Wednesday 27th of September at 7pm there was a sizeable protest outside The Gables Guest House and Leisure Centre in Newbridge. Locals were voicing their concerns after a busload of foreign men were spotted taking up residence in the building.

The crowd sized around 400 people with locals of all ages in attendance.

The crowd chanted “Newbridge says No” and they also had homemade posters that said “Overrun and Under resourced”, “Look after our own. Health education and housing.”

There was notable support from passing traffic with some passers-by parking their cars and joining the protest.

The anger in the air was palpable as a small group of Gardaí kept a low-key presence next to the crowd. A local man stood on a rock at the entrance of the complex and addressed the protest. He promised that they were going to be back in bigger numbers and that this was not going to be a once off; they are “going to be consistent”.

We spoke to some locals and this is what they said…

A local man who wanted to remain anonymous: “I have a beautiful innocent 9 year old daughter and I want to protect her innocence. That’s why I am here tonight. After seeing so many foreign men come into the area it has me deeply concerned”

He also informed us another local was told by their boss not to come to the protest tonight or their job would be at risk.

A local woman called Noreen said “the people of Newbridge are angry because they were not told about this and they were lied to; hey were told it was women and children coming but it’s not – its all men.”

 “Elderly people are afraid to walk in the nearby park and teenagers are afraid to walk to school in the morning because they don’t know who these men are.”

“This was formerly used as emergency accommodation for Irish people and they were moved out to Athy so that these men could be brought in.”

This is a promising development for anti-plantation activism as a relatively small rural town came out in such large numbers to challenge the significant influx of migrants into their area. Also, judging by some of the chatter we heard amongst the crowd, the locals are under no illusion of what’s really going on here and what the agenda truly is. It is clear that these locals are not going to be so easily swept aside by the false promises of gombeen politicians like we have seen elsewhere in the country.

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  1. Helen McAfrica of "We Owe The Entire World Social Welfare And FreeHouses LTD." 28/09/2023 at 11:21 am

    The absolute cheek of them backwards thinking peasants to protest. How fucking dare you make me as your better look ridiculous.

    I am your GOVERN-mind, how dare you try to govern your own thoughts and politically organise without my prior approval. We have a legal and moral obligation to encourage billions of people to move to ireland and offer them free houses.

    RodDick and I as your betters are entitled to offer free own door accomodation to the entire world on twitter. DON’T QUESTION US or our motives.

    People like me and Mehole Fartin your last Taoiseach are your betters, do you like leo’s socks? RodDick loves them. He told me Leo has a sexy pair of legs on him, but Humza Yousaf is more handsome (his new secret pakistani twitter crush, Roddy prefers pakistani men to indian men now), me myself i prefer the bulging high testosterone handsome african men. Sexy feckers.

    Lets see how smart all the protesting peasants will be when i bring in my anti-free speech law, where me and Roddy get to define what constitutes hate speech on a whim, i’ll silence you peasant protestors with a “wide catch all net at my disposal” if you disagree with me and RodDicks immigration policies.

    My law in the works is a masterpiece in dictatorship, that we have copied from our shithole neighbouring country of britain.

    Me and Roddick will silence your mutiny, your blasphemy, you irish are not the priority anymore for housing in this country, we have a legal and moral obligation to house Gimmegrants first. HOW DARE YOU!

    We and our new gestapo style enforcement personnel shall be monitoring the peasants who question us on the twitter and on the streets. Leo says he would rather that than using tax payers money for a PR team promoting his socks.

    Now shut up peasants, i shall be joining my besties later for dinner so we can talk about more funding for our FAKEugee adventures over a Salon Blanc de Blancs Le Mesnil-sur-Oger 1997 with RodDick and the ladies, Roddy is coming in a dress i heard, should be a fantastic dinner.

    You never know where we might find room for the gimmegrants, we are running out of space, maybe we can bring in a law that will put them in the backwards native irish peoples homes, the absolute cheek of those peasants to want large homes that are not being used to their full potential, me and Roddick shall be discussing whether we can put plant gimmegrants in irish peopls homes, maybe make it mandatory, well we are your GOVERN-mind after all, what we say goes. DON’T QUESTION US!

    The sight of all the homeless irish people on the streets might ruin my appetite though. I and Roddy have no legal and moral obligation to priotirize irish for housing, modular homes are strictly for ukrainians with imported ⟨€⟩ 100,000.00 Audi SUV’s and Gimmegrants dressed up to head to toe in high fashion and with the latest smartphones. Our loyalty lays with our non-elected handlers in belgium telling us what to do, i may be your GOVERN=mind but i have no mind of my own, i await orders from my puppeteered peers in belgium.

    We as your betters know best for the country.

    A Salon Blanc de Blancs Le Mesnil-sur-Oger 1997 is not for the peasants, and neither is my house open to house FAKEugees, but i will propose dumping them in your homes and community. DON’T QUESTION US, we are your betters, your GOVERN-mind.


  2. Julie Antifa (MegaPhone included) 28/09/2023 at 11:55 am

    Free thinking people off our streets!

    Free thinking people off our streets!

    Say it loud, say it clear, we can house the entire world here.

    Say it loud, say it clear, free houses and free own door accomodation for the entire world here.

    Say it loud, say it clear, we are overflowing here.

    Say it loud say it clear, we are being taken for complete fools here.

    Say it loud, say it clear, irish people are paying for their own eventual ethnic replacement here.

    Say it loud, say it clear, i am completely out of my fucking mind here.


  3. Mehole Fartin 28/09/2023 at 12:29 pm

    Damn this backwards idea of irish sovereignty, de de de cheek of them to go against my masters in brussels,

    To protest against my giving of free modular houses to ukrainians with expensive audi and bmw cars is unacceptable, we must stop this backwards idea of irish sovereignty on its tracks, i have a meeting with zelensky later and his ass to kiss.

    I stand aside and let Zelensky be the Taoiseach, because this backwards idea of irish sovereignty disgusts me, Zelensky on video will tell us mindless fools what to do with the country


  4. Lea Badcharacter 28/09/2023 at 4:40 pm

    Well this is certainly a worrying development, these people feel they have a veto on who gets to live in their community. Who the fuck do they think they are?

    Well i’m sorry, but if these backwards thinking people think they can complain about all these hunky military aged men being thrown into their communities, (many of whom entered the country without a passport), then they have another thing coming, once our anti-constutional law comes to fruition.

    Now excuse me, i have a date with RodDick tonight, i am sick of snogging men that look half my age in the clubs, i need a bit of the grey hair RodDick, he is bringing the pink socks, it should be a delightful evening, we have matters to discuss, matters of bringing bus loads of hunky foreign men into ireland .

    In the morning i might use the tax funded jet to kiss some ass in the EU parliament, i am a euro federalist, fuck ireland, brussels come first. Zelensky will be on the phone later, i am getting ready more modular houses for them. To hell with the native irish homeless, they are not my priority.

    Fuck you Mehole Fartin, i am the new boss here now to kiss brussels ass step aside.


  5. East Wall protests achieved nothing ; Newbridge will be no different . Including Ukranians , 1,000 asylum seekers a week will arrive indefinitely .


  6. Is Ireland an actual lunatic asylum? 30/09/2023 at 3:30 pm

    The moronic idiots in the oireachtas have a wide open border in the north, no checks whatsoever, criminal elements arriving from england of various nationalities are just waltzing in to the republic through the north. Ireland has a wide open fucking border in the north. They not feeling embarrased about their lack of border security shows people who they are, dangerous wreckless individuals.

    The irish government are dangerous wreckless individuals, who couldn’t give a fuck about the safety of ireland and its people.

    There should be a securitry analysis done by the irish military to access how dangerous open border pushers are in the oireachtas, a look into their alledged links to people involved with refugee housing centres,

    Sweden had to bring in the military to deal with foreign gang violence, it is all over the news. Ireland had a serious incident at a airport recently, it was clearly a terrorist incident. There needs to be a threat assessment done on irish politicians on how dangerous their open border policies, but oh wait?

    You guessed it, the irish military is helping the efforts in irish ethnic replacement, housing people who arrive in ireland without passports at their barracks, even using them as security.

    WAKE THE FUCK UP ireland.


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