Last week we spoke to locals in the town of Ferns, Co. Wexford, who are opposing a site in the middle of the town slated to be used as a refugee centre. The situation has become worse, and in this first of a series of articles we will highlight the dire prospects of the town and who is responsible.

Deteriorating Situation

The Burkean can report that in the past week, builders have been intensively working on the site on main street.

The site is still being renovated, and it looks likely to receive arrivals soon. Ferns is a small town and the site is close to schools and amenities used by the elderly. There is no Garda station in the town.

Betrayal of Trust

How this came about is more troubling. The property is owned by the Sykes family, who also run an asylum centre in Courtown. Locals have said that the Sykes family denied that the site would be used for asylum seekers, and repeatedly refused to engage with the concerns of residents of the town. They also allegedly attempted to disrupt a protest by beeping car horns nearby.

The asylum centre they own in Courtown is large and has been a source of local consternation there also. The asylum system has proved to be a lucrative industry for property owners, and given the Sykes’ portfolio it would stand to reason that other such sites could be turned into asylum centres soon also.

The same family were in the news in recent years for tax issues.

Developments in Courtown

A livestream posted by Darren McGovern in Courtown outside the asylum centre there made reference to the issue in Ferns. In the video, a woman working in the centre claims that the site in Ferns is not going to be an IPAS centre.

A man who confronts McGovern is identified by him as being Trevor Sykes, although that person does not identify himself as that. Far from clarifying the situation, the claim made by the woman seems at odds with witness accounts on the ground in Ferns.

The Murky Plot Thickens

What is clear is the fact that asylum seekers are to be moved into the small town of Ferns by the government and the Sykes family. And that the locals of the area are being kept in the dark. The townspeople are determined to defend their interests and are calling for support and numbers to attend their protest on Sunday at 3pm.

The Burkean is gathering more information about the Sykes family and their business dealings and will publish everything that is found.

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  1. Richard N.Greene 03/03/2024 at 1:03 am

    Thank you for your informative articles on the new plantation of our country supported by own political and media classes.


  2. Expect another 30,000 non Ukraine arrivals this year . On the daily Dart & Luas , the primary languages heard are Brazilain ( Portugese ) , Ukranian & Russian . When will the virtue signalling stop ? Welfare benefits ( the most generous in Europe ), still haven’t been trimmed !


  3. Ivaus@thetricolour 04/03/2024 at 4:25 pm

    WHY is there not an Irish Delegation organized to petition the UN on behalf
    of ethnic Irish against foreign plantation ?
    WHY is the courts of Intrenational rights not petitioned?
    WHY are’nt various bodies of the UN held to account?
    WHY is there no local and international boycott organized against this rogue
    traitorous scum of anti Irish governance?
    WHY are there not hundreds of class/action submissions for compensation
    to Irish People/businesses before the courts?
    WHY is there no independent broadcaster set up by and for Irish interests?
    WHY are no SHAME MARCHES happening against govt,ngo,D President.
    CLEANSED,TORTURED AND HUMILATED???…because no Irish needs


  4. Anne Donnellan 06/03/2024 at 5:17 pm

    Because tge UN is behind this!!!!!!
    UN migtation pact
    UN Peter Sutherland and Catherine Day


    1. Ivaus@thetricolour 08/03/2024 at 6:49 am

      YES,although we all know that the UN-WHO-WEF-EU-and NGO are both
      guilty and responsible for Ethnic Irish Woes it is still urgent to petition the UN,
      EU,and international courts oN behalf of ethnic Irish because the so called
      irish govt. are members of said bodies BUT do not represent THE SILENT
      MAJORITY-and are equally GUILTY/RESPONSIBLE for breach of UN
      ARTICLE ( 240? ) in relation to GENOCIDE.
      The Said Article explains in detail larger COUNTRIES/CONTENANTS/


  5. Triggernometry 15/04/2024 at 11:49 am

    I’m sick of these ”housing for all” fat f*ck politicians and fat f*ck landlord barons, dining on refugees, notice most have triple chins, like that fat politician Daragh O ‘ whatever, minister for housing at present. If they could eat them , they would..

    Dining on the backs of refugees, can anybody see through the sh*t we are wading through? They will squeeze a huge amount of refugees, from opposing cultures and whatever else, and hope they all get on?

    We will be stuck in the middle of this mess eventually when it hits critical point, which it is at now – If you ask me. Resources stretched, crime, rubbish on the streets of Ballahagdreen estate I think Gearoid Murphy( a remarkable citizen journalist) posted it on twitter, can’t be totally sure on that. Look up Gearoid Murphy, great tweets and journalism.

    Gone are the days of Charlie bird, even if he was Labour, journalists today not interested in truth, that is the bottom line, Media are part of the problem.


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