NIGHTMARES.


  3. Varadkar’s lauding of Ursula V this week was sickening . Only an idiot would believe the nonsense that springs from this idiots big mouth . Unfortunately , the much better resourced # Yes side will probably win narrowly . Praying for the a # No # No The alternative is limitless immigration ad infinitum # Family Chain Migration


  4. Ivaus@thetricolour 09/03/2024 at 10:46 pm

    CONGRATULATIONS IRELAND ON – NO NO…please apply same Logic
    in getting rid of UNwanted political wasters UNgoverning Ireland and as usual
    ” getting it wrong AGAIN ” …despite being told AGAIN


  5. Govt ignored the result of the ‘ 04 Citizenship referendum # Rinse & repeat
    Dalkey & Killiney voted # Yes Yes
    Lady Ivana will be pleased .


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