We spoke to Tom and Críostoir who are campaigning against the recent plantation that has beset Newbridge in County Kildare. They expressed distrust and frustration with the government and elected representatives over the blatant disregard and contempt the people of Newbridge have been treated with.

A number of properties in the town have already been converted to house migrants with more on the way and there doesn’t seem to be any signs of it stopping there.

Tom remarked on how the people of Newbridge have already lost facilities to migration and are suffering as a result. They went on to explain that Newbridge has become less safe as a consequence of migrants lingering about the town with parents being particularly fearful for their children.

The pair explained that they will be organising more protests and will be running in the upcoming local elections to give the people of Newbridge a voice. For more information go to:



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  1. Send the idiot political meatpuppets and presstitutes to Afreaka if they like that culture so much.
    Don’t be rayciss; learn to live in filth. It’s the future the Soros Satanic “elite” have planned for us all.


  2. Adding Algeria & Botswana to the safe list is risible . Expect a surge in ID less applicants from neighbouring Libya & Zimbabwe . Asylum applications from Georgians have dropped & predictably replaced by ” Iranians , Russians etc ” . A D O J plan designed to fail .


  3. Ivaus@thetricolour 30/01/2024 at 4:08 pm

    We can all see so clearly now that the One And Only objective of this ramshackle governance is TO DESTROY the very fabric of Irish civilization in
    all its forms…never before in its history has Irish People been subjected to a
    viciousness, contempt,arrogance and utter betrail by govt.reps that equally
    consider themselves ” For the people,of the people “. liers..Liers…LIERS.
    They will use any Human Misery as an excuse to carry on their 2030 Agenda
    so expect the fallout from Gaza as another wave for PLANTATION.
    OR ITS PEOPLE…the bastards can rot in hell,where they all belong.


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