“Fuckin’ rats. This rat shit is wearing me thin.”

Frank Costello, ‘The Departed’

“Where are our revolutionary socialists?”, said Ruairí Ó Brádaigh. Working with the Garda, it seems.

Shane O’Curry, the director of the ‘Irish Network Against Racism’ (INAR), has made a shocking admission in the Irish Times today.

The self-described “libertarian socialist” – fear not, capitalists, our revolutionary friend is more prone to engage in snitching than sedition – admitted that INAR supplies Garda with information about social media users whose content they believe to meet the threshold of incitement to hatred.

Despite INAR’s insistence that this content constitutes a prosecutable offence, O’Curry laments: “[t]here have been no prosecutions, no arrests, in relation to those, as far as I can see, and they’ve all emanated from the far right”.

O’Curry bemoaned the dearth of “static presence, by Gardaí or security personnel, at buildings at risk of attack when protests began outside”, and thereby concedes that the plantation of Ireland cannot be carried out efficaciously without top down force being used to prevent local reprisals. The irony of a socialist liaising and aiding the instruments of “capitalist oppression”, that being the police, is not lost on anyone.

State-sanctioned Communist Surveillance

Whilst it’s tempting to treat O’Curry’s hypocrisy with jest, today’s revelations are worrying. They demonstrate the measures being taken by a well-funded and well connected NGO – INAR is an offshoot of the Soros funded ‘European Network Against Racism’ – to combat the Irish people’s opposition to mass immigration.

INAR’s proactive usage of limited legislative instruments is very much the canary in the coalmine when it comes to leftist employment of lawfare against nationalists. It’s a premonition of what is to come under the new statutory regime ushered in by the Hate Speech Bill once enacted. Section 7(1)(a) of the Hate Speech Bill effectively criminalises speech deemed to be “hateful”, and it’s by no means the only onerous section therein.

The Burkean has exposed the creep of NGO surveillance recently, wherein policing committees look set to be stacked with your local crusty Soros Antifa touts. O’Curry’s statements clearly show they’re waiting in the wings for this power.

Caveat Poster

Given that the Irish legislative landscape will impendingly shift, to the benefit of Curry et al. and to our detriment, nationalists ought to employ cautionary measures when posting on social media. Below is a non-exhaustive list:    

  • Don’t post your face on social media. An exception should be made for professional media personnel i.e Gript employees.
  • Limit what you reveal about yourself i.e current employment,
  • The attainment of short term pleasure (likes and retweets) aren’t worth your anonymity
  •  Don’t call for violence, ever.
  •  Don’t associate with people who encourage you to do the opposite of the above. 

Posted by Ulick Fitzhugh


  1. Daniel BUCKLEY 06/01/2024 at 3:15 am

    I am heartened by the realisation that the Regime rag tag supporters, in the various Institutions of Judiciary,Gardai , Civil Service ,Media and NGO’s have all put their undying trust in the veracity and integrity of the Regime.
    That trust extends to the belief in the Covid19 Hoax and the Magic recuperation powers of the Injection.
    Alas! that trust is to be sadly betrayed as they fall one by one as victims of the mRNA Spike protein and the ranks are reduced to a rabble of inconsequential ,confused , casualties.
    Of late the NGO’s have been quiet .
    Possibly the realisation that they have been nobbled by their own Dear Leader and led Moses like , not to the Promised Land of diversity ,inclusion and equity, but to an early grave has dawned upon them.
    I shed no tears for the demise of these Gombeens and traitors to our beloved Nation. Blow-back is a bitch to collaborators.


  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 07/01/2024 at 10:19 pm

    NGO’s…wearing the cloak of Communism…funded by the same,snitch thy
    neighbour the most common tool in their Arsenal ,historically documented in
    the MILLIONS OF DEATHS UNder Communists boot.
    Where will all the Traitors Go,because they’ve brazenly advertised Irish
    Nasionalistis as THEIR ENEMY and they demand ALL IN IRELAND,
    along with TAXPAYER FUNDING,to achieve their replacement of 2030
    with the GENOCIDE OF IRISH AND CULTURE….restless nights for some


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